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Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / SERVER EVENT
We all siege a different GIANTS holding at 3am tonight, sort between yourselves.

You're welcome.
Clan Recruitment / Do NOT join these clans
For new players joining wanting to know which clans to avoid here you go:

Rastalfarian - The Leader runs a well run ponzi scheme and doesn't offer any long term improvements for a new player just a simplistic basis for him to use you as a farming pig.

GIANTS - Dweebs, dweebs, dweebs, big dorks, dweebs.

Simiran - Cancerous human beings melded into one pot.

To be updated,

You're welcome.

This is something noticed back in November, when Giants had Ub3r in discord with them and had any ridiculous events where Giants where just taking the piss out of the server with help if Ub3r as a golem.

The fact ub3r knows rawr and jack bugged many spawns at the beginning to skill up quick and then reported the spawns so no one else could catch them  then ub3r went along with it allowing them to have powerful characters before others

And now we with the giants stalking towards nature how biased his view is actually supporting giants when nature is the victim.

This is so sad I've just been talking to large group other players about it and we seriously feel the only way to have this change is to protest and stop playing until they are dealt with equally like how zulazu and errak where when they were perma banned at beginning of new dawn just for standing on top of a house shooting varangians on niffleheim


I'm not a fan of Maejohl but the guy who's taken his name and put a capital "i" at the end spamming the forums is taking the piss, I love your moderation style but this guy over stepping the line it's just annoying.

Ban him or block that forum account at the very least.

So you have quick access to know who I refer to it's @MaejohI not @Maejohl
Off-Topic Discussions / We Will Not Forget
This will not be forgotten.
Is it against the ToS to sell a New Dawn account?

Just curious, I would never dream of doing such a thing.

What time do the flood gates open on the 15th?