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Game Update 2.1: Necromancy and signature spells

The theme of this patch is finishing up on the mechanical changes for magic.
Our general goal with magic is to have schools that play differently, as bundles of spells.

For example, Arcane Magic is predominantly a bolt school, and as such, we buffed Sacred Missile to be the best bolt in the game damage wise.
Tied with it will now be Acid Arrow, with earth being more of a brute force school, with little side effects to its damage spells.
Necromancy ended up not needing a damage nerf, as the lack of stamina damage is quite noticeable in practice, and we increased its leech to 10%.
We'll see how these values play out in player hands, but we've separated PvE and PvP percentages do reflect the differences in accuracy.

Healing chant and Earthquake should mainly be used during group fights.
We expect earthquake to be tricky to use but with a high pay off as a disrupting tool. It does more damage than field aoes, has a similar area, but requires the caster to be in the thick of it.
Healing chant should be a good push under fire, or top off a group tool, but it won't be as effective as cross healing in smaller scale.

Wall of Force has mostly been bug fixed, with its area of effect and visuals now matching more accurately. Others have been fixed in the same way, but this should be the most noticeable.
And finally, come hither now provides a short impact damage protection, which makes it more of a support spell and no longer the best nuke in the game.

- When a player has the Necromancy title, Necromancy damage spells will leech 10% of their damage on players, 5% on monsters.
- Unholy damage no longer does stamina or mana damage.
- Eye rot damage type changed to unholy.

Signature spells:
- Earthquake now allows to move while channeling, has an increased cost but does less damage to the caster.
- Healing Chant now allows to move while channeling. Self healing is reduced compared to outgoing healing.
- Come Hither now adds impact protection to the target.
- Wall of Force's effect and visuals coincide better.

Other changes:
- Holy damage type no longer does stamina damage, does 40% mana damage.
- Damage increase for the following spells:
    - Sacred Missile
    - Acid Arrow
    - Corrosive blast
    - Disintegrate
- House doors have a 1h cooldown after destruction.

What's next:
After this patch, what's remaining on the combat changes checklist are missile fury and the review of polearms, maces and greatclubs.
Work on equalizing the magic and physical grind is nearly completed, and should come with a higher impact on utility potency from having the title.
Progress on holdings buffs has been paused to help complete this patch's framework changes, but will resume after missile fury is completed.
Progress on bindstone quests is moving at a steady pace. We are now in the interface phase. Still quite a bit to do.
Game Update 2: The Champion system

Champion system:

This is the meat of this game update, and something we expect will make PvE more exciting for all.
Champion monsters are stronger versions of regular monsters that have a chance of appearing on any spawns.
The core idea is that the more efficient you are at clearing monster spawns, the more frequently they will appear.

Champion monsters will drop:
- A ramped up version of their monster type loot table.
- A higher chance to drop keys and treasure maps.
- A chance to drop progression consumables for attributes, magic schools, weapons and combat titles.
- A small amount of meditation on kill, split between characters engaged with the spawn.
- All probabilities increase with monster tier, up to a guaranteed combat title book.

Very low level monsters, boss level monsters and rare ore golems cannot become champions.
Note that spawns in dungeons tend to have faster respawn rates. At some point in their progression, players will become limited by overworld respawn rate.
This should encourage players to move on to more challenging monsters and/or spawns for increased rewards once their character or player knowledge progresses enough.
We expect competent veteran players to be able to generate 4 to 5 champions per hour on medium to medium-high monsters.

Go out, experiment, improve and enjoy the fruits of your efforts.
Beware, some of them can be quite the challenge.

Title books and other progression consumables:

To serve the champion system, we tweaked existing progression consumables and implemented title consumables:
- Attribute potions: still give +1, but can be used up to 100.
- Skill Books: Start giving +5 with diminishing return down to +1. Can be used up to lvl 100.
- Combat title book: Gives +5 to a random active combat title that is bellow lvl 50. Can be used up to lvl 50.

For now, these can only be found reliably within the Champion system, but we may use them as rewards for other activities.

Other changes:
- Holdings banks can be accessed in withdraw only for any player who lost access due to circumstances other than a siege. The bank needs to be built.
- The global gold account can be used to purchase items from NPC vendors.
- Mount inventories for racial mounts and battlehorn have been increased by 50%.
- A bug prevented part of lootables from scaling. We fixed it and reduced base loot to maintain previous average output in these cases.
- Various other minor loot table tweaks have gone through. We still have more data and feedback to process from the skinning changes.
- The rare ore golems below leenspar have had their hit points increased.

Next patch should conclude our current PvE focus.
It will be about the bindstone quests, some progression tweaks and we'll resume work on balancing changes, starting with necromancy. We needed all hands on deck to finalize these features.
Expect some meta/conquest related changes to be completed afterwards.
Progress Update: Improving PvE and day to day activities

For the next patch or two, we'll be continuing our current efforts of making PvE more engaging and driven.
We want to finish and release what we've been working on before moving on to more PvP/meta related projects.
Players spend a vast majority of their time in PvE, especially newer players building up their character and banks.
That's where the game stands to be benefit the most by having players out there doing things in the open world.

The issues we're trying to address here are:
- Low incentives of high PvE performances
- Lack of control over title progression
- Inequality of meditation generation
- Obligatory long play sessions
- Poor player direction

To that end, we have been working on three mechanics:
- Champion monsters
- Combat Title consumables
- Bindstone quests

Champion monsters:
We've talked about them a while ago as a potential solution to bring the satisfaction of efficiency based scaling within our per player scaling framework.
A competing concept was to lower the loot of a monster over how long it remained alive, but we felt that might feel punishing to average players.
Instead, we're approaching this as a bonus and extra challenge for those that can really handle high difficulty spawns.

We're still experimenting/testing the best formula, and we may change/tweak this by the time we release it but the current idea is that each kill of a monster part of a spawn "angers" the spawn.
The amount a monster angers the spawn will receive a modifier based on the speed at which the monster has been killed as well.
This means that efficient players can really try to push themselves to anger spawns faster, but any kind of player will end up facing champions regularly.

Once the spawn has been angered enough, a champion monster will appear.
It will be a stronger version of the local monster, based on the scaling level of the spawns, and will have the loot that comes with it.
These monsters will also have their own loot tables, including chances of obtaining the newly introduced combat title consumables.

For a while, the champions will be the only way to obtain the title consumables, but they may appear as rewards in other content later on.
They will come with a max level limitation, like the current skill books, and will allow to progress combat titles only.
This should give an active way for players to raise their titles, be it by farming champions or trading for them.

Bindstone Quests:
Another system we've wanted to release for a long time is the concept of bindstone quests.
In short, each bindstone in the world, including holdings and chaos stones, will generate over the hours, days and weeks a selection of quests based on nearby spawns.
These will remain simple quests, in the first iteration, but should allow a choice on how to generate meditation points, even for casual players.
Since it is based on nearby spawns, this should reduce the duration of a play session by reducing travel time and always offer something to do to the players.

Another point this addresses is that for many players, it is still hard to formulate personal goals, or feel accomplished after a play session that doesn't have a definite end.
What we observed and received feedback early on is that newer players lost a sense of direction when they completed the starting and story quests, and dropped of.
We also had first hand experience when, as veterans, we would bring newer players to spawns they didn't know existed because they never needed to go there.
This aspect of quests as a drive to explore should provide play session variety to keep things fresh and to discover new monsters.

Of course progress on other aspects of the game, including the remaining balancing changes, is still ongoing, but we wanted to focus this progress update on what we think are exciting additions.
These mechanics should foster ongoing reconnection and online activity, with a clear purpose for both the casual and hardcore crowd.
You should see a good portion of what has been discussed here next week, and/or the one after, depending on QA as usual.

Have a great week end, and see you in game!
Update 1.5: Skinning and scaling overhaul

Skinning and scaling overhaul:
- Wherever possible, skinning fails have been removed by reducing quantity and increasing probability. This is the same output as before, without RNG.
- When that wasn't the case, we increased probability as much as possible to increase skinning consistency.
- All sizes of groups are now equal in terms of random luck. Probabilities do not increase with scaling, only quantity does.
- The scaling curve has been frontloaded even more than before. This should be a big buff to solo and small groups, and a slight buff to larger groups.
- For clarity, percentages on the map now show the minimum odds, not the maximum.
- Skinning skill, wisdom and skinning title still improve probabilities.
- Skinning now takes 1.5s with level 100 title and 3s for everyone else. Down from 3s and 5s.

Respawn system changes:
- The "natural" radius to be offered a bindstone has now been increased from 2km to 3km.
- The system stills expands the radius until offering at least one bindstone with a bank.
- Houses are now offered within a radius of 10.5km for owners and guests.
- A single bindstone can be chosen to be offered within a radius of 10.5km.

These distances have been chosen based on how far a character can travel in 20 minutes in a way that active traveling remains more time efficient.
This also coincides with the width of a subcontinent or a racial land, which are generally around 10.5km.
For indication, a starter character without food or transfers can auto sprint and cover up to 4.2km in 20 minutes. With food, it is up to 7.2km.
With food and a bluetail, a character can cover up to 10.4km, more with a normal mount and manually managing sprinting for maximum uptime.
If you need to be somewhere fast, you are better off doing it manually.

Note that these values may be tweaked when more raiding mechanics are implemented and they become more of an issue.

Vendor Inventory expansion:
- Blue and chaos NPC's now have a more varied selection of items for sale:
    - Weapons and bows up to r30.
    - Rank 0 Shields.
    - Medium staffs up to Traitor's glory.
    - Armors up until scale, leather and fine robes.
    - Racial mounts and rafts.
    - Lizard on a stick and minor potions.
- Prices have been selected to be higher than the market value, to leave room for players to undercut them easily.
- Chaos city vendors have increased prices of +50%, similar to dungeon vendors.

VCP rewards increase:
- Meditation reward increased to:
    - From 500 to 1000 meditation for participation.
    - From 2000 to 3000 based on percentage of capture.
    - From 2000 to 3000 for victors.
- Physical loot:
    - All resources needed for high end robes, leather, bone and metal armors are now possible to drop for victors.
    - Skinning materials used in robes and staffs can now drop too.

Other changes:
- Chaos chest frequency and base meditation reward increased.
- Selentine chest meditation and gold reward increased.
Update 1.4: Witchcraft and ARAC consequences

We are now releasing the changes to witchcraft, and with this patch, the last unusable magic school is now available.
We still have individual tweaks to make, both to signature spells and general mechanics, but all titles should now have a usable school with them.
The schools considered weaker will still be reviewed, same for the weapon types.

Witchcraft has gained minor damage of the malediction damage type on all its attribute debuffs.
When the title is active, it gets an additional secondary stat damage based on the attribute being debuffed..
This results with a school that goes from a minor support and debuff school to a rotation based single target damage school.
Keep applying your signature debuff, mix in with the most useful spell based on your target, and you'll end up doing gradually more damage to their stats while reducing their effectiveness.
This turns out to be a good school either as a secondary in a multi-school or hybrid setup, or as a complex and accuracy demanding main school.

- All attribute debuffs and spell curse have been increased in travel speed to 60m/s. (historic icicle speed)
- Attribute debuffs and spell curse now do damage of the malediction type.
- Sluggish no longer has a cooldown, acting as the school's bolt and a way to level it with or without titles.
- Spell curse is now linked to the school, it gains damage and has its duration changed to a base of 12s, 24s when maxed, 48s with Q5 duration enchant.
- All spells are linked either to the school or to one of its subskill. General use of the school improves all its spells.
- When the title is active on a character, all attribute debuffs gain a secondary effect:
    - Sluggish gains stamina damage.
    - Stupidity gains mana damage.
    - Palsy gains stamina damage.
    - Disease gains a second health hit.
    - Pestilence gains a second health hit.
    - Ominous Drain gains mana and stamina damage.
- All damage hits are buffed by spell curse.
- Ominous Drain has become part of the R90 cooldown group. It has an aoe and a high velocity.
- Witches brew no longer has aoe drop off for its heal. Self heal divided by 3.

Other magic changes:
- Reduced the dropoff over distance for AOE projectiles. Max damage distance doesn't change.
- Increased velocity of protection debuffs to 70m/s (equivalent to cursed bolt)
- Increased the duration of protection debuffs by +50%:
    - Before: base 8s - 16s when maxed out - 32s with Q5 Duration enchant.
    - After: base 12s - 24s when maxed out - 48s with Q5 Duration enchant.
    - This should reduce the needed accuracy from around 40% to around 20%, lower when using an enchant or rays.
- Negative effects, such as debuffs, should no longer be negated, unless using the spell immunity toggle buff or its enchanting equivalent.

- Infliction Magic:
    - Undeath has been doubled in duration and magnitude.
    - Undeath and exhaust are no longer fully canceled by food.
    - Flesh curse: reduced cast time, increased velocity to 70m/s, increased base duration to 12s.
- Water Magic:
    - Slow and Delayed shot: Reduced cast time, increased base duration to 16s, increased velocity to 70m/s, magnitude multiplied by 1.5.
    - Icicle's velocity has been increased from 60m/s to 70m/s.
- Raw Magic:
    - Eldritch sphere, Blast and Shrapnel all gain more or less 2 damage, depending on level and gear.

- Spellchanting buffs gain secondary health and stat healing when the title is active:
    - Hymn of swiftness: health and stamina.
    - Hymn of Skills: health and stamina.
    - Hymn of Might: double health.
    - Hymn of Vigor: double health.
    - Hymn of Intellect: health and mana.
PvE improvements:
In an effort to improve the gameplay experience of solo and small group players, we've implemented auto-salvaging and scaling changes.
We have also re-activated all spawns that we have deactivated for additional meditation sources in Alfar land, and some interesting points of interest.

- Auto-salvaging:
    - All monsters will now have a small chance to loot a part of the recipe of their weapons. This is based on what weapons they use or what they used to drop.
    - The output of this feature should remain bellow the output of harvesters properly using the distance-based harvesting feature.
    - These resources do NOT scale per monster. They have only one weapon per monster to be salvaged.
    - These additional resources should be visible on the map when searching for them.
- Scaling changes:
    - A majority of spawns have had their base size increased by 50% and their respawn time reduced by 25%.
    - Size scaling per additional player has been decreased in proportion, resulting in a form of frontloading of size scaling.
    - Goblins, trolls, boss monsters and rare ore golems have not been impacted by this change.
    - Demon, devil and minotor king respawn 2.25 times faster.
    - Kraken scaling has been reduced.
- All disabled spawns have been reactivated.
- Note that in all these changes, we've been conservative. We are looking for feedback regarding fine tuning the various spawns.

ARAC consequences:
The aim is to start representing the rules of the world in player interactions and to consolidate racial war content.
This is mostly a foundational change, as most of its value will come as more bonuses for being in a clan will be added.
As usual, we recommend being red or ARAC only as a choice of playstyle. It is meant to be a challenge mode, with further changes in that direction.

- Any clan with a red character or members from different enemy factions will be considered ARAC.
- All members in an ARAC clan will be considered permanently rogue, regardless of alignment.
- Recruitment policies will be updated based on current clan population. ARAC status will then be based on these policies.
- When a clan changes policies, all characters will be warned and will have 1 hour of in-game time to leave the clan before becoming rogue.
- When a character goes red in a blue only clan, it will be automatically kicked from the clan after 1h.
- In order to let players adapt to the change, the perma-rogue status will not impact alliances or the track record of players for now.

Siege rules changes:
These changes have been made in the perspective of clarifying the system, to make alt clan sieging less interesting and to give better chances to reclaim losses.

- Phase one will now last 25h, making siege stones going vulnerable 24h after the siege has been dropped.
- Phase 2 lasts 2h, making a siege last a total of 3 hours.
- Having a holding divides the siege wager by 3 for the attacker.
- Counter-sieging is free for the defenders, aside from late-joiner or soft-vulnerability fees.
- Clan members needed to declare a siege have now been increased to 10 for a hamlet and 20 for a city.
- Grace periods on defense have been removed and grace period on capture has been reduced from 60h down to 20h.

Misc. changes:
- Deleting items from the bank should no longer be possible, to allow some recovery from mistakes.
- Stamina leech should be linked to Earth Magic Mana Efficiency.

Coming up next:
In the next coming patches, we'll continue our efforts to make solo play, most notably with skinning and how it interacts with scaling.
We'll also continue improving the lives of mages by reviewing the grind, gear and stat costs discrepancies with the physical playstyle.
In a more medium term, we'll continue working on the racial wars, alignment and reasons to fight.
General Discussion / Discussion: On Alts
The short answer is that: yes alts are an advantage, but their days are counted.
We have addressed the subject of alts a few times over the months, but it was as replies rather than an easy to find post and there are many new players that might have missed the previous discussions.
This leads to an impression that we do not see the issue, while what we are saying is that there are bigger ones.

And that's the question: Would you rather have us implement reasons to fight and sink resources, or address alts?

Our position up until now is that between finally adding some actual content to the game (watchtowers/warfronts/etc) OR spending the same time reworking some systems to make them alt proof, we choose the former.
The majority, in our view, would be better served by having stuff to do and reasons to use/break things.

With that said, we did prioritize at least some anti-alt measures.
Our current short term roadmap is more or less addressing all forums concerns.
Though, never in ways that would penalize the majority.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The issues with alts:
The main issue with alts is that, economy wise, they allow to bypass the intended split of resources per player per time unit.
Where a regular character would be owned by a single player with stuff to do and places to be, an alt can just remain wherever it is needed.
This means that the earning of an alt owner can be multiple times higher than the earning of a non-owner with less efforts.

Another issue with alts is that they can be used to avoid consequences.
Keeping an alt logged off with siege material or as an invulnerable mobile strongbox is a definitive issue.
There is of course the general issue of being able to log off to evade consequences that feeds into this too.

Now on to solutions:
We generally design systems to turn out the best for "regular" players.
That's why we reward groups and numbers, because that's how you get clan events and potential fights at hotspots.
This unfortunately empowers alts, but any solution we implement will have to not harm the players that are having fun as is.
We cannot stress this enough: a vast majority do not use alts and should not be punished for those who do.

- The first changes coming are to the markets.
A portion of the alt pressure comes from markets not providing enough. From the way listings get sold very fast, we interpret that there is too much demand and not enough supply for goods.
Given the feedback received, it was a mixture of risk-aversion and inconvenience, because we know that the output of crafters outside of large clans is sufficient but still hoarded. We actually observed a drastic drop in new listings after we announced these changes.
We're trying to get this in for this weeks patch to get markets back in gear.

- The next changes coming are to VCPs, as outlined in the progress update thread and roadmap.
Essentially, lower base reward, diminishing returns and the need to travel back with the loot should make them more contested and reduce alt viability.

We nerfed the gold with release, but should have removed the safe ongoing instead of the instant reward.
We also based the reward off of medium to higher end PvE, which created a local maximum which detracted many from exploring.

- On logging off characters, that one is the most technical heavy issue and we cannot make any comment on it yet besides affirming that we do know it is an issue and will be working on it.
At the very least it will require a proper reconnect system in case of crashes/disconnects to avoid it being a frustrating feature for unlucky players.

- The final point we wanted to address, and the one most talked lately, is spawn scaling.
This is the one the most at risk of harming regular players if we over-correct. We want to focus on making this a positive change for all.

The general trend will be to make players "earn their scaling".
The end goal being to enforce the diminishing returns that are meant to keep power creep in check without nerfing those without alts.

We've noted that players want their efficiency to be rewarded, and we believe that is how we can make it something fun rather than mpunishing.
The current scaling value could be seen as the ideal to reach, should you be efficient enough, with some margin of error.
The faster you wipe a spawn, the closer you'll be to the loot scaled at your current level.

Which means anyone using alts would have a lesser efficiency, hence lower loot, than if they were scaling at their actual player counts.
This is a best of both worlds, we have our "per player" economy, with enforced diminishing returns, and players have a more fun experience trying to be as efficient as possible and being rewarded for it.

There are many more smaller tweaks we could do, but they would just be polishing on top of that main change:
- Making remaining engaged harder, by increasing the actions needed to be engaged and having dynamic descaling.
- Uniformization of downtime for all group sizes, which would also improve the solo experience.
- Adding health regen scaling alongside xp caps to reward efficiency even more.
- Some "champion" mobs with higher chances of spawning when efficiency is high. Higher level of difficulty and of loot.
- The scaling/challenge totems, craftable items to be placed at the center of a spawn to have a higher scaling/special conditions.

The advantage of most of these methods is that they also make PvE more engaging, interesting and fun.
But they take time. Time that might be better spent elsewhere at this stage.

Please note that this discussion will be heavily moderated.
Please use a collected tone and avoid asking people to go to other games.
Announcements / New roadmap page
Greetings denizens of Agon,

Today we release our short to medium term roadmap to give you an idea of what's to come.
This page will provide an ongoing view of what is coming next, and we'll update it as we complete projects and start planning new ones.
You may also follow our Progress Update thread which is more of a snapshot of what we're working on right now.

You'll notice that most of our coming projects are focused around the economy and the reward structure it creates.
Currently, trade is not fluid enough and feels punishing to many players, and holding on to territory is not worth the effort. These are major concerns we share with the community. The world is still in its build up phase, and we aim to give reasons to fight for when that is done.
This means valuable locations and watchtowers to control them.

Another front, quite literally, is to continue improving the racial wars.
Warfronts, which were planned to come in the very long term, have now been bumped to medium term due to player demand.
A large portion of the population is unclanned or does not hold territory. Racial wars with racial objectives and a reward structure will go a long way to provide activities for these players and to reinforce the alignment system.

As a closing note, this roadmap only shows the larger changes, but we'll continue to do smaller tweaks here and there, and we will add/move projects based on what comes up as necessary.

Remember to also follow the Progress Updates to stay up to date with what we're working on.

Enjoy the read!

Link to roadmap
Link to discussion thread
General Discussion / Discussion: New Roadmap Page
Greetings denizens of Agon,

Today we release our short to medium term roadmap to give you an idea of what's to come.
This page will provide an ongoing view of what is coming next, and we'll update it as we complete projects and start planning new ones.
You may also follow our Progress Update thread which is more of a snapshot of what we're working on right now.

You'll notice that most of our coming projects are focused around the economy and the reward structure it creates.
Currently, trade is not fluid enough and feels punishing to many players, and holding on to territory is not worth the effort. These are major concerns we share with the community. The world is still in its build up phase, and we aim to give reasons to fight for when that is done.
This means valuable locations and watchtowers to control them.

Another front, quite literally, is to continue improving the racial wars.
Warfronts, which were planned to come in the very long term, have now been bumped to medium term due to player demand.
A large portion of the population is unclanned or does not hold territory. Racial wars with racial objectives and a reward structure will go a long way to provide activities for these players and to reinforce the alignment system.

As a closing note, this roadmap only shows the larger changes, but we'll continue to do smaller tweaks here and there, and we will add/move projects based on what comes up as necessary.

Remember to also follow the Progress Updates to stay up to date with what we're working on.

Enjoy the read!

Link to roadmap
Announcements / Progress Updates
In this thread we will be doing regular updates on what is being worked on, on our progress and what the next steps are going to be.
This will be a small format, not large or in depth enough to be worth a bigger news entry, but still good to keep you guys updated.

Just like the Server Status thread, we recommend clicking on the notify button to get a warning when a new post is added.
Have a great day.
General Discussion / Poll: Should we moderate the forums?

To be blunt: We do not desire to moderate the forums out of principle.
We do not mind vocality or criticism, we embrace it, and we would prefer not to censure our forums. Ignoring exists for a reason.
We have historically taken the time to explain our stand points and it has generally worked much better than any moderation could.
However, we are considering changing that, but only if the community supports and arguments for it.

1) Unfortunately, we do not have that time nowadays and it is looking like it is unlikely that we do in the short term.
The resources available for the forums had to be converted to GM resources, forcing us to change policy on that front too.
You can read more about it on the recent PSA about interacting with GMs.

A side note regarding weekly communication:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

2) What really prompted this poll is that we received a growing number of reports, but more worryingly, players that have been historically critical of us are part of those requesting us to moderate the forums.
The trigger has been when we've been told: "What's the point if our feedback is lost in that mess?"

We rely on constructive criticism, and there are some valid points that we need to address.
But if the forums no longer provides a space to factually discuss the game, they become useless to us and to the community.

3) Another recurring argument in favor of moderation is the outside perception.
We generally do not mind or even take into account spamming, and we know actual players do not either. We have faith that most people are smart enough to know the difference between trolling and actual feedback.
More than that: people should be allowed to be angry or wrong on the internet.

But this total disconnect between in-game ambiance and forums noise is potentially worrying to new customers.

So there you have our reasons to even ask the question.
If it turns out the community really supports it beyond the reporting function, we'll consider moderating.
Note that this is an informal poll, we'll do what we are convinced of after the discussion on the thread.
So argument away.
Announcements / PSA: On interacting with GMs
Here are the guidelines on how to interact with GMs, how to reach them and what they can help you with.

The purpose of GMs:
- The purpose of GMs is to help in case of technical difficulties, to receive bug reports and to investigate suspicious players.
- You may reach out to GMs in-game by doing /gm_help or /gm_report followed by an accurate description of the issue.
- /gm_help is for cases where you are having technical difficulties. It is not a gameplay question/help channel.
- /gm_report is to report bugs or suspicious player activity. You will be contacted only if we need more information.
- Feedback is acceptable to be sent on either. It will be forwarded and read by the appropriate people.

GMs in New Dawn have limited powers:
- They cannot reimburse players in any circumstances.
- They cannot teleport players beyond a few meters.
- They cannot trade with player characters.
- They cannot alter skills or attributes.

General guidelines:
- Not all requests will receive an answer. We will only contact you to help or to gather more information.
- Malformed or incomprehensible requests will not receive an answer. Don't just say hello, explain yourself.
- Using private /tell on GMs will yield poor results. Use /gm_help or /gm_report, especially when important.
- GMs will not discuss current or future gameplay mechanics. They are technical support.
- GMS are allowed and encouraged to stop communicating with disrespectful customers.

Side note for former InDev players:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice day.
On today's maintenance we will be shuffling village timers.
This should spread them on all time zones at random and make them more contested.
Spread the word to your clanmates.
Announcements / About the transfer-gate

We have decided that an int cap was not necessary.
After correlating in game statistics of a snapshot taken at the time the transfer gains were fixed, we've found that the situation was in most cases white or black.
The accounts found guilty have been permanently banned. There are no appeal process for them.
The few that were suspicious but still plausible have been warned.

Even during inDev, we've made quite clear that Darkfall: New Dawn would not let people gain unfair advantages.
If you see something borderline, your best bet is to report it and see it fixed as soon as possible. Do not feel compelled to use it yourself or it WILL come back and bite you.
We're quite disappointed to have seen in that list names that we have had positive interactions with in the past, but that does not protect you.

Thank you for letting us test our statistic collecting system.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Just a few clarifications.
Starting from now, and until the proper race change can be stabilized and released, we will have GMs share one of the race change tokens we have prepared for the end of InDev.
It is a "limited" version of race changes, that was not meant for real usage, although you will keep your skills, name, meditation, inventories and clan affiliation.

- This is an emergency measure for InDev Packs owners.
- Only GM Marc has the access rights to create and trade items. Please be kind to the others.
- We need to see you use it in front of us. This cannot be kept for later or be traded.
- This can be done only once per account.
- Your banks will remain where they were. Those in racial cities will be cut off.
- Your alignment and track records will not be reset.
- It will not teleport your character, you will be disconnected and reconnected at the same spot. Make arrangements first.
- Racial skills and appearance will be lost, you will need to recover both at the new capital city merchants. (barber shop)
- It cannot be used if your clan refuses members of the new race.

In other word, only request one if you are fine with all listed limitations and can no longer wait for the proper version.
Announcements / What's next and magic information
Greetings denizens of Agon,
We know people have been waiting on this news for a while, and it is finally here.
We will cover what we will be working on in the coming weeks and what to expect the final pass of magic changes to look like.

As a first point, we wanted to remind that all those who had a subscription active prior to Monday 2018-01-29 at midnight CET will receive 3 extra days of subscription.
This is an apology for our delay and login issues. We realize it has been frustrating to many and we hope that our ongoing efforts will make up for these first few days.

Now that the game is out, it is time to look forward to what will happen in the coming weeks.
As we've often said, we expect this first month to be about putting out fires. Our first focus will be to continue our stabilization efforts.
This launch is offering us our first test and we're doing our best to provide the smoothest experience possible.

After fixing the login issues, we are now making headway in monster stability and reducing client crashes in large scale PvE/PvP encounters.
Race changes had to be pushed back for stability, but it will come once we can look into it. Name changes are on the table too.
In the meantime, we've decided to provide the InDev token on demand to those who cannot wait for something cleaner.

We'll then work on general racial and anti griefing mechanics.
Monster graves protection will be worked on relatively early, so will reworking the rogue status into something smarter.
More crafting, loot, scaling and polishing changes will come along the way as time goes on.

Now we'll talk about the coming features with a high impact on a player's medium to long term decision making.
Just like for the racial passives, we want players to make an informed choice.

Planned ARAC clan limitations:
It is important to spread the word for clans to be ARAC only by choice.
Gameplay will drastically change for them if they do not heed this warning.

Members of a clan will be rogue based on their clan's settings in Clans->Configuration :
- Rogue: If the clan is evil and/or accept members of different racial alliances.
- Rogue: If the clan is allied to a clan that is rogue or made up of a different racial alliance.
- If a member of a blue clan becomes red, he will be automatically kicked.
- If an ally of a blue clan becomes red or rogue, the alliance will be automatically dropped.

The idea is that it really stems from the leaders choice of how they set up their clan.
If they alter the configuration to get a red player in, or ally a rogue clan voluntarily, then and only then, will the clan become rogue.

Planned magic and combat changes:

We still have three weapon types we feel are under-tuned:
- Clubs and Greatclubs: better damage, increased stamina drain on power attack.
- Polearms: Better damage and reach, change of the power attack to do a melee slow.

Now on to magic changes, we will have two utility schools split between regeneration skills and cantrips.
These two schools and their spells will start maxed out at the exception of mana missile.
They are the base toolkit for a mage.

- Heal Self
- Mana to Stamina
- Stamina to Health
- Heath to Mana

- Mana missile: only exception that needs to level. May have velocity increased to better serve underwater.
- Heal mount: no reagents.
- Hasten spells.
- Launch: with a stronger effect borrowed from Shrapnel.
- Beacon: no reagents.
- Begone: minimal power increased.
- Confusion.
- Telekinesis: No reagents, minimal power increased.
- Unburden.
- Light: when dropped/unlocked.

Arcane Magic:
- Will no longer do stamina damage.
- Mana damage increased to 40% of health damage.
- Wall of Force: minimal effect buffed to almost always be useful. Maximal effect slightly buffed.
- Reflect spells: Remain as is.
- Mana drain at lvl 1.
- Lend Mana at lvl 40: Linked to durable spells.
- Mana leech at lvl 50: Linked to mana efficiency.

Air Magic:
- Stormblast: buffed to be useful.
- Come Hither: will gain around 60 impact protection.
- Lightning strike: will be reviewed to be less glitchy/floaty.

Earth Magic:
- Meteor strike: will be placed outside of the r90 shared cooldown.
- Earthquake: will be usable while moving, with potential increase in non-self damage. Linked to school.

Fire Magic:
- Magma Storm: will be placed outside the r90 shared cooldown. Will lose damage but have faster casting speed.
- Inferno: will lose its knockup effect. Will gain slightly more damage.
- Fireball: Fixed/non floaty effect. Effect may be impacted more by title to prevent being madatory pick. Up to community debate.
- Wall of fire: Have effect better tailored to be an area blind. Lower damage.
- Haste and rapidshot converted to percentage based traits for clarity.

Infliction Magic:
- All infliction damage reviewed to be bellow average, but becomes above average when flesh curse is applied.
- Venom at level 1: changed to be the "bolt" of this school.
- Infliction Shield at lvl 10: Linked to school level.
- Flesh Curse as signature: Linked to school level.
- Insect Swarm at lvl 30.
- Infliction Ward at lvl 40: Linked to durable spell, may cancel DoT's on target (similar to first aid potions). Up to community debate.
- Rend at lvl 50: changed to be the r50 of this school. Gains a small infliction debuff.
- Exhaust at lvl 60: Linked to mana efficiency, bug fixed.
- Undeath at lvl 75: Linked to quicken spell, bug fixes.
- Toxic Rain as signature.
- Needles at lvl 90: Faster cast time, is placed in the r90 shared cooldown.

- Does 5% less health damage.
- Loses both mana and stamina damage.
- 5% of damage leeched as health.

Raw Magic:
- Arcane damage to be reviewed to be average.
- Eldritch Sphere at lvl 1.
- Magic Shield at lvl 20: Linked to school, small protection to all magical damage.
- Magic ward at lvl 40: Linked to durable spell, small protection to all magical damage.
- Blast: serves as r50, gains cooldown, keeps knock up, loses debuff, loses DoT.
- Shrapnel: Is placed in the r90 shared cooldown.
- Missile Fury: Channeled spell sending forth a flurry of projectiles down range. Requires to be immobile/overburdened walk.
- Burden: duration and potency reduced.

- All attribute buffs are converted to percentage based traits for clarity.
- All attribute buffs heal a bit of health and a bit of the attribute they impact. (health/mana/stamina)
- Lay on Hands at lvl 1: Keeps cooldown, places other heals on its cooldown. Best heal for multitaskers. Linked to school.
- Heal Other at lvl 10: No cooldown, shorter cast time, most mana efficient. Great to keep chip damage for a group in check. Linked to school.
- Sacrifice at lvl 20: No cooldown, least mana efficient, costs health, most burst healing. Great to save a single target at personal cost. Linked to school.
- Adept: Temporarily increases Spellchanting potency greatly, decreases protections and all other forms of damage greatly.
- Mana blast: Becomes an healing blast. No drop off for healing effect.
- Healing Chant: Can be used while moving, better healing, no drop off for healing effect.

Water Magic:
- Ice Storm: Effect fixed to be an in battle blind. Faster cast time.
- Slow and Delayed Shot switch to percentage based traits for clarity.

- School rewarding rotation skill and accuracy. Support and single target damage focused.
- All spells do Malediction damage, which will be set to start at bellow average like arcane damage.
- All attribute debuffs are converted to percentage based trait for clarity.
- All debuffs have a cooldown similar to r50s, or slightly lower, to encourage rotating two of them in combo mode.
- All attribute debuffs do a base health portion of damage and a part of the attribute they impact. (health/mana/stamina)
- Ominous drain: Serves as r90 and is added to the r90 shared cooldown.
- Spell Curse: Debuffs malediction and does damage. Debuffs are of malediction type so successive applications increase in strength.
- Witches Brew: Current self healing effect is applied to others without drop off, self healing divided by 3.

Link to discussion thread