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The Key bind option looks like this in the input binding menu

Gui Hotbar Row 1

You could set

Gui Hotbar Row 6 - TAB
Gui Hotbar Row 7 - Q
Gui Hotbar Row 8 -E
Gui Hotbar Row 9 - R
Gui Hotbar Row 0 - T

That way anytime you swap to a hotbar (using a weaponbar slot bound to a hotbar column) all the keys 1-5 and TAB to T would be contextual and you would be able to see the cooldowns of all abilties and have them all within reach of your left hand.
I think its the same on all food as the skill survivalist was base baseline. So all tooltips for food will need updating
General Discussion / Re: Server Status
Maybe do what EvE does and show in the launcher how many people are online?
General Discussion / Re: New hotfix
They have still not fixed the tooltips when crafting to show the new protections and trait values.  The New Dawn Crafting Spreadsheet cant be updated till its fixed.
There are alot of these icon in the wrong place e.g. in Dagnamyr the workstation icon is not near the workstation.
Where I see a big gap in the system is for the cleric/priest role one who needs good protections, doesn't intend to do a lot of offensive damage but needs good magnitude and mana regen for heals, buffs and debuffs

Maybe the new bone will fit that role as it will have bonuses to magnitude and mana regen and more protections than robe.  I guess from a roleplay point of view it does not fit in with cleric/priest,,maybe a shaman/druid?

I have skilled up two magic schools now to 100 via meditation.  The sub skills Intensify is not being granted automatcily on login now that your magic skills is at 100.  You have to go and purshace it at a mage for 1g.  This can be a issue if you don't notice or forget to buy it.
The only issues I can see with the possible upcoming changes is:

- remove the proficiency skills - Did you mean make them baseline?  I.e. if you have 50 encumbrances you won't have any negative effect on archery and would automatcily have 30 magic encumbrance?
- Change leather encumbrance to be at 50 at full set

If all leather sets are automatically at 50 and I am correct that the magic proficiency has been made baseline then you will automatically have a magic encumbrance of 30.  This will drastically effect the self healing and debuff potential of a leather set, unless you reduce encumbrance effect on healing and debuffing spells even further.
Just a observation about bone armour.  If robes had 10 pecies then you wouldn't need bone armour in game as you could just mix and match to create your own hybrid set.  Also it would open up the option of the play style "cleric/paladin" i.e the heavy armour magic user (a few pecies of heavy and mainly robe peices).  At the moment you can only really use a robe and a metal helm, which just looks aweful for me. 
General Discussion / Re: armor patch is shit
16 years old, lol. I am 36 but does age really matter when it comes to online gaming.  Its our thoughts, insights and how we express ourselves that matter.
General Discussion / Re: armor patch is shit
This is an understanding issue about the nature of choice.

I want to play my character in concept and choose my armour around my concept.  I can wear heavy armour and use a staff, I can wear a robe and use a 2h weapon, I can wear or use anything. I have ultimate choice on how I play my character AND now I get some bonus to my character play style and concept from my armour choices, Yay!  BUT I will not have the most efficient leveling experience. I am ok with that.

Wildnothing argument is that of a min-maxer.  He wants to have the most efficient levelling experience all the time, no matter what he is wearing. This was how it was before the patch. This is the nature of min-maxers. So for him it's a waste of time to get 10 exp per hit when you could get 10exp + 20% from the relevant armour (from the damage/speed boost). 

But min-maxing is a choice. Being less efficient or more efficient is a choice. A play style is a choice. A character concept is a choice. 

I guess it comes down to this idea.  If someone puts a gun to your head and says give me your wallet you can still say "No, screw you".  Its your choice, you know the consequences and accept them. You are not forced to do anything in this life, its all choice.
We do not intend on getting rid of the encumbrance system, after all traits are just a continuation of it.
However, we do intend on showing more clearly the impact of encumbrance in the same terms than traits, to clarify exactly what your gear is doing.

If your going to keep encumberance but display "clearly the impact of encumbrance in the same terms than traits" (I think you ment AS traits) then it pretty much the same as my compromise solution. Just showing the effects in the encumberance section of the player information window and not the traits.

However do you still want to reduce Archery effectiveness at 50+ encumberance (When Armoured archery no longer helps)?  You have stated there was never going to be a Melee only play style but if you are wearing Full Heavy Metal then you may have no negative effect on your Melee BUT your Archery is badly affected let alone your magic. This limits you as the player to Melee only has if you stay ranged your gonna get killed.

I have some ideas about what to do about encumberance now that we have traits in the game (Devs did requet feedback). Rather than post it here and get lost in the combat balance discussion I have created a new topic in suggestions.,4685.0.html
I am going to suggest something radical so bear with me.

Remove the encumbrance system.

Now before you freak out, please read my reasoning and understand the arguments.

Now that we have traits in the game I feel it's better to balance around these than use the old the encumbrance system.

This is because:

1). Bonuses, positives, and advantages are fun and penalties, negatives, disadvantages are not. Players love the feeling of bonuses.
2). Trying to balance the armours and getting players to understand the balance is easier from 0 to +20% (or more) that have to balance from -20% to +20%. 
3). Traits are easy to understand (they still need a percentage symbol at the end of the display digits) but a percentage bonus to your attack speed you can grasp but what the hell does 25 magic encumbrance mean?
4). Bone, Leather and Robe armours total encumbrance comes to less than 20 which with 100 in Armoured/Archery/Magic Proficiency your encumbrance is 0 anyway.  So what's the point of it in game?

I suggest the devs remove encumbrance as a stat along with the armoured/archery/magic proficiency skills.

Arguments against

a). A full metal geared player could use magic at baseline effectiveness - Is this really a issue or opening up a new play style "the cleric, paladin, battle mage".   Also if metal wearers and leather wearers can cast magic at the same baseline effectiveness it becomes easier to balance the game.  Bone and robes wearers get bonuses to magic so their magic abilities will always be better. Some tweaking to spells may need to be done but that's coming anyway in the "Great Magic Overhaul"

b). A full metal geared player who can use magic at baseline effectiveness gets more from their heals than another armour user as their protections are higher. - This would be true but they don't get any bonuses to damage output so again they are all about staying alive. If they are going to remove back protection this would also help metal geared players.

Compromise solution

If you really feel a metal wearer should NOT be able to use magic at baseline effectiveness then give the metal armours Negative magic traits intead of the encumbrance system.  Showing a negative magic trait is really easy to understand VS the current encumbrance system. If each piece of Full plate for example gave -1% effectiveness to magic magnitude & speed.  That a 10 pieces wearer would get a -10% penalty displayed in their traits on the players information window.

Your feedback and comments as always are welcome.
Veilron is definitely 15 mintues
Selentine also iirc is like 15.

Selentine is more like 11 mins