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PvE feels alot more rewarding now.  You can skin all the graves before a respawn and get loads of mats.
Guys.  If swing speed and a protection debuff are the best then we have a meta which means no choices.

To have choice we need to have equally viable options.  One should not always be better than the other, just better in certain situations.
I think some spawns are a bit much and some not enough,

A good rule of thumb for me is 4 for smaller spawns, 6 for medium and 8 for large spawns. if playing solo. This also depends a bit on teir of mob.  Orange tier could be 2, 4, 6 due to difficultiy

Having 12 brownies is a nightmare, you cant kill them quick enough to skin due to knockback.
Just because something has been this way forever does not been its the best way.  Maybe a sword with a axe tyle power attack would be unbalanced but you could tweek the numbers to make it balanced.

This way people have a choice and can muck around with different styles.
Just like you can add speed, damage or AoE to spells could we chance our power attack secondary effect based on what "Upgrade" we had selected.

All Power Attacks have their secondary effects changed to add extra damage
On a NPC under Melee Upgrades you can change your power attack secondary effect to one of the following (can come up with any other fun effects):

Extra Health Damage (Base Effect)
Extra Stamina Damage
Extra Mana Damage
Debuff Physical protections
Debuff Stats

The benifit to this system would be people would not choose a weapon type based on its current Power Attack (i.e axe) but also that they could add the effect they wanted to suit their playstyle.
General Discussion / Re: Skinning patch NOW!
I completley agree. Skinning fails suck.  If you kill something for skinning mats should get atleast 1 items of the you where going for.

Also while we are on the subject of skinning, having higher tier mobs drops shed loads of quality 1 and quality 2 skinning mats needs to go.  It floods the market and noobs cant sell their mats cause we have tonnes of them from the higher tier mobs most of us are farming.  Its also makes loads of mobs pointless.  If you can get 20 q1 cinder from a fire elemental why would you ever kill a salamander for 1.
Questions and Answers / Re: Enchantment r50 bows
You need your title level to be 15 above where you can craft a Item
General Discussion / Re: Patch Friday - Discussion
Another issue with a patch now its going to be atleast 2 hours.  This is why you have a test server.  Why can't they boot up the indev server and use that as the test server?
Suggestions / Re: regeneration spells
I dont really care myself.

Also catering for the vets will kill the game.  I would prefer they keep true to what they want darkfall to become and see if it works.  DFO died, DFUW died, its time for something new and a new set of people stearing the ship.  They purchased the game with their own funds (check history) and sold a idea of what they wanted to create.  If you like it play, if you dont just stop playing, Its only a computer game after all. Just becasue you have played DF for years dosnt mean the new devs owe you anything.
Suggestions / Rework Hymns in Spellchanting
Currently the Hymns in Spellchanting just buff the 5 individual stats and dont last that long. One of the issues if that most people dont use all the buffs, quickness being used the most for physical types.

I suggest a removing them as they are and adding in three new Hymns.

Hymn of the Warrior - Buffs a bit of str, vit and quickness
Hymm of the Archer  - Buffs a bit of dex, vit and quickness
Hymn of the Mage - Buff a bit of int, vit and spell haste

The person playing the buffer/healer would then have to regonise the play style of their teammate and cast the apporiate buff on them. Hybrid benfiting from both the warrior and mage hymn.

I have said a bit of each stat so the buff is not overpowered but usefull and does not invalidate haste/rapidshot from fire which would still remain as the best speed buff.
It really depending on how you are using your med points.  They are a catch up mechanic so you then use them on your lowest skills/stats/abilties.  They will still gain then same number of points per day BUT will cost alot less

Your character will be more rounded and balanced. Also rember everything is front loaded. So getting 2.5 STR at 45 gives you alot more than at 80.

General Discussion / Re: Discussion: New Roadmap Page
When you say

Right now, short term, medium term what does that mean in weeks?

Right now - Patch this week?

Short term - 4 weeks?

Medium Term - 2 Months?
General Discussion / Re: One month since launch
They have 8 people (devs) on the team , 2 of which have had to work as GM's to cover all the questions/help requests in game.  Yes they need to hirer more people, but that takes time and then they need to train them.  Its a small indie development team guys.  Its gonna take a while.