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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: The truth about Battle Smurf
I bet Smurf supported that child molester in Alabama as well.
General Discussion / Re: Harvesting 'zones'
As rewards for all things scale as per harvesting I know that one of the best maps I've turned in was a Large one on the north Mirrorsea 34k, less than a 2 minute ride from the bank.
I didnt know it works that way, is it true? Nevertheless, think of what you did without Runestones and with Local banking, I think grabbing a large map in Mirrorsea will be quite the adventure.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 5.0
If you can buy from the Dorf markets from Alfar lands, where is the economy? If I am a Dorf trader, with something special from Dorflands, if you can buy it from Alfar lands without travelling, what is the point of the map? Whatever it is just teleports to Alfar lands.
I like how thats solved in eve, you can search and remotely buy at distant markets if you have the skill, but you still have to go and get it.
Or place a contract that someone else does it for you.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 5.0
Is it possible to sell a bag with ingredients? I would like to be able to buy full sets, and examine them before buying.
That would be convenient and cut the preparing time for bags which is still hell of annoying in DND.

Also need an option to browse the goods on markets that are in the same region so I can decide if I want to travel somewhere.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: The truth about Battle Smurf
Disgusting even for smurfs low standards..
Cya mate
So go in the street and organize some protest, why would you pester a game forum with politics, imbecile.
I come here to relax and you remind me that many including you are incredibly retarded.
On RoA players said, that game is comming back since last patch, alot of returned
You think those will not play DND launch? I believe everybody wants to play launch :)
It has always been the funnest time.
You have the chance of playing a darkfall launch with thousands of players vs a Roa server with a few hundred players left that are going to play dnd on release themselves.. i dont see Roa surviving past DnD launch.
There is no real question here..
I intend to farm my 100 k medd somewhat soon, i imagine that will be quite the activity boost :)
Wohooo xD
I think this should be moved to offtopic like the other threads from this lunatic ;)
General Discussion / Re: Waiting for the Announcement?
One of my favs, I got a few tho:

I mean, server in Paris incoming.
EU 1 should have never been split really, we would all still be singing kumbaya under Tasos WHIP.
Game went downhill when the gun lovers over the pond got their will, I doubt a second european company can be that dumb.