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Melee is the only thing that could use a slight acceleration. In every other aspect DND nailed progression imo. You can be viable very fast.

You obviously didn't level melee since the patch 2 months before. You almost get to 60 with 1 PH now.
Easy but leveling mastery takes a while still. Imo a bit too long.
Melee is the only thing that could use a slight acceleration. In every other aspect DND nailed progression imo. You can be viable very fast.
nerfing vets 10% == 100% nerf to newbs

get over upkeep costs spreading out holdings.... not gonna happen.
instead of a flat sum it could increase exponentially for each holding after thefirst. That way everyone has it easy to keep one holding but hoarding is more expensive.
General Discussion / Re: New Player Experience
I agree the new food requirement is just adding tedium.. Terrible for new and old players alike. Whish the devs had the balls to admit when something went wrong and adjust accordingly,
General Discussion / Re: Tax Evasion is a crime!
I think we have an ILLUSION of an issue here! I agree with Rawr's sentiment but it's really an Illusion. After launch it won't even matter considering every village will be contested by lot's of groups.
Right now it's a bother, I agree with Rawr, but I don't mind as much as he does. Most villages I visit, I'll either fight someone of similar of higher pvp skill or I'll be outnumbered (but I'll still fight to improve is several cases), or I'll find an empty village and take it with no resistance. As Uber has said before, players tend to think the alt problem is bigger than what it actually is.
This could be true.. watching thru the lense of launch this might be a non issue
Yeah dem nutcuppers. Only 2 players left and em cuppin each others nuts ! Sad !
General Discussion / Re: Gear grind
Blue qqing dorf is not playing, not know how game working and already crying and qqing all the time in every post....You are surging!

Literally everything you just said is untrue

A language barrier can only excuse so much; at a certain point I have to wonder if you're actually just mentally disabled

For the record are you from Germany or Austria?

Well he is right that you are not playing but raise an opinion about everything.
The harm you do is rather little in this section of the forums as you are not completely offtrack regarding DF.
Unlike Life and your obsession with germans. Should maybe try to cut down on the racism while you are on the DND forums.
Nice.. I dont have Facebook but that looks like a tiny step in the direction of marketing.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Draw distance 1000
Yeah i like it too but we can not test it at all with current pop. I wonder how a siege with a few hundred each side goes with high draw distance.
Ultimately 1000 draw seems to give an advantage to the biggest computer?
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Free Holdings
Added Furghum to the list from Uprising, this is probably the last holding we're dropping for now.

It will be free later this evening.

Edit: Furghum now free.

We also decided to axe Dayar, which I'll drop later tonight. This means Uprising will have only one holding left; Alberworth, which we will try to keep, although I do not know how long we can force ourselves to log in to capture villages at stupid hours.
Is that the only source of meditation you found?
There are also higher stakes for a fight over a village control point as ongoing ownership and recaptures will now be rewarded, but so will breaking another clan's capture chain.
Does this mean that two clans that are friendly can boost each others rewards if they let the other one cap it?

- For each clan engaged the capture time for all clans is increased, with diminishing returns
If two allied clans are engaged  the capture time is increased and the return is diminished?
Question regarding VCP mechanic.
It says duration increase per invlolved clan and reward decrease?

What happens if each 3 members from 2 allied clans cap together, will it be better to just cap with the own clan than letting allies tag along?
At this point I would actually be ok with a NY server.. I prefer Paris ofc but ROA is playable with 100 ish ping and DND is gonna be smoother than that. So I dont really mind and tbh cant wait to get started this late autumn when it releases.
I think business wise its retarded to have two companies working on the same niche game and having them host it at the same place too, so thats a plus for EU servers in my book..
This is a business offer, so would be nice if you can keep it clean, same as everyone else.
remind me to spam your topics next time you intent anything fucktard
Dont think that was unclear but its correct that neither this topic nor money transfer services have anything to do with mj rats nor did I claim to represent them in any way.
we took Erinthel

You take 3 words out of a sentence.. Where do all these retards find this game i wonder sometimes.