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General Discussion / Re: How to save DnD
I think the mistake was not advertising for too long, why would they even launch if they dont do a giant marketing push at the same time? I understand marketing isnt these devs expertise but watching that was frustrating.
General Discussion / Re: Why no trial?
There was a trial in January, you missed it :/
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
Please just have the option for a party to not split the loot so it doesnt take 30sec to loot each small stack on every mob. That would make the system perfect imo.

That would be great, but this seems to be one of those cases where Uber proves to be immune to advice.
Kinda the same way we got stamina drain on normal riding, this adds only tedium while solving problems of some imaginary newbies, regular gameplay gets screwed with.
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames strikes again
Archmage needs to be reset to 1.0 for everyone, or just remove it.  Almost anyone who had it almost certainly used the transfer exploit.

This. Imagine the outrage if some people had the chance to meditate sharpshooter in a day instead of 14.

You are disregarding front loading. Can get to 50 sharpshot in one day and have most of the effect :)
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
I'm not liking this. I don't see this as every being a major problem. Could be putting time into much more important things.
CV bank tiers for example.

A note to all potential buyers, do not do business with Celiah instead ask any clan for help in taking a holding where you will be much better off and not waste much money many clans will more then likely do it for free.
you can msg #TeamEpoch for any siege assistance at competitive rates(200 meat).
If you want stinking orks n dogs doing your job yeah..
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
Conventional looting methods like round robin, are just to mainstream for ub3r they gotta go for some hip way of annoying people
I would like round robin a lot better than this actually
General Discussion / Re: Loot Split changes
Not quite Rawr.

We tested it ingame at server up.


4 people engaged on the spawn, 3 of whom are in the same clan OR party. The 4th is soloing.

Whilst all 4 players stay engaged on the spawn the loot gets auto-split into 4 stacks in the tomb (no idea what happens to, eg, keys...).

The three clanned/partied players can all loot each others loot - just like before.

But they cannot touch the share of the loot on the grave that belongs to the solo player. And he can't touch their share.

But after 120 seconds passes then the grave goes free for all.

Horray if i find anyone doing dragons xD The mechanics in its current state is useless then :/
I think its great that the mobloot gets split in direct loot and skinning part. Makes sense to me to skin a shark or a crog and get meat and leather etc.
Complexity in games is desirable imo, no need to dumb down working mechanics.
Suggestions / Re: This mount is owned for 120 seconds
Is there a way to see which mount is yours without attempting to jump on it at all?
Media Highlights / Re: raid kvitstein and fight with NHL
Your melee and archery skills are pretty high, seems the dungeon with level 40+ mobs do the right trick. Unfortunately i don't have the possibility to do the same. Guess i will surely need 1-2 months to reach the same level. Is a damn grindfest for people with low actively playtime.
I play really little time, like not every day for power hour on. I have meditated archery and after 20 Sharpshooter it seems to do damage, in fights, now I need melee. I believe 2 month to pvp viable for a casual like me is alright, just a bit worried of the dmg output grinding mages can achieve in the same time.
good stuff :)
Suggestions / This mount is owned for 120 seconds
The mount reservation prevents me in fight of jumping on mounts that stand around on the battlefield.
I cant steal mounts of a racial enemy and it takes away freedom of choice in some situations where there is no time to check which mount belonged to who.
I cant even take my clan mates mount and bring it to him?!
Please fix, stealing mounts from racial enemies or reds should be fair game, and for clannies / party we should be able to set if we protection.
Even better would be mount protection that is only on in the newbie areas / tower range.
No to whiners, therefore get lost op.
its original av obviously, Soon was their Mantra. Nice find.