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Off-Topic Discussions / Re: The truth about Battle Smurf
If the attraction is to postpubescents, it's not pedophilia.
Trade / Re: God Bless these Entrepreneurs
I wouldn't hesitate to clean that market.
Try melee as an ork or mahirim indoors, inside smaller buildings or hallways or dungeons. Or just in uneven terrain. It's pure AIDS.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Looking for a clan...
We have a Russian-speaking community and I have long been accustomed to everyone as other players, and we are not zerg, but just active players. We have to count the new players on the fingers of one hand and they do not play now. 10 people is a zerg? funny
I'm talking about zerg clans such as the Horde or the Zerg Mercs that the terorist collects, it's a garbage dump.

No, what is funny is that you call clans you routinely outnumber 3:1 (or even more) a zerg.
As the Good Lord said: "why do you look at the splinter in your brother's eye, but not notice the beam in your own eye?"  :)
Clan Recruitment / Re: Looking for a clan...
Good clans Uprising and Rats and Hats. The rest except the clans with the best pvp players (but you will not get there) is just a zerg. Avoid the zerg clans like Hordes.
lol you're in indevs biggest zerg clan
Although this is obviously a poorly written troll post by a manic mind, the title grabbed my interest.
I remember with some fondness the entertainer profession in old Star Wars Galaxies and some form of the same would be great to have in this game down the line.
raap naap has lost the plot
Name 3 altruistic foreign policy moves by the USA and we can discuss them.

LOL here is what I think of your altruistic foreign policy. It has no business in it! It's foolishness. That doesn't mean that U.S foreign policy it isn't good, and I'm also not saying we are perfect. Not sure where your from but how about offering 3 altruistic policy moves from wherever that is, if your not the U.S. If your Country doesn't look out for its own interests first then I would find a different Country.
Your initial post claimed that the US "did so much for other countries" and yet recieved no gratitude. At the very least you could elaborate on what those positive things that have gone unthanked are.
Name 3 altruistic foreign policy moves by the USA and we can discuss them.
Israel making the list gives away that its BS.
Media Highlights / Re: Oh, no no no noooooooooooo!
Burden is the dumbest spell. When hit by it it's no point in staying to fight, just mount up and get away. It's a zerg tool for lame players.
Islam and Judaism are both primitive, anti-christian religions/cultures.
Possibly worst clan name ever.
Good luck Pat.
The church leaders, from the comfort and safety of their temples, would trade the long-term suffering of God's children in the middle east for their short term security; eager to maintain the status quo which has brought us 60 years of hatred, conflict, violence, and suffering which they decry.
Islam must be destroyed. 

The jews are Gods children but the christians are not?