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Media Highlights / Re: Bloodscar Siege.
Miscegenation is the original sin.
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
Kids been spending months on these forums spamming "game's dead" on a daily basis like a broken record. Is it really that hard to let go?
General Discussion / Re: @scumners
Mantra is a weirdo.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Is game dead?
duno about you nerds but I dont spend my summer vacation playing darkfall
I PvP with 4 crafting titles.
You can cancel your previous quest through the journal, no need to run way back to wherever to deliver it, unless you really want those 1k med points and 20 bonus onions.
Five years from now, Smurf will still sit here and cry over server location.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 12
yeah and i had 175 ping in that fight which is no delay
You were siezing from 10m away on my screen, come on. Anyways, this was never intended to become a boring argument, just an observation.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 12
not fun, you mean you couldn't 3v1 me because i manage to run for 5km and then 2v1 isn't enough for you to kill me xd

thanks for additional fun
No I mean it's no fun because its pure bingo whether I connect to your hitbox or not, because your 2-300 ping makes it be all over the place on my side.
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 12
Not fun fighting this guy. Hitbox and range is all over the place.
Suggestions / Re: Kobold bone drop rate
Actually yes, reduce cost. I wanna see people running around in bone instead of robes in pvp. Life of soo many mages could be sooo much easier if they just had bone armor... srly why people still use extravagants... i dont get it. Are people srly that poor?
I think the cost of extravagant should be increased almost 3 times to match the other armors. Studded is just a bit cheaper than plate, I don't know why people think it's cheap...
Because you can get 100 leather in one or two quick kills.
A good place for people to start, is to disolve their alliances. There are alliances of like 3-4-5 clans out there, living in the same area.
At the very worst, you get more clans to potentially  fight at VCPs.
yeah those elemental cloth mines and enchant mat mines sure makes it easy to stock up on mastery robes