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Media Highlight / Re: Village of the day: Ryhandel
Pat is fat so he can't really sprint for long
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
Full loot loses some of its allure if you consistently loot only shit items.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
Basic gear is made from iron, wood and leather. That is not going to be localized.
General Discussion / Re: Free Trial?
Just make the holding ownership a done thing before the free trial, then they can hand out as many premade characters as they want for the lazy kids.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
^^ This asshole is a genuine idiot. Forum was much better without him in it, ranting and raving at imagined posts and opinions.
General Discussion / Re: Balancing: when?
I can't help but think that all this time bpg invested into rehauling combat/fucking with the game physics/adding titles could of been invested into adding actual content. Literally feels like they're making the same mistakes as DFUW by trying to add "diversity" ... All it seems to achieve is dumbed down combat and a fotm build that everyone runs around in. No one wants to gimp their selves in PvP running a "cool, unique" build as it's fucking full loot. People don't like losing pixels..
wrong forum
This shit happens on foot too. And pretty much daily, atleast to me. Even in the middle of fights. Its fucking AIDS and it needs to get  fixed as soon as possible.
General Discussion / Re: Did the population recover?
Village action seems to have died out a bit already.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
lol, only a couple of months ago, mrw fanboied RoA so hard, praising it as The Second Coming.
General Discussion / Re: DND Why should i buy it?
put in a little effort and you will find the answer(s) to your question
General Discussion / Re: New Player Experience
"first available" is a bit redundant with all rays sharing cooldown.
Why are you hebrews so desperate to grab as many holdings as possible? I've lived in a single city (and a few surrounding hamlets) since the beginning of indev and am satisfied with that.
I see clans that already have 5+ (empty) holdings rush in to grab whatever becomes available.
Answers from the developers would be much better than guesses and speculations from forum randoms.
We should be able to play with a joystick.
Maybe for live, def not for inDev.