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Development is never fast enough. You also can't just throw more people in to make it faster. Patience, it will still take some time.
It appears the devs are doing QA, GM work, and development, along with PR. This can definitely be sped up by hiring more people.
I highly doubt actual devs are doing any PR. The rest is fine. It's one of the myths of software development that adding more people will speed things up. Granted there is room for teams to grow, but any extra person added to the team increases the amount of communication and coordination required for all existing members, thus makes the development and iteration process actually slower, not faster. See Brook's Law:

I could tell more, but there's already a good book written about this subject which covers these things. Most decent software project managers or those involved with managing development projects will definitely have it in their library:
Development is never fast enough. You also can't just throw more people in to make it faster. Patience, it will still take some time.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Name already in use
I did same thing at the start of inDev, now it seems should I decide to play later I will also be stuck with the name from inDev instead of the one I wanted to pick.
General Discussion / Re: solo players cant play
Solo play was hit with the nail in the coffin since PvE Mob scaling patch, when devs thought giving xp gain / skillup advantage was not enough and fucked solo players even more by making them also receive less loot from the same mobs.

Risk vs reward wise solo player is at too big of disadvantage, to the point where only someone who does not value his own time would play solo (or someone who does not mind having a few semi-afk alts sitting in the spawn while he is farming).
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Why not play RoA?
This thread makes me miss and at the same time not miss the good old DF community. Keep on trolling folks ;)
General Discussion / Re: Post-launch recap?
Owning both a surfboard and a computer is for normies only.
Case closed. A surfboard will be sufficient for now.
General Discussion / Re: Post-launch recap?
Kind thanks for replies, paints a picture from broader audience. Seems like launch had some ups and downs, but now things run smooth. Hiccups are unavoidable, and game still needs quite some work in different areas. I guess the coming 6-9 months will be crucial, all depends if Ub3r can manage to handle ongoing issues and on top of that deliver the promised content that at the same time would attract bigger playerbase.

I think you should get a real job so you will not have to make decisions like this in the future.
5/10, real jobs are for normies.

p.s. need more votes at the poll as it's even 32:32.
General Discussion / Post-launch recap?
Hi, long time no see. Anyone ready for post-launch recap discussion? Haven't been following much since some months ago and since it's almost a month after launch, I thought to ask everyone:

  • How did the launch go?
  • How is the game state in general, does it feel like having future? Are devs working at fast enough pace to both improve the game and fix the issues?
  • Is population sufficient enough for local banking, is it fun already or would you still prefer having more people?
  • How do titles feel and how did they affect the game / meta?
  • Is there some spicy stuff going in political meta or is it as bad as clan discussion / trade forums protray? Perhaps it's a bit early?

Feel free to add anything else that you feel is important to mention.

Oh, and vote in the pool, your vote will surely matter more than in the last election!

Peace out & troll away.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: About Titles
Not gonna bother to discuss the details, but it looks very different from what was promised on the initial goals layed out to everyone months ago when the indev started. From just a way to specialize it seems DnD will have mandatory classes. Not surprised as I don't think there was a way for you to balance your original ideas anyway. I'm happy I stopped playing months ago as I felt it's a waste of time giving feedback on issues such as balance. I only hope this is enough for you to fund the rest of the development after launch and that players will stick with the game long enough for you to actually implement a decent system. Will definitely check it in a year or so.

Good luck!

p.s. Reading the quote from original roadmap puts a smile to my face:
"Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title. These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional. The idea is to let players focus on specific aspects of their playstyle at the expense of reduced effectiveness in other aspects. The overall goal is to allow newer players, or more casual players, to focus on a limited amount of skills and still be viable."
General Discussion / Re: Downloading the game...
Try running it as an admin
GLHF Pat, the community will never be the same without you.
He's not left.

Check the newest account in this thread :) Oh and the current troll on Discord.
Maybe so, maybe not. I can't be bothered to check as I come back here like once a week myself, I'll give pat the benefit of the doubt tho
Go Lapinou and the crew, bon chance!
GLHF Pat, the community will never be the same without you.
General Discussion / Re: Monk in Darkfall
you can be a mong though