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No, there are no other ways to see what a clan's prime time window is.
We want people to scout for these info, and down the line sieges and wars no longer being correlated means it wouldn't be such a risk.

For being able to change a prime time window as a war is being declared, this may be something that needs to be looked into.
In theory people should have decided their prime time prior to being in any wars, so perhaps a limitation can be set with getting a war declaration triggering the cooldown for prime time windows.
We want a defender's advantage, but not so much as to make them unsiegable.

Yes, protection shards have been removed from the game.
You can sell them at their former purchase price at any NPC vendor if you had any stocked up.

The windows are still starting from the time set in the interface:
- Set time is the start of the vulnerability window.
- Once vulnerability ends, soft vulnerability starts, as a buffer before the two other periods.
- Then comes invulnerability, lasting until the set prime time starts.
The initial patch notes had a mistake.
The prime time windows are actually split in the following fashion:
- Invulnerability: 16h
- Vulnerability: 5h
- Soft-Vulnerability: 3h

The initial windows were meant as a more hardcore test, to gauge reaction, but a tweak got published ahead of time once the patch notes were already written.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
The initial intent was to have the impact of encumbrance on utility to be strong enough so that a leather clad player would not have "mage level" utility. A secondary objective was that it would leave feather enchants as a way to hybridize leather/bones, but not be mandatory if you go full leather since it was frontloaded enough.

We do see an issue with the feather enchant being over represented in general.
Other enchants need to be just as desirable, so that it is an actual choice with an opportunity cost.
We view that more as a flaw in the enchantment balance.

The reason why we're now considering an S shaped curve is because the mix and matching is being impacted too much.
We're also considering removing encumbrance from bone armors as an alternative/additional solution.
Leather should still remain easier to "unburden" as it is meant to be mix and matched with bones to be the "hybrid armor".

We'll decide what to do specifically with burden then.
We feel that having a spell like that is interesting, as a spell that could either be a debuff or a buff, depending on the target or situation.
But it does need to be tweaked based on what we'll change with encumbrance as a whole.

On durability losses on gank, such a system is needed because:
- Gear bag management is tedious. Things already break too often and inconsistently.
- The value of enchanting for PvE/day to day gear is too low.
- Dueling to improve player skill should not be a luxury.
- There is a negative feedback loop of rich getting richer.
- We need a lot more material sinks in the game than now.

The way we intend to do is to keep some items untouched so that there is always at least somethings worth looting.
The point is that negative sum PvP is essential to keep an economy in check and have war over resources be meaningful.
On gank is the best time for these sinks to be the least noticeable. The ganked lost everything, so they don't feel the destruction.
The ganker still wins something, so they do not feel the destruction either.

Former players will know that they gain less, but they will also notice that a lot of the hassle they were used to has been removed.
Ideally, that encourages spending time obtaining and improving daily gear since it will last longer.
The blame from the destruction shifts from "damn dura losses" to "damn I should have been more careful".

Players using low dura gear will be solved later when we add proficiency losses over durability and a repair system.
Which would have the added effect of increasing the value of enchanting and good rolls even more.
General Discussion / Re: Proper Localization
We'll simplify our points made in our previous reply:

In your suggestion, who do you think will be able to purchase iron in dwarfland and sell it in alfar land or human land?
Our reply: the top PvP clans that can reliably go through enemy territory.

What can be done by pure traders that are starting out, or aren't part of a large organization?
Our reply: Not much, unless prepared for more losses than benefit.

We need different levels of skill, risk and time investment for more people to get into business and grow the economy.
If the game has any success, traversing enemy territory without encounters will be unlikely, especially when warfronts are in.
Hence why we need a range from micro to macro localization, to have trades from Copperdale to Hildershall, from Ork land to Mahirim land and from Yssam to Ruby.
That was not the point of our previous comment.
Obviously we do not push anything that doesn't feel fun to us. We prototype and test multiple versions before even releasing them to the public.
And we have played InDev, especially the junior members, so that they can get a feel of how daily gameplay can be for the average casual player.

However our point is that it does not matter how we feel about the gameplay.
We will always have better knowledge than players, to the point of being detrimental to experimentation. You yourself have said it before, only perception matters, and we cannot perceive what we already know or intend.
One of the rules of game development is that even when players are factually wrong, there is something to do about it.

We brought in complete strangers in the office to try the game and we have people test things without accurate knowledge because that's how most people will play the game: blindly and without looking up detailed information.
If something only feels right when you understand them, but feels bad when you do not, then it will feel bad for the vast majority.
And for that we have to rely on blind playtesting. Game feel is more important than anything.
General Discussion / Re: Proper Localization
As we've said in the other thread, most things are localized to some extent. It doesn't need, and it should not be binary in nature.
There is an important goal of local banking that you are both forgetting: the need for entry level trading.

With local markets and economies, there will be price differences even within a single region.
It could be based on the spawns, the repartition of harvesting nodes surrounding a specific market, or any other factors.
That small difference needs to exist, and it can only exist with valuable materials for the price margin to be noticeable and worth the efforts.

Let's take thick leather as an example.
Spawns dropping it are spread across the world at a global level, with some locations more dense than others.
However, if you look at the local level of racial lands, thick leather spawns are often on the borders.

This means that there is a new trader, or someone that doesn't necessarily have much time or taste for risk, that can bring back these outward resources to the inside of the land. It also means that it will be a potential location for racial conflicts.

It won't provide as large a margin as a resource that can only be found at a distant location, but it will still have some price discrepancy proportional to the risk and travels involved.
There are many examples like that, even for something as common as iron with some locations having great spots nearby while others are barren.

This allows more granularity in the type of trading players can do, rather than always be the "risk all win all" kind of trades.
Some safer more casual friendly, but lower reward trades are needed to get people started, or just something to do solo.

Ironically, if we went the way of only having dramatic localization, then only high end organized clans will be able to run any trading successfully.
Suggestions / Re: Split Encumbrance into debuff+buff
We actually considered this initially, but we decided against it.
The reason is, the general direction has been to have physical playstyle have melee power and pressure where magical playstyles have utility and mobility.
Having encumbrance serve as a double edged sword is something we find very interesting.
Suggestions / Re: Split Stoneskin Buff
The way we see this topic is that specific protection buffs/wards are more of a PvE tool and highly situational in PvP.
It is preferable this way so as not to motivate grinding all schools to be effective, and as others have pointed out, to reduce binding complexity.

We like that stoneskin/ironskin are more of a generic skill and how it can be used currently as a reaction to a melee engagement.
We're not sure it is necessary to have a magical equivalent, as there isn't as of yet a magical damage burst equivalent to a sticky back.
Though we are considering experimenting by switching up magic shield/ward from the current lesser magic school, and move it around once the school is removed.
Suggestions / Re: Change decap mechanic.
Not a top priority, but definitively something we'll consider. The random of decapitation is something we've had our eyes on for a while.
The reason why we're cautious about removing it is that historically, it has been a tool that helps out a smaller force against a larger one.
A revive sickness could be an interesting solution to provide the same effects, without the frustration of being random.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
Most things will still b localized to some extent.
Though we do need to have a scale going from low tier to higher tier with low tier being common and high tier being highly localized.

There are currently some issues with a lower quality item being harder to produce/obtain than a higher quality one, which is problematic.
That's one of the things we're trying to address with this rework.
Suggestions / Re: Logout
That's something we actually mentioned not too long ago. It is planned, but not pre-launch.
We also need this to prevent loging off with siege equipment, or when on a boat, to prevent the use of alts to transport materials safely.

We have not investigated this topic yet, so we do not know of hidden limitations.
We need the PvP engagement system for this to work though, and there is a potential technical difficulty with having players logged in without a player at the helm.
Questions and Answers / Re: Economy Patch - ETA?
For now we are focused on stabilizing the latest patch. The economy patch should come a few weeks after we're done with that.
It will come independently from other features so as to not hold up anything being developed on the side.
We may push an AI patch alone, to start testing it with live players.

By now 3.13b won't be so much of an hotfix but more of an evolution:
- We're fleshing out the upkeep system and what happens when a city goes and remains neutral.
Initially, we were seeing this more as a small cog in the whole system, that would be more of a proof of concept for clan meditation.
However, that was naive of us. Anything that touches holdings is cause for intensity, and just having inaccurate timers was met with frustration.
We had to reinvest quite a bit of time into it, cities going back to neutral is not something the game was ever supposed to see happen.

- The durability system wasn't working as intended. We had to get back into it, and while we were in, we've prepared the next step.
We won't complete the whole system, so that it does not hold up on the patch, at least we'll push something that reduces the durability losses that are live currently.

Down the line items will last a lot longer but lose a sizable amount of durability on gank/release.
This should reduce the tedium of PvE/Duealing and warrant the efforts of crafting gear, even in the low end. It will also prove to be a better material sink that isn't perceived by either sides, and lessen a bit the "rich getting richer" aspect we see nowadays.

Some other topics we still need to address:
- Encumbrance curve: We'll most likely do an S shape curve, meaning that a couple points above the limit won't harm much, but wearing a full leather suit should be equivalent in utility to a metal armor.
- Displacement effects: On this, we're having difficulties. We haven't had any breakthrough yet.

On what will or won't be localized:
- Basic resources will remain as they are. Found everywhere, with only some marginal variance depending on available spawn/nodes.
- First mastery resources, like thick leather, should remain spread like now, but specific monsters will be better and should be contested.
- Anything above will be highly localized.
There are no overhauls planned for Archery.
Archery goes in pair with melee to form the physical playstyle. In general, physical characters should remain simple to play and rely more on aim and positioning, similar to how a destroyer used to be played.
The intent is to keep it at a low skill floor, high skill ceiling playstyle, with little room for errors at the top.

At the most, we'll add new types of arrows, but they will be "physical" in nature.
Nothing that involves magic and they won't have cooldowns. You would just switch arrows on the fly.
Things like poison arrows, barbed arrows, piercing arrows, but not too many so as not to increase gear bag complexity.

The reason why we've spent so much time on magic is that it was the main source of grind.
There was little value in grinding all weapons, however, grinding all magic even if you are playing a mostly physical playstyle was beneficial.
That is something we absolutely need to prevent if we want players to have a choice of what they use and level.
Bugs and Issues / Re: Can't enter the game
Have you tried validating your install?
Make sure you've whitelisted the install folder in your anti virus, then delete the state.sfs and darkfall.exe file from the data folder in your install directory.
Launching the lobby should then validate and restore your install.
Questions and Answers / Re: browse clan members
No, a patch should not reset the timer. It was introduced in patch 3.4. 
Maybe we broke it with later changes, we'll investigate and fix it.