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Guides and Player Help / Re: Titles: mage hybrid setup?
Last post by Big Abbo -
ps i mostly post on these forums when having a shit, riding on the train ect

it doesnt take much time from my day to day schedule  to make a post. sorry it takes you hours write your uninformed nonsense.
You have a shit a ton of times a day then, you should contact a doctor ;)

At least in my post i talk about the game instead of writing the same 1 liner "game is dead"
shitting 3 times a day is healthy. sorry you are a constipated old man who lives in a 3rd world country and only eats rice for dinner. Try adding some fibre.
The toxicity found on this forum has been the norm of the Darkfall community going back to the later stages of DF1 beta. The only time Darkfall had a good community and a decent forum was the years preceding the release of the original game.

There's no point Ub3rgames doing anything with the forum right now.  Once Ub3r has finished developing the basics of the game and reinstated paid subscriptions then it's time to do that sort of stuff. Which I think would be deleting this forum and starting a new one which would mostly be access locked behind having a subscription.
Guides and Player Help / Re: Titles: mage hybrid setup?
Last post by Xipos -
oh yeah btw I went air scholar and gs, but keep going this is also entertaining as usual

I'm looking to join a guild and i'm wondering what the most active guild in the game is? Regardless of faction as my character isn't very progressed so i'm willing to switch faction if necessary.
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by mrW -
Close the forums down
Media Highlights / Re: You killed chiken
Last post by mrW -
so you can now whirlwind and start blocking while the animation is still going?

nice to see 1h/shield being viable but it is painful to watch though
Never seen any change in secondary effects duration or magnitude after a debuff either...but i have never done any "serious" testing indeed so i am not 100% sure.
Media Highlights / Re: You killed chiken
Last post by wildNothing -
good video, thanks
Media Highlights / Re: Darkfall New Dawn pve showcase
Last post by inkarnation -
3 weeks to get one intensify to 80 isn't even good. all you did was left click a lot for mediocre giant bone skins.
barely any giant bone, skinning was so shit that in all that time i got enough exarch scales for like 1 exarch set, most of the time it failed skinning or gave 5 ichor

all i did was grind the vision, get a build that was promised to be made viable soon (shoulda been in before launch) and hope for arcane mage to be good before the game dies, wich didnt happen, took nearly 5 months

ps the gains/loot were complete dogshit because i didnt have 20 alts, everything is fixed by subbing more alts