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General Discussion / Why did you stop playing?
Last post by MaxDamage -
No poll here - consider it an exit interview thread, to provide some honest feedback. It would be great if people didnt actually pass comment or judgement on posters reasons and just let the thread sit as a way of really understanding the flaws in this iteration of Darkfall.


Who am I?

My background is an original DFO player and clan leader. Location and playstyle meant that I was never a good PvP'er, but I loved the game for it's open world feel and the dynamic nature of the political landscape.

Why DND?

I really did buy into the vision. I liked the idea of racial warfronts (in fact I think it's an essential piece that should have been in at launch), and the watchtower system. I agree with local banking and local markets in theory. I liked the concept of regionalisation. I felt DnD would evolve the Darkfall game into a more interesting version with more variety in terms of things to do.

Why did I stop playing?

I'll give you a list:

1. The disastrous mob scaling issue - once again we have a version of Darkfall where the no lifers were able to gain a very quick advantage over the more casual players

2. VCP loot/timers - see above, once again the no lifers were able to gain a very quick advantage over the more casual players. Our clan didnt get a chance to contest the nearest village for a month because of the stupid timer system. By the time it fell within our timezone, the clan chaining it had huge amounts of gear and gold and that was the end of that.

3. Logistics - are great in theory. But let's be honest, 10% of players here will play the amount of time necessary to alleviate the boredom that some of these mechanics create. For the remaining 90% of us, the mechanics like no bind recall mean that the game is not fun enough for long enough to motivate us to play.

4. Crafting - seen by many casual players as a way to find meaningful content in Darkfall, it's just turned into another race, meaning crafting is only worthwhile for the top 1%.


The problem with Darkfall is that the spin says "play the way you want", but that's a lie. The game penalises you unless you play a certain way. You have to play a lot, you have to be in a large clan, you have to be pretty good at PvP. If you dont play a lot, preferably in a large clan and win more than your fair share of fights, you're immediately behind the 8 ball. The longer you play, or the further away you are to meeting those three criteria, the further behind the 8 ball you get.

Darkfall rewards the top 1% of players, but more to the point, it penalises the remaining 99% to the extent that those 99% drop off as they fall further and further behind. It's happened twice before and it's happened again. So you get a massive drop off plus no new players because why would you join 3, 6 or 12 months in when there is no way to play competitively, and only 1% chance that you'd  gain enjoyment out of playing anyway?

I thought Ub3r had this understanding of the flaws of previous versions, but sadly, I think maybe the game itself is flawed, and they missed their chance to implement a version with more and broader appeal, simply because they didnt include key elements of difference and they allowed the usual early game disparity.
Change tower damage to a new category or make it impact damage.  Change jewelry to do new category / impact defense and make all levels of jewelry have at least some protections.  Now rings won't gimp a school of magic, all levels of jewelry has some value, and people can raid holding again.  If you think the tower damage is too weak vs. ring protection in original DFO (probably true) then just turn it up a little bit or decrease jewelry protections.
What a drama for such an unimportant thing :/
go to midmap villages and youll see 10-15

not because games alive tho, just because people feel forced to pay med on their holding while they wait for ROA to implement the combat path patch so they can leave this sinking ship of braindead tedium and carebearism and never look back.


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Ivar is #10, clearly.

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General Discussion / Re: new dawn IS b2P JOIN PEOPLE lets do this
Last post by XiaN -
Ivar is #10, clearly.

his brain is definitally #1 tho. if even that
General Discussion / Re: new dawn IS b2P JOIN PEOPLE lets do this
Last post by Mordisk -
Ivar is #10, clearly.