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Constant Video Shutter
My game is constantly lagging. When you watch the video below you can see that my ping stays constant but my FPS jump a bunch of time and then lowers drastically.  I have uninstalled several times and have messed with all of the video settings and nothing is working.

My system is more than capable of running this game. Here is my spec's

GPU: GeForce GTX 660
CPU: Intel Core I7 950
Memory: 16 gm Ram
Video Drivers: 368.69
Op System Windows 7 Ult

Thank you  help would be greatly appreciated

Re: Constant Video Shutter
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Are you using a Hard Drive or Solid State Drive ?
Do you know the temperature in Farenheit or celcius of your GPU / CPU ?
Do you have an anti-virus running with real time analysis ?

Go to shader 2.0 if not yet,
Try to remove the Vertical Sync if you have one activated in the video options too.

Let us know :)
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Re: Constant Video Shutter
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I have tried it on both my SSD and a Hard drive with same results

CPU temps are running 54C min to 65C Max
GPU temp is running  68C min 79C max

I have uninstalled antivirus, same result

Shader 2 same result
was not using Vertical Sync. When I turned it on reduced framerate and same lag.

Thank you for the suggestions.

I am going to bring my laptop home with me tomorrow and see if it has the same result. it works fine with DND at my office. That should support or eliminate it being a connection issues.
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Re: Constant Video Shutter
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It could also be an issue with a corrupted persistence file. We've had some players get stuttering because of it.
Try saving and then deleting your appdata/darkfallnewdawn/ folder.
You will lose all your settings and binds, but this may be the source.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Constant Video Shutter
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If your 660 is hitting 79c, you need to take it out and clean it. Remove the shroud, make sure the fan and heat sink is clean.

Unless you have a massive overclock, it shouldn't be going above 60s Celsius.

Not that its necessarily the problem, but its something you could eliminate.

Re: Constant Video Shutter
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I brought my laptop home and DND works perfectly over the same internet connection, so I can conclude that it is not a connection issue.

I removed the persistence files, same lagging,

I will try to clean my video card tomorrow night to rule that out.

Thanks for the help guys.

Re: Constant Video Shutter
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Cleaned Video Card

Tried starting as Admin

Restarted Router

I am even thinking about reinstalling windows

Would appreciate some more suggestions before I do that.

Re: Constant Video Shutter
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I am available tonight around 11PM / 12AM Paris time for a call, we will try to find out what is causing these issue.

Are you available ? if yes, private message me please.
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