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Suggestions / Burst Mode for Key binds
For Key binds , I think we need Burst Mode.  We have Combo mode, Multi-tap Mode and Cycle Mode.
Burst Mode would allow us to use the same Key for skills and spells on different weapons.

For example, bind E to my power attack when I have my two hander out and use E as my R90 nuke key.
Trade / WTS Silver Birch

Make me an offer.

Bugs & Feedbacks / Constant Video Shutter
My game is constantly lagging. When you watch the video below you can see that my ping stays constant but my FPS jump a bunch of time and then lowers drastically.  I have uninstalled several times and have messed with all of the video settings and nothing is working.

My system is more than capable of running this game. Here is my spec's

GPU: GeForce GTX 660
CPU: Intel Core I7 950
Memory: 16 gm Ram
Video Drivers: 368.69
Op System Windows 7 Ult

Thank you  help would be greatly appreciated