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The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
Dear Ub3rgames and Yes-Men,

Your game is broken, on an absolutely fundamentally basic level: Through the changes you have made to the game during indev and at launch, you have removed all incentive to play the game.

What the developers of this Darkfall iteration and their followers cannot seem to understand is that in creating the environment that they thought would be their perfect Darkfall dream, they actually only succeeded in creating an environment of pure stagnation. There is absolutely nothing you can do in New Dawn right now that feels rewarding to you as a player unless you get satisfaction out of seeing your character hit a rock for hours and hours.

The total problem - the stagnation of the game world and the reasons for playing in it - is formed through a deadly combination of changes. These changes:

Local banking and local markets
Local banking and local markets, the so-called cornerstone that sets New Dawn apart from past Darkfall games, has been a dream of the developers and their followers. I admit I always had severe doubts about these systems, I always warned for a scenario where if the game did not have a critical launch success, you would have banks and markets in the world that no one used. Ub3rgames always answered my concerns regarding this topic - regarding not having a failsafe should that key population threshold not be met, that threshold required to make each bank and market used and populated - that they "do not plan for anything less but critical success". So here we are, critical success not met, and without a failsafe that assist a low population.

Doubt me on local banking and local markets?
Go and die in a fire remote place, respawn at a random chaos city or NPC town. That global gold Ub3rgames kept telling you to keep your assets liquid for so you can buy market goods from dedicated crafters and traders? Yeah, good luck with that. Nearly all markets in the game, outside of NPC capital cities, are entirely empty, meaning this vision of local economies is nothing but a dream that can never be attained with this population. What does not help is the state of mob loot; There is no excess drops, so people who farm got nothing spare to put for sale or trade with. People barely got the time to farm for their own needs. And speaking of getting killed...

Local Respawn
The next critical problem is local respawning. Part of the New Dawn dream, local respawning was supposed to incentivize people to only commit to traveling if they are prepared to remain in the area they are traveling to. I always warned that this would create an environment where travel is discouraged and people instead will feel confined into their little corner of the map. Darkfall New Dawn succeeded not in creating a world where people get to explore and adventure, no, they created a Darkfall where you get punished for leaving your area. On top of losing all your gear on death, New Dawn places you at a bank and market with most likely nothing stocked inside of it, and as a result, you end up walking naked across the map, sometimes for over an hour to get back to either a bank you stocked or a market that is in use. I may not be part of the New Dawn dream clique, but something tells me that if people in that group got exposed to this situation often enough, they too would start to sing a new tune.

Doubt me on local respawning?
Take a look at far-off monster spawns or PvP objectives. Take a look at village capture percentages. There is a reason none of these locations are used or contested; People are scared to commit to going there and participating because failure is brutally punished with a time-out-walk that can potentially take the remaining free time in your limited gaming hours. People are instead feeling forced to remain near their main bank and respawn point since at least when they die near those, the punishment is a 15 minute walk at most. To verify my claims, all you have to do, is play the game like someone not satisfied to be in one single map tile for weeks and weeks on end.

Power Hour and Regular Active Play Incentives
The introduction of Power Hour, the dramatic removal of most monster loot, combined with the slow skill gains and cost inefficiency of active gameplay versus meditation, has created an environment where doing anything besides the most optimal path feels like a waste of your limited gaming time. There is almost no reason to PvE by yourself or as a small group since the yield in terms of skill gains and loot is nothing short of a joke in poor taste. Ub3rgames has shown to be incapable of learning from the mistakes of past Darkfall games, and created a world where carrots do not exist. Currently the path to most progression also happens to be the path of least resistance, and there is no risk versus reward concept in place.

People band together in large groups on a spawn to maximize gains and minimize risk, because doing anything less than that is simply a waste of time. The result is a dead game world because no one wants to do anything that isn't optimal, no one wants to farm a monster when the cost to kill it outweighs the gains. No one wants to do anything actively when hitting a rock for hours yields better results in both gains as well as loot. No one wants to do anything actively when meditation gets perfectly viable results for zero effort while you go and play a fun game instead.

Doubt me on any of this?
Play the fucking game and stop looking at your NPC town banks. Take a single hour of your time during EU or NA primetime, get on a mount and ride around locations which were supposed to be hotspots of activity. You are not going to find a single soul out there in the world because there is no incentive to play this iteration of Darkfall.

You have created the stagnated environment I warned you for, over a year ago, and I am very sad, very fucking sad, to see yet another Darkfall game go down like this. When the day comes when indev package subscriptions expire, this situation must have changed for the better by at least 180 degrees. If not, I predict the death of New Dawn to be imminent past that critical turning point.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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But I what I really wanna know is did you type this wall of text while hitting a city node or logged out meditating?

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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I agree with This.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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But I what I really wanna know is did you type this wall of text while hitting a city node or logged out meditating?
Logged out meditating while I had a break between work tasks!
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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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Anyone with half a brain could have told them (and did tell them) that this niche sub-based game would never have enough people to support a localized full-map Agon. Especially not in 2018. They needed to scale the world down hard. They didn't listen, and now I won't lie, I am enjoying watching this shit die faster than any previous Darkfall.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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Agreed, all my friends are dropping like flies.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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There is almost no reason to PvE by yourself or as a small group since the yield in terms of skill gains and loot is nothing short of a joke in poor taste.

That one day, when we skilled up as a group @Evi Eyes and your group left the lvl8 Evil Eyes spawn and keept an alt there for whatever reason i lootet a medium map and a leenspar key just when you left. Was funny.

I dont know how it is in other parts of Agon but the Mirdain area has quite some activity and even with my limited time i will get combat constantly. IF i go solo i mostly roam the alfar land boarders. Sometimes it is empty there and other days i meet enemies left and right. Yesterday i trained my Meele and stayed in a group PvP Channel on discord. People were attacking darkmoore and andruk and it sounded like alot of fun. The fight against the Horde was the biggest fun some of these guys had in Darkfall.

When i die in Alfar lands i always get the option to spawn in a mirdain area. The markets there have mounts. Last time i spawned in hintenfau someone offered mounts for 3k gold.

So i play the game, i have limited time and i dont agree with you based on my expierience ingame. I dont know how it is in other parts of the world.
Darkfall is the best experience on PC with my pants not unzipped.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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@OP Area I live in is pretry active. Usually within 3 hours of my daily gameplay I have one or two large scale fights, at least 3-5 smallscale and get ganked twice in hour when Im semi afk mining.

Two days ago went to alfar lands with group of approx. 13ppl for pvp ended up in big 40 min long chase with 3 fights while trying to escape alfar lands with alfars swarming from each direction. An epic adventure and fun I must say. Not sure what you are talking about since my game is very active.

However, you are right in what you have said about unneccessarily high bonuses in skillgains with high lvl scaled mobs. Solo or small scale play should be more rewarding especially because of players who play out of peak times.

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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When you guy will stop trying to min/max every fucking thing you do, you might even start to enjoy playing games should give it a try, maybe you'll start to remember why you play videogames (hint: to have fun and not to maniacally checking to see if those numbers are going up).

As per your points:
Yes, some are pretty empty for sure, due to a low population that's true. But many are also empty because people keep playing it like it was the original darkfall where "you need to be able to do everything on your own or, at least, internally to the clan". So there are people buying multiple accounts to have alts so they can be indipendent and those who try to sell stuff, instead, find few buyers because everyone is still trying to do everything on their own...and if they don't sell, they will stop filling the markets, they won't even try to populate remote markets, etc etc.
This  obsession of having to be self-sufficient is surely not helping the economy grow....actually i think is one of the most important reason.
A lot of people want to play online games and NOT have to interact with others, unless they feel like they want to: that's where the problem lies. You are only interested in having enough people to KILL when you want to kill, but, apart for pvp-ing, you don't want to mess with anyone else because "i don't have to depend on others".
Well, this kind of mentality is what killed/is killing mmorgs (and it is the same reason why there are people contrary to titles and specializations...."aaaaah i want to be doing melee, magic, archery, crafting, whatever at full efficacy all alone, that's freedom, why can't i?"

As for the problem with having to walk to get back home if you die...... when people go living in the farest corner of the world and then complain that they find no one and have to travel "hours" to find's your fault. You know that currently there is not enough population to fill the whole world everywhere, yet you want to go to live on the islands because (i can only suppose) you skill better/gather more resources/whatever....but then at least do not complain that there is no one around you.
If people sticked around the main continent in the meantime that the population is lower, you'd have more activity going around and more people to fight with, and more filled markets.
There have been thread asking the dev to artificially lock the islands to make people stay closer....but it is asinine asking for them to FORCE you to stay on the main continent when it is something you can do on your own. As said, if you want to go live in the farest corner of the world, for whatever reason, then at least don't complain you need to travel long times to meet other people. You decided to go there.

As for power hour being a "problem", you guys are hilarious, really. They give you 1 hour in which you can double up your experience and yet you still complain?
It is not that if you exp not in power hour you don't progress...during power hour you progress faster. That's a BONUS. So, saying that power hour is stupid because it forces you to grind only in that hour and then not play because you're losing your go back to my first statement: you should try to have fun instead of looking at numbers going up...

As far as the "necessity to grind in groups, level up mobs, etc etc" to grind efficently, once is you forcing yourself to do something you don't like to do, and you even do it for hours....but don't complain the game is boring then, you are playing it in a boring way, so that's your fault not the game being broken.

And btw, i have been soloing during the power hour to skill up water magic against fire elementals, then i tried to do the same against lv3 firescourges and, honestly? i don't think i gained more using the "necessary method" of having to group up and scale mobs up in order to make them nearly unkillable. I did more than 10 points in the school in just 1 hour soloing and like 6 when grouping on scaled up, i am not so sure that's the correct/only way to skill up.
And, even if it was, i very much prefer to have fun while playing and skill up sligthly slower than bore the shit out of me because that's "more efficent grinding" and then come here to complain the game is broken.

Game has still flaws? sure it has, some will be corrected, some will be not.
But most of the problems you guys have, comes from your way of playing a videogame: you don't play to have fun anymore, you play with a pen/paper on your desk, an excel spreadsheet, and start calculating every single fucking action you do to see which one will give you that 0.x% better efficency at doing something....i am not surprised you find the game boring and lacking....

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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I just wish games were not rushed to release.
Whole game is built on local banking, and local banking is implemented what like 1 week before release?

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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ROFL btw i didn't read any of your post

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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Completely agree with OP.

People who say stop focusing on maxing everything: Fuck you.

The level 1-49 skills are A JOKE. I tried dueling with people I hit them for 17 they hit me for 34?? How do I NOT max everything to be able to contend with having 100 less HP and 1/2 the damage output.


This game is broken. The grind is worse than anything in Darkfall. The loots are pathetic as a solo player. I'm part of one of the largest clans in game and it's impossible to get a group large enough together to actually level a spawn beyond lvl 3, because everyone is just hitting rocks naked. All of my friends have already dropped the game and I'm keeping the sub alive because I've been given 2 months. I will not pay for more months if the slow ass progression isn't fixed and something is done about the current HORRIBLE state of traveling.

And the Titles. Fuck the titles. 2 MONTHS to get to 100. Oh great I unlocked a spell at lvl 5 title. Too bad I need fucking 50 in the spell school before it starts to level at all. WHAT THE FUCK?

Thank you OP for writing this post.

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Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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everything you say is absolutely correct. reality is unless ub3r starts to pay 15000 chinese to play their game and populate the game world and the markets this localization BS has to go. there is a reason why AV took it out before DFO even went live. they realized that shit doesnt work on a server that can hold 10k players at max and keep in mind they had what? 350k forum members so they could safely assume their server would be full at all times and they STILL understood that its not even remotely close to beeing enough. a game like WoW or ESO with several million players could pull it off safely. darkfall cant and will never be able to.

and yea dont even get me started on the respawn mechanic, like srsly who the flying fuck came up with that nonsense. having to ride 20-30 mins to enemy lands to find a fight, ok, cool i can deal with that. too much fast travel is bad, i completely agree but then when i die i have to respawn at a chaos bank somewhere in enemy territory naked and die back my way home cos running back without a mount will take like an hour or more? thx -> logout. this game is old, most of its playerbase is in their mid 30´s and have better things to do in their life than autorunning for an hour to the next bank you have shit stored in. im usually trying to not be rude but sry this system is retarded beyond believe.

then we have the loot table issue combined with absurdly strong meditation gains. why again should i actively play the game when meditation even beats power hour gains unless you´re in a massive zerg hitting boss mobs? for the loot? owait there is none. the ROI is beyond awful except for a few mobs that drop ridiculous amounts of regs. all others arent even worth farming at all.

solo player experience. believe it or not most players come into games solo and most dont rly want to join guilds before they got the hang of a game. their experience in this game is an absolute nightmare. they cant progress, they cant explore, they cant be crafters cos everyone has alts for that. so what can they do? oright afk hit some rocks or log off and meditate! hurray!

bottomline: @ub3r either start paying ppl en masse to play your game or get rid of that localization stuff completely. those are your only 2 options. in that regard you´re vision has failed. focus on the part of the vision that involves race wars. you have good ideas here that have a ton of potential but this localization stuff can not and will never work with the usual population of darkfall games. dont be stubborn and let you´re game die cos of that. just accept that you have been wrong here and get it fixed before its too late.

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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People who say stop focusing on maxing everything: Fuck you.
No one said you don't have to max everything if you wish so....i just said, try to make it in a fun way instead of boring the hell out yourself because that way you'll gain 2-3 point more.
Isn't it much better to have fun while doing it and reaching that goal a few days later instead of rushing to it while in the meantime getting bored and not even willing to do it since it is THAT boring?

As i said, i have just started "grinding" a bit water magic and, by attacking the right mobs (weak to water), in less than 2 powerhours i went from water 4 to water 36, durable 9, bolt 35ish, ray doesn't seem too slow to me, honestly. If i even put in it some meditation to speed it up further, i would have been to that magical "50" that you seem so obsessed with in 2 days.

You guys want to play a mmorpg and max your char in less than 2 weeks-time because "unless you are fully exped you can't do the end-game" or things like that and then, when you finally reached that goal after boring yourselves for days, a few days later, you come here and complain that there is no "content" to keep people playing and they need to put it something else to do or the game will die.
So....if you have things to do (skilling up your char), you complain that the grind is too long and it is boring, if you don't have those things to do anymore, you complain because you have nothing left to're never satisfied (and guess what? it is because you don't play to have fun but to "win" the game in some way....but sadly when you "win" the game, you need something else to go and try to "win" you'll basically never be satisfied with that mindset)

Re: The Game is Broken on a Fundamental Level
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Hurr Durr, criticising the game, must be an ROA troll.