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Media Highlights / Re: Rats Vs Horde at Quarendal
Last post by Jackiebt -
Who won the siege at the end?
General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames time to take some risk
Last post by Big Abbo -


Isnt this a niche game?  something that will never have 100000000s of casuals.

I got it! the target Market is a casual, who likes getting 0.5d by players, who can put in the time needed to grind gear up in a game like Darkfall. Then give all his gear to better players that have killed him. Then log off. Meditate. Go work. Repeat.

When casuals play Rust, they go to a 10x server, build a base run around the map for abit, then quit. Do the same on another server.

@Prometheus Do you want compare mounts on ESO or something? Pretty sure mines bigger than yours ;)
 you old poor greek bastard xD go serve some tourists in ur 3rd world country fucking peasant.
General Discussion / Re: Good fight at Osdnak
Last post by Jackiebt -


Trying to type out Aesirs ingame clan name is the Darkfall version of the Benedict Cumberbatch surname meme :)
Media Highlights / Re: [Video] Roxie Pvp 10
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -
@Roxanna what is your recording software and whats your settings if you do not mind saying.
Suggestions / Re: Archery knockback shot
Last post by mrW -
cc is cancer
Suggestions / Archery knockback shot
Last post by Aegis -
Mages can knockback
Melee can knockback
Archers cant... mb fix it?
Cleaned up the Original Post, added our Reddit, and updated "Planned Server Features" to be more reflective and accurate of evolutions in our game design. Also added two newly-produced videos. Will continue to edit in new videos to this thread without having to bump it, so feel free to check back periodically.

Played a server cycle this last week on a local rust server after about a year away to check out the changes and taking a break from DF. Have to ask man, are you able to clean up the Rust client at all or do you just host a modified server with the base rust client? The latest rust client is total dogshit still. I'm surprised its still as bad as it is. I have not had a game crash on me in a long time, and the lag -both server and player loading is severe.

Are you also able to clean up the hit boxes, melee reach? it felt like they hadnt touched that part of the game at all. Its still not good. I'm not trying to be negative either, rust just still plays, feels, like a game in beta and its been a long time.

Rust client was perfect for me, zero crashes.

I find it hilarious that your talking about hit boxes, I haven't found a single player in DND whos hit box is fully attached to them, most hit boxes are lagging behind.
Announcements / Re: Server Status
Last post by Ub3rgames -
Server is back online.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Dag Siege!
Last post by Hartsia -
pob,nomads,scrubs,pain killers then we had 5 enclave coming later
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Dag Siege!
Last post by Pallist Horror -
So who exactly is this alliance? Because the game of telephone is sketchy.
And the whole alliance can only field 15 against a Wonder city for a day and time you picked? Idk... Can't blame defenders for being cautious against unknowns and offense created terms.