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Clan Recruitment / Re: Brother of War
Last post by Dominatrixx -
Soon we will be back!
Media Highlights / Re: Ric Flair pvp
Last post by water_wizard -
nice stuff huggies
Media Highlights / Re: Ric Flair pvp
Last post by grimtide -
Nice stickies for a rusty player, luck!
General Discussion / Re: ENOUGH TOXICITY
Last post by KevinDL -
Willing to bet topics like this just create more toxicity. 


Can we also clear something up?  Topics questioning design choices made by the developers or wanting to see "X" mechanic changed for "Y" reason are not "toxic".  It's known as feedback from people that have played DND and want to share their thoughts on the game as it currently is.  It's literally like 5 - 8 of you going back and forth hating on one another for having a different opinion on how the game is or where it is going / how it is doing currently. 

For those defending the game as it is... just ignore people talking about how bad the game is.  You're not helping by egging people on to keep responding.  On the same note however there are some people that are taking the hate a bit far and could tone it down... but that'll never happen so just ignore those people and stop responding to them.  It's what they want you to do, they are feeding off this pointless back and forth both sides can't seem to get enough of. 
General Discussion / Re: ENOUGH TOXICITY
Last post by touchmydildo -
Community > Game. Kill dev and take place. Revive darkfall. Live in happiness forever.

Fuck this grind bro!
Why is ice destruction lol what are you going to do destroy a fire?
Who gives a shit?  If you do, siege it?

I'd prefer an argument but if you're too softy you can just not post.

Fuck this grind bro!
WarriorFall, casters sucks.

Ohh I still remember when darkfall turned mages into ray spammers and ruined the game. Skillbois complain about my opinion.
I still remember too.
Now leftclick spammers with 2h, and so?