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Reintroduce: Unfazed
Not as a title, but passive to Heavy Armor. Makes sense, also needed imo.

For those who don't remember, Unfazed was a title you could choose instead of Destroyer that reduced the stamina loss on hit by 50% in case you were using melee weapons.
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Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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Passive to full heavy armor?
Or like, a % per part basis?
Or, with a heavy part in equip?

Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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Probably with % per part basis.

Dont expect much attention to this with the mage bias floating around thiese lands.

Good suggestion though.

Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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i offered them same thing...stamina protection for heavy armor + back protection. And full heavy will; be very popular!

Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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Sounds broken

Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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Sounds broken
Depends on magnitude of the buff.

If full Dragon armor set gives 10% less stamina damage taken, that does not sound broken to me (if anything, probably not strong enough)
If it gives 75% - fucked up broken
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Re: Reintroduce: Unfazed
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In full dragon you will receive ~25 dmg in front. 25 HP and 5 stamina dmg. In case of 10% stamina protection you will loose only 4.5 stamina. When Unfraze let you save ~2 points of stamina(40%).

I think more than 40% for Full Dragon (in mix wth infernal(1 part) and FP(2parts)) is not needed at all. Anyway, HP Regen rates for each part of Heavy is not hight, so stamina protection can be same. I think full dragon provide less than 40%.