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Suggestions / Re: Global item/weight cap on banks
Last post by SomeBK -
Altfall for bank space, here we come!

Terrible idea, at this point I think you want to harm the game. Just let it flop on it's own.
More money for Uber at least. Right now you have to AltFall to get shit done so might as well do it for storing your stuff however, for those who don't want to client swap to their "gloves alt", they can throw their shit on the market and buy new shit
General Discussion / Re: ivar thebraindead
Last post by SomeBK -
@Xipos You do realize there's no qualms with him in the game right? Like the guy knows this already

The issue with Ivar is when you've cornered him during a debate he gives knee-jerk responses like "I have a bigger dick", "My wife has a bice rack", "You're fat", "Your wife is fat", "You're just a _____ {snowflake, softee, heather (wtf is that?), loser, basement dweller etc.}"

You could literally point out something about the game he's debating or how much of a fucking moron he is at placing siege stones or cannons and he'll start off with some delusional shit and once you've called him on his bullshit he picks one of the personal attacks from above regardless whether he's seen you or gotten to know you.

The guy is such a loser he tells his coworkers about the Internet forum chat battles he has. How much more ownage could you have over someone? Feels good living rent free and having billboards with my screen names on them in his head. Dude assumes he actually has a better real life which is hilarious
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Progress Update July 26th 2018
Last post by Niburu -
When was the July-August holiday season over again ?
General Discussion / Re: Worth playing...
Last post by KevinDL -
If you play MMORPGs as much for the community as you do the gameplay the answer is simply no, there are not enough players to make it interesting.  With a population the severe flaws of Darkfall don't shine through as they do right now in a low population state. What positives the game has going for it are massively out weighed by the negatives and the MMO community in general has rightfully abandoned this game.  What was suppose to be 3rd time is the charm for Darkfall as a franchise has instead become the last nail in the coffin.  I personally don't see any hope of recovery from the hole DND finds itself in.

All that said some people really enjoy what the game brings to the table combat wise.  Those people are mostly right when they say no other MMORPG makes you FEEL that adrenaline rush quite like DF can.  I believe DF was and has been ahead of its time in regards to MMORPG combat and hope that as networking technology improves we begin to see more FPS style action combat MMOs.


It costs you very little to jump in and try the game.  You may decide to stay for a few months or you may not.  If you do decide to jump in I hope you do so understanding that this game may not be around much longer or will forever be in a state of low population.

Everyone should at least try the combat in Darkfall to understand why some people stay so devoted to this game. 

On what basis do you make the assessment that the game's population won't increase with promised patches?  And why wouldn't the population increase when Rise of Agon shuts down, which seems much more likely than New Dawn?

- The Darkfall franchise has a bad reputation in the greater MMO community for a variety of reasons

- Low player retention for first time players due to harsh gameplay mechanics and a long period of being at the mercy of more advanced players as one attempts to "catch up". 

- High skill ceiling (There are positives to this but it can also be a huge turnoff for more casual players)

- The game caters to "wolves" and has little to nothing for "sheep" to do beyond the terribly designed crafting system

- Player experience can vary wildly based on their ping to the server.  Some play-styles are known to be more viable if you have a low ping.  Sadly there is nothing that will fix this due to the FPS style of combat the game has (Which is why I stated in my earlier response that the game was / is ahead of its time).

- The game had a terrible "launch". 

- The dev team doesn't have the capital to fund the project at a capacity where meaningful change can be introduced at a reasonable yet productive pace. 

- Half of what they did change for DND is a broken mess and the result is it looks as though no one on the dev team has a good understanding of how to go about designing gameplay mechanics.


Need I go on?  Bottom line is that the game is old and has failed 3x with a dev team that is underfunded and not experienced enough to handle an MMORPG (I'm not either).  They bit off more than they could chew and it is showing.

is this game really worth playing?

wait for the next big patch before jumping in.

? dont you recruit every day in race chat ? lol wtf I dont even.

@OP yes, for 10 bucks you will get something that even if you dont stick around will forever change how you feel about pvp combat should be, full loot and MMO's in general.

I would point out how the nay sayers here are wrong but instead I'll just link this guy from Kotaku talking about how the WoW expac is dead 4 days after it started lol because there are always people lining up to push the "its all over!" angle.

WoW has MILLIONS of players

Darkfall has less than 500 actives (Roughly)


WoW has been on a slow decline for years because of it's age... but trying to compare people on these boards that rightly inform people this game is dead to someone writing something about a very popular and alive game is just silly. 
You tell him Ivar. Make sure to make fun of his assumed weight while telling him you're a such a stud compared to him in real life too.
Clan Recruitment / Wardens is Recruiting Elves, Dwarvs and Humans!
Last post by Bish -
Wardens are a small band of tight nit friends looking to grow in number.
Our main goal is to have fun and laughs together.
We are teamwork oriented and function together on clan goals.
We always strive to get better in all that we do and play to enjoy all aspects of the game.

Our reputation is solid and we play racially pure (elves, dwarves, humans) and stay blue. We support the longevity of this game.

What we are looking for in a member:

    Team oriented player
    Log in to be part of the clan, not just serve yourself
    Be in comms (Discord), willingness to get to know us
    Willingness to learn and willingness to teach
    Not just login to do pvp then logout. The game is much more than that
    Be mature and have self control. We play to relax and blow off RL steam; not deal with difficult personalities

Darkmoore is our home, a city located on the west side of Agon.
Our play times are primarily NA but we have a few EU members who are dedicated Wardens members.

Send a tell here or in game to Biash Aldanari or Hildegard VonBish for an interview. Type in "/tell Biash Aldanari" in game.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Ymirs Fist Recruiting!
Last post by Rimamok -
Kvit is nice to park alts at for Theyril.  Thorgrimm is a driver, I'm sure they'll be piling up the wolfskin rugs from Dag very soon.
It was well played by you.  My teammate literally sucked.  I was basically fighting you guys 2v1.  I did pretty good im happy.  Mad about oddjob not doing shit.  He was running 5 clients with his alt and "couldn't get in comms". That pissed me off.

Edit: and you guys dunked him in .5 which also pissed me off.  He played awful

You were not in comm's either or didn't speak up when I asked multiple times "are you fighting?" People in comm's but not at the vcp said you were afk, ~hence~ why I arrived as you were getting ganked and not when you were 100% health which I could have easily done if you had spoken up once. ( i had just logged on and my map hadn't updated anybody's position) You should have broken off after engaging both in melee like I did after trying to stop your gank, so you could have fought again after regrouping. You weren't the only dummy that day I was grouped with, but we talk to each directly. Not on the fucking forums and why I asked you to remove your post prior to posting this.

Oddjob does more things for the clan then everybody else combined. He is the reason you get to talk shit on the forums and fight as well geared as you are in game. He deserves the respect of not talking shit about him here.
General Discussion / Re: Spawn Scaling badly needs adjustment
Last post by Ivar_theBoneless -
I liked the idea where loot is determined by how fast you kill the mob.
Totally agree.  I think it'd be even better if the faster you killed, MOB level went up (and loot with it).  People could have fun trying to push themselves to see how much they could level up a MOB.

This is a good idea. I agree it needs to be somewhere between what it was and what it is now but definitely not anywhere close to what it was before.

Its actually a very difficult problem to solve because they need to do it without increasing client-server traffic significantly which I think people are forgetting. Even a time to kill count would require the server to do more then just calculated the players in the spawn or not. Which doesn't sound like a lot but it's like an onion, every layer you add is more server processing. Every time you add something new to calculate you increase possibility of server lag
Devs post once a month and never patch the game. They should have plenty of time for an interview.