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General Discussion / Re: The Fck Boy
Last post by Brown Dorf -
I remember you, welcome back
Suggestions / Re: Burden is broken
Last post by Wyverex -
For sure, a counter is needed. Maybe make Clear Mind potion able to remove it. But it's nice it has a use now :)
PS does it work vs mobs? :D
Guides and Player Help / Re: Potions (current InDev values)
Last post by Wyverex -
Table updated. Also, Clear Mind potion DOES NOT remove Burden. Maybe it should @Ub3rgames
pure mages will have a transformation into class-canons
If you are using someone else's mats, what does it matter if you have Power Hour available?  It's free gains.

Free double gains are always better.

Let's be gentlemen and do not call her greedy.
Suggestions / Re: Clan med points monolith
Last post by Eilistraee -
Does UW's monolith mechanic suit you?

Farm X mobs nearby, monolith opens up after Y minutes. Based on activity not timer.
Those who bothered to log in from us, liked the new loading screen as well. Keep up!
Melee/Archery doesn't need a buff now that they have lost their blinds, they shouldn't of had blinds to begin with after mages damage got nerfed and rays removed, if you are good at melee you can't get kited in heavy armour.

I agree, Melee/Archery needs a new dimension, more archery/melee skills, with similar effects to burden, debuff, slow, etc.

I don't know about hybrids thou, they seemed to be nerfed to shit now.

On a side note, with current effects and synergy, this game is much less versatile than UW.
General Discussion / Re: The Fck Boy
Last post by Eilistraee -
Patch brought back at least one player! Even if he is Pat. WB.
Bugs and Issues / Cold Storage / wount update launcher
Last post by arctoz -
My character is greyed out so can someone "un-freeze" my account please?

I seem to be unable to update my launcher dispite launching it in Administrator.