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Whatever you want to believe, Flush.  I've said what I'm going to say on this.See you around, hot stuff.Sorry about this sill... Clan Recruitment Re: Rastalfarian is r... Today at 09:47:51 am
Yeah, I can see how that could work outside of a clan. But doesn't the alignment system already cover this off? After all, wh... Suggestions Re: "Marshall" status... Today at 09:41:35 am
It's simple, Flush. If you keep acting toxicly towards me and others, I'll keep posting alongside you from time to time. Just... Clan Recruitment Re: Rastalfarian is r... Today at 09:25:56 am
Still with the 'classes' fake news when there's nothing stopping you from mixing and matching their armour sets, as many now ... Suggestions Re: Short Knockdown o... Today at 07:47:25 am

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