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Questions and Answers / Will it be entertainer titles?
Will the game provide entertainer tiltes? My plan was to roll an alt for special PvP purposes, but its feels so narrow and want to maximize income on it as it cannot sustain itself in for example PvE. Its a sheep like character that will be easily hunted by wolfpacks and it will mostly run in circles when hunted and/or cornered.

My plan was to have an alt going full heavy and specialize in melee. When not used for extremely situational PvP events, I plan to show him off in NPC chaos cities for money.

My main and crafting alt will be Ub3rmages.

NOTE: After popular demand I need to elaborate on why Im to offer such a rare occurance in chaos cities only. Leaked design documents indicate that forced full heavy will be a penalty for characters going red.
Hypetrain about to leave the station anywhere?
Trade / WTB sand
to my localized sandbox
General Discussion / Spoiled lil'kid
Hello good friends,

I reach out to you all here today as I wonder if I'm a spoiled lil'kid for expecting more than a GIF, a video about nothing and two generic countdown .JPGs, in a MONTH, from the ramped up marketing division of Ub3rgames?

Discuss, but be gentle

Chapter 2 - Commercial practices that affect consumers

Section 6 - Unfair commercial practices

Unfair commercial practices shall be prohibited.

A commercial practice shall be unfair if it conflicts with good business practice towards consumers and is likely materially to distort the economic behaviour of consumers, causing them to make decisions they would not otherwise have made.

Is Ub3rgames breaking the law by "selling" a product under the terms that they will decide server location upon geo sales? Can we asume they are in conflict with the above EU/EAA legislation when we with certainty know that many consumers wouldnt buy this product if the server location was known prior to purchase?


Personally I find it speculative, unethical and at best in a business practise grey area and not to be associated with a professional that want to be percieved as serious. Whatever the opinion is we know for a fact that when server location is decided we have consumers that has bought a product they not really want and thats bad boy practises.
Suggestions / Suggestion: DUAL WIELDING BLACKBOLTS
My bolts only do 35 damage to infernal and 52 in the back, only good thing about bolts is that they bypass timed blocking. Please add dual wielding for low tier staves

Lets play this magefall John Wayne style, looking forward to the titles which will boost the output further.

<3 Harry Potter hugs from
@Ub3rgames any plans on this? no stam or health drain on jumping a tile

No need to guess
Trade / WTS high end meta PvP gear
I've mistakenly started playing again and after 2-3 days of playing and PvPing my wardrobe is now FULL of bathrobes. I believe it has some real value as it features zero risk and full-fledged PvP efficiency.

Simple robes: 1000g
Extravagant: 2500g

Higher tier not needed and tbh I havent seen one.

Also consider selling Black Knight helmet if high enough offer.
General Discussion / How shitty can a company be...
So..., mobility and basically any utility is now exclusive for low encumbrance users? or in practical speaking 0 encumbrance users...? I mean how fucking retarded can a game designer be, sorry, but @Ub3rgames how dumb can YOU be?

Basically as a mid or high enc player you cant even disengage mobs.

I havent heard or seen that the current fuck-up will be corrected, but regardless of that you did test this shit for months.

Best regards
5 weeks till October
Suggestions / Remove mage in magefall plz
Brainless utilities and size of russia AOEs please remove. Only thing missing for being a complete shit magefall is dual wielding Blackbolts. Thanks
General Discussion / Is the game Live yet...
... been away for a while and just wonder if the game has launched yet?

Suggestions / Siege cost
Just throwing some thoughts out there for discussion.

Racial enemies dont need to... or it dosnt cost money to war dec, only the practical equipment needed to siege (shard, siege stones). Am I correct?

This is all fine, but shouldnt cost also scale with number of holdings the defending clan has? Shouldnt arac clans get a "penalty" and it should cost less to war dec them? maybe arac is by default considered enemy, by reacial clans?

Can someone point me to where the siege mechanics are decribed in more detail?
Bugs & Feedbacks / Patch server down? #8
Continiously getting "patching failed: '(#8).............
Trade / WTS wildNothing new ingame identity
Race: 10k
Clan: 25k
Name: 50k
Lifetime subscription on smoking him out wherever he goes: 100k