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I think its intended, the plan is to force red players to wear it
Media Highlights / Re: random duel with Mylina
I will just leave it here, fo Гарсон.

Staged or multiple lucky rolls by an undercover Curtain clown
Media Highlights / Re: random duel with Mylina
200 damage in 2-3 seconds
Questions and Answers / Will it be entertainer titles?
Will the game provide entertainer tiltes? My plan was to roll an alt for special PvP purposes, but its feels so narrow and want to maximize income on it as it cannot sustain itself in for example PvE. Its a sheep like character that will be easily hunted by wolfpacks and it will mostly run in circles when hunted and/or cornered.

My plan was to have an alt going full heavy and specialize in melee. When not used for extremely situational PvP events, I plan to show him off in NPC chaos cities for money.

My main and crafting alt will be Ub3rmages.

NOTE: After popular demand I need to elaborate on why Im to offer such a rare occurance in chaos cities only. Leaked design documents indicate that forced full heavy will be a penalty for characters going red.
le cry

Thanks for the contribution, your expertise in the area is unmatched, as is the case for most aspects of this game.

If we bother to go to a sea village just because there was no other live atm, without rune, traveling half the empty world to gain some in-dev pixel, then you can bet at launch sea villages will be crowded when their rotation goes to prime time.

Thats desperation and not good game design
We want content and things to do when we log on. The argument last time around was it will be plenty to do besides villages. TBH I dont see anything esle than VCP action so far and 6 weeks from launch. For the rest of the med point this and that, stick it up where the sun dosnt shine, cause this is about things to do ingame. Right now the only thing that is considered content is now 5/6 of the time out of our reach.
General Discussion / Re: Weapon's difference
1h need some more angle.
Bone is OP, low enc cost for high protections.

I would guess mobility, survivability will make its entrance when shit matters. Bone is also doubledipping enchants and mix well with leather for example. That its simple to use dosnt hurt either.

Anyway the main comparison isnt against robe, but how close it get to metal protections and surpass leather. You are right though mage is OP
Bone is OP, low enc cost for high protections.
Media Highlights / Re: Oh, no no no noooooooooooo!
Burden should be locked behind a melee title and problem solved, as it will be very few. The paradox though is that its Ub3rmages that both complain and use the spell :D
Good luck and have fun with real life!
IMO Ub3rgames need to step up an give us some tools to build hype. Atm we even struggle to keep the vets or potential returning vets interested. New players can only get into the game if there is a population cause the only NPE there is atm is other players to help them out.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Titanic Orchestra
General Discussion / Re: Any changes to bunnyjumping?
8 pages of biased and not to point arguments.

1. Yes its very important if in the game, but it shouldnt be cockblocked based on playstyle or gear (as gear define playstyle).
2. Its not about the displacement ability (cause mages need this), but the motive of making a 2nd or 3rd jump.
3. If in the game, the melee double jump should be in a melee title and explosion should be within fire title, while the initiating spell in a 3rd mage title. If you want to combine an severly OP mobility mechanic, pay for it.
4. Archery in the back will increase velocity and distance of the jump.
5. Its only 3 motives for making a 2nd or 3rd jump. FLEE, RESET or CHASE. So it has nothing to do with a mid fight reposition ability.