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PSA: Holdings Upkeep and vulnerability windows are coming in 3.13.
Here is a warning to all clans leadership, should you need time to organize sieges or a comeback prior to 3.13.
QA has validated that holdings upkeep and invulnerability windows are functionally good to go for the next patch.
We're still tweaking the details of both features, but the core functionality is validated.

This means that should you not be active enough as a clan after 3.13, your holdings will return to being neutral.

There will be a way to release holdings, we just haven't decided on the form yet.
The upkeep cost will be a flat amount of meditation per day, with the possibility to be in debt for 10 days before the holdings become neutral.
Clans will gain meditation by taxing a percentage of the meditation gains of their clan members.

The intent is to synergize with the VCP changes to really test the new mechanics with meaningful fights.
We're starting with low upkeep costs to test the mechanic, so depending on the group size, participating in a VCP once every one or two days should be enough for a holding.

More details will come later, but please spread the word so that there are no bad surprises.
Have a nice day.

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