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< Mirendil >
< Mirendil >

This is an early recruitment for a light RP clan, as the inDev is drawing closer to launch we should prepare adequately and organize the clan.

To the north of our border Mahirim packs prepare to flood into Mirendil, while to the southeast we are at constant risk of an incursion by the Alfar. In all of this, many Mirdain strongholds and outposts are occupied by warring factions. It is imperative that we prepare now,  I personally invite all Mirdain to take up arms and contribute to our effort now in the inDev, help us reclaim the region and defend our borders in the future.

The clan is structured in a martial way, members in battle roles will be financed and trained, to be effective combatants for the Mirdain army. The clan is Divided into cores, no details will be public for now. By joining you will be a part of an organized army, and thus receive it's support, in return you are asked to follow some general rules -

In-Game Rules
Don't Steal
Don't Swear
Don't Abuse
Don't Spam
Communicate in English
no RP required, simply stay on topic and be mindful when communicating in public chat
Above all respect yourself, your allies, and your enemies.

Discord is meant for normal comms with less regulation.

Urgently need -
Siege Expert, General
Dedicated Crafter
Experienced Captains willing to take responsibility for groups of less experienced players.
If you are interested in joining you can add Aedryn VoQeles ingame (via the journal)
or jump on discord and leave a message - Click Here (Discord)

(You can keep the race your playing until before Launch, for crafting masteries you will need to reroll now and notify for help rebuilding)
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Re: < Mirdain of Mirendil >
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So nice to see a Mirdain clan!  :))
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Re: < Mirdain of Mirendil >
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Let me know if you need anything. I'm in an all alfar clan but would be willing to help you out until the final showdown. After that, all bets are off.

Re: < Mirdain of Mirendil >
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What time zone?

Re: < Mirdain of Mirendil >
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