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Topic: Court of Evermore <CoE> Is going to be seeking more Mirdain to fill its ranks! (Read 386 times) previous topic - next topic

Court of Evermore <CoE> Is going to be seeking more Mirdain to fill its ranks!
LET ME STRESS-at this time we are taking it very light and fun! Learn the game ( or relearn it ) explore the new changes and use this time to prepare for launch. We play primarily between 7pm-midnight EST, however we do have some vampires in our ranks, and others that keep odd hours).  IF this works for you, read on :)

Court of Evermore- The court has returned in new form. In New Dawn we are an order of noble minded souls that will do what we can to establish law and bring peace to the Mirdain regions of Agon. We are NOT a trade oriented clan, we are the protectors of our ancient lands, and will focus on such, I can direct you to friendly or allied clans if you are seeking such.

We have a rich history as a guild and look forward to forging the next chapter of our story here in New Dawn.
Forgive the wall of text, but you should know what you are signing up for.

All members of the Court will follow the following guidelines:

There must be order, for from Chaos comes darkness. We will be the light.

The Court bleeds as one, harm one of us you injure us all.

The Court is all, What I own you own, I will not place greed before the well being of my brethren.

We shall fear not the wicked, numbers mean less than spirit and a true cause.

The weak should be pitied, but is no excuse for wickedness.

Protect the Innocent, that cannot defend themselves

Peace may be made with those who have wronged us only so long as the inner council approves by two thirds vote.

OOC < out of character >rules

Firstly, we require that you be at least 18 years of age, 20 + even better.

We do ask that your character that seeks to join us has a name which is fitting to the game.
Examples Bjorn, Redjake, Valdron, even Angrybill all ok. nothing here is offensive, just rpish or fun.

Asshat, Pimpmassa, Grieferprime etc all unwelcome simply as they either don't fit or are in someway offensive.

Try to keep in mind what we are representing as a guild when we make such rules. We want our actions, appearance, and even names to help reflect what we are at our core. Thank you for understanding, and realize if you are new to the game this takes a very small investment of time to restart if your name is a concern. We may even help you do so.

We encourage RP encounters whenever happening upon a group or a group happens upon us. We will never simply jump directly into battle without speaking to you unless you are a known enemy to our kin. (i.e. Known PKS or simply a guild currently at war with us). If you are a guild that does not show us similar intentions then we will not guarantee such actions and may be forced to defend ourselves or attack without such attempts.

Do not mistake us for not enjoying PvP; we just do not see that as the only purpose of this game. We do love to PvP and encourage it but we just seek it in a different manner.

We do not allow any type of out of character verbal attacks. Any member caught taking part in any such confrontations in game or on the message boards will be subject to immediate banishment. As a matter of fact, only leadership will be allowed to post on the message boards in the name of Court of Evermore!
No raging in game or in vent. If you cannot remain civil, and act as an adult we don't need you. Anger we get, we all flip out a bit but don't go attacking your friends and pissing everyone off.

Avoid smack talk in game. If you want to enrage someone that has wronged you, rp at them. You want to see someone flip out? Watch them explode with lame nerd insults while you stoke the flames of their anger with comments like,
"I pity the lost soul of a wretch like you, I pray you find respite from the torment of your dark path one day, but for now, burn under the wrath of our righteous Illumination!" Or my favorite," Silence lowborn dog, Monkeigh are at their best when they are Silent"

and so on.. be clever.

Feel free to PM me with the character name you plan to join with, and add Xeris_TaKier to your friends list as able to speed up our ability to add you to our ranks!

I look forward to assisting any new kin, and hope you enjoy your time with us. also feel free to contact me with any questions..

<A note to other clans, any that are true in keeping to the alliance of Mirdain, Dwarves and Men, Should have no issues with us, and may even be seen as friends. Arac clans will be KOS, as will enemy races, however interaction with "respected foes" may lead to more interesting encounters.>
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The Mirdain are back!

Re: Court of Evermore <CoE> Is going to be seeking more Mirdain to fill its ranks!
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Welcome (back)!

Re: Court of Evermore <CoE> Is going to be seeking more Mirdain to fill its ranks!
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Hope to see more of your kind. Welcome back.

Re: Court of Evermore <CoE> Is going to be seeking more Mirdain to fill its ranks!
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Welcome back guys!