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Shadowfell Shipyard
As was revealed by Ub3rgames in Discord a few days ago, the Ship/Seatower patch will not be until after Launch.
As such, for the remainder of InDev, I will be focusing on providing Ships for those who wish one, or feel they will
need one for the final fights for Holdings in the last few weeks leading up to Launch.

I have been building up my stock of material and have built up enough to provide Ships on a limited basis.
However, I will only be accepting wood in trade using the following ratio.
(what I will accept in trade may change depending on my needs at the time)

120 Wood = 1 point

Ship Costs

Pinnace = 15 points
Sloop = 25 points
Brigantine = 30 points
Schooner = 30 Points
Junk = 32 points
Reed Boat = 30 points
Composite Raft = 30 points
Large Raft = 30 points
Barque  = 80 points
Frigate *

* I cannot use my mats to craft any of the larger Ships as they require too much to make.
If you wish a larger Ship, I suggest you purchase one of the more common Ships and farm the Kraken for Ship MODs.
If you acquire enough Ship MODs to make the Ship you desire, I will be happy to craft it for you at no charge.

Also, I am purchasing as much Wood/Timber as I can get at 50gp per Wood and 20gp per Timber.
As a bonus, anyone who sells me 1000 Wood or Timber equivalent, you can choose as a bonus one of the following...

20 Selentine Ingots
20 Veilron Ingots
20 Q4 Enchanting mats of your choice depending on availability.

ps.  please do not ask if the I am selling/trading the Ingots or Enchanting Mats separately, I am not.
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Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Honorable and reliable trader. Bump for friendliness.
Wyverex Erisian - random scrub who enjoys DF

For the love of all that is holy
Darkfall: New Dawn is not Dungeons & Dragons
[DND or DF:ND =/= DnD]

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Whats you're ingame name? i want to buy a ship<3 "Qwerty Asd"

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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His IGN is Ktorr Shadowfell :)
Wyverex Erisian - random scrub who enjoys DF

For the love of all that is holy
Darkfall: New Dawn is not Dungeons & Dragons
[DND or DF:ND =/= DnD]

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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I have made several trades this week and while my Cloth supply is healthy, I am running low on Wood.
So I am forced to change the items acceptable for trade in OP.

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Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Can't seem to find the motivation to build ships while there is zero naval content in the game.

And even when they finally activate sea towers, taking a ship is still easier than making one.

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Perhaps, but as Ub3r has stated, there will be no changes to Ships/Sea Towers during InDev, so the Sea Towers may not even be activated until after Launch.

That is why I am approaching the rest of InDev is a casual manner, offering Ships to those who may just want one, or to Clans who may feel they could use one for the final melee for Holdings before Launch.

And apparently, there are a few.

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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How many ships do you have in your bank now? :O

Re: Shadowfell Shipyard
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Just 1, my personal Yacht.  The SS Windowlicker.

I have the Ship MODs already made up and craft Ship types "On demand".
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