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You didnt read the only paragraph? It says this is not directly attributed to global warming , that just increases the probability that it will happen but these things still happen (so instead of a 100 year storm it becomes a 20 year storm but they still happen without the warming, propabilites just increase)

I was referring to the story he linked and quoted from more than just the parts he posted.  For example:
Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria flattened numerous Caribbean islands, submerged Houston, broke rainfall and tropical cyclone intensity records and has left an estimated 94 percent of Puerto Rico without power nearly three weeks after Maria's landing. It has left the world wondering if the devastation witnessed in 2017 will become more frequent as humans' greenhouse gas emissions continue to warm the globe.

Tallying up the lost life and property and the toll of the human suffering from the unprecedented 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, the devastating Western wildfire season and the year's long list of other disasters is dizzying, illustrating the personal and economic effects of climate change.

The incompetence of the government on Puerto Rico has to shoulder a fair amount of the blame for how bad the situation has become there. The electric there is a public owned (government owned) utility. The government and the utility in Puerto Rico are broke.  Puerto Rico's debt-plagued power grid was on life support long before hurricanes wiped it out. (LA Times) Also in Florida, as a resident I know, the state has taken taken the lead on having a plan and supplies to restore power. Man power and supplies are moved in place as the hurricane approaches. The power companies also do the same thing. The private power company where I live had 98% outage in my county after Irma and had power restored in a week without the army doing it.  But in the days after September 20, when Hurricane Maria strafed Puerto Rico, Prepa's money troubles made it "almost impossible" to pay the large contracts required to bring in other states' power companies to help restore the grid, said José E. Sánchez, a director with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the head of the task force to restore power in Puerto Rico. (NY Times) So Puerto Rico is relying on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and US taxpayers to come in and bail them out. Ironically Puerto Ricans do not have to pay federal income taxes because the US doesn't require territories to pay income taxes.  It is also ironic how little blame the local governments there get for the situation in our media here in the US. Stories, the one in the OP is a good example, look to mostly blame global warming or the federal response for the situation there. The local governments and the people that elected them share alot of the blame.

From the story in the OP,
unprecedented 2017 Atlantic hurricane season
,and later in that story
10--Number of consecutive Atlantic storms that have developed into hurricanes, the first time that has happened since 1893.
I rest my case, there may be some truth in some opinions expressed in the story and the cherry picked facts are true, but it is very biased toward an agenda.
I just think their new communication person is a little inept....
Probably that intern...
I just think their new communication person is a little inept....
The lack urgency and communication between patches is what really uninspires players, that drop off after a patch dropping where perhaps it didn't have everything you wanted and the devs now think they can go on holiday for a few weeks and stop conversing with the community teasing what's soon to come etc, really kills any ambition to continue testing when the patches that drop don't even have any actual content changes of value that makes you want to play, since it's srill the same shit we been playing for 8 years, just with a few mechnical tweaks here and there, no actual ground breaking gameplay changes that make fresh or fun to play again.

I would submit that one of the reasons rust continues to thrive is patch frequency and weekly dev blogs. Even when I'm not actively playing I an trafficking their website and reddit.
Yes, Ub3rgames reminds me of Aventurine with their sporadic communication. They appear unable to do a fort nite or weekly update on progress, perhaps they believe that's the smart thing to do if the progress is slow and limited within the weeks but if you want people to test your game actively before it releases you need far more interaction between player and developers then there has been over the last year. It's alright appearing active for a couple weeks and releasing some videos, dropping a patch and redesigning the website but then to go quiet again for the rest of the month what is it all worth, this is exactly what adventurine would do every 3-6 months and look what happened to them.

Ub3rgames however is in a fortunate position where his game is not released and this is not only an indev ingame but for there company on how to conduct and grow there business so they can learn from these mistakes over the past year and change them.. atleast one can come hope they can do this since every time I've had interactions with Ub3r I believe him to be a genuine guy with good intentions.

Just my thoughts
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when mylina does the winky emoji it's a tell tale sign he's triggered af

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Your last paragraph is a worthy argument, and a lengthy one better had over beers than the internet, imo... but basically it's an argument about allocation of resources, who should determine that, etc.
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How did you get 0 losses though, if he's killed you?
Does the game know if a player got assists?
Could we get actual KDA ratios then?!?!?

KDA mean jack shit as I don't even think it counts ganks or maybe it only counts ganks not sure.

Thing is we've never had an even fight with gohan where I've been on the losing side only outnumbered wins for us as the videos have shown and gohan knows this.

Actually I lie I will give him the benefit of the doubt he 3v3d me jack and Gil outside marithain once.

To be fair, i dont think anybody said Hillary did nothing wrong.
They simply failed to prosecute her because the law states it has to be done with intent.
They couldnt prove intent, beyond reasonable doubt, which let her "off" the hook.

Its retarded as fuck that it happend, for sure. But this is comparing the US justice  system to scientific rigor.
I understand both are made up of rules, and people are involved. And maybe some of the scientists are wording it in such a way to make matters seem more pressing.

But on the one hand, you have an individual who fucked up and wanted to become president.
On the other hand, if there's an underreaction society as we know it is fucked.

Maybe a bad president CAN have the same outcome...but you'd expect better guidance from the people working around him/her? so it doesnt go that far.

Ill just end with the same statement i ended with last time.
Even if the climate change isnt caused by humans. Wouldnt you want to invest in potentially preserving humanity and society as we know it? Shouldnt we behave with the utmost responsibility for the generations to come...
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How did you get 0 losses though, if he's killed you?
Does the game know if a player got assists?
Could we get actual KDA ratios then?!?!?