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General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Nuyur -
You can literally make anything and remember the password long enough to activate.
After that, who cares...
(also, did you know your browser can remember passwords and usernames, so really...its quite simple)

As for sending a message....
I understand banning them would give a better first impression of the boards. But if you actually bother to read it a few times in a week you will find one of these negative posts and at that point you begin to wonder howmuch is censord.

You need a CM to guide the forum into a healthy envoirment, with not only the tools and permissions...but also an hour or two every (other) week to discuss things with the devs that came up in the forum. Because people want answers at some point, not just a reply.

The dev's clearly dont have the time to do this, because it would be an hour or two a day minimum, but somebody who knows the game a bit and can give the standard responses and can get a discussion to a place where arguements and logic are applied to problems would be usefull. At that point he could take the distilled feedback in his (bi)weekly meeting and get the dev PoV on it.
He can then couple that back on the forums, all with the understanding that the CM isnt a real dev that makes decisions so his statements do not carry the same weight as uber's ofc.
General Discussion / Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
Last post by Rimamok -
There's no question they've implanted some changes that were poorly thought out, or poorly executed.  But I have to violently disagree, this version is VASTLY better than 2009 DFO.

This is not a matter of fact, this is very much a matter of personal preferences
General Discussion / Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
Last post by withoutshame -
So many of them just stupid changes that made Darkfall a worse experience to play.  If they had done no work and just released it how the game was before, we would probably be in exactly the same position now.  So many "we are genius's, this will totally work" changes that have backfired spectacularly.
General Discussion / Re: New Dawn in a nutshell.
Last post by Alberton -
Its funny how easily we forget what has been done.

Weapons bar (Patch 1)
Hotbar revamps (Patch 1)
Multi slots (Patch 3.6)
Generic physical abilities (Patch 1)
Fizzles have been removed (Patch 2.4)
Item selection system (Patch 3.8b)
Inventory items can be sorted by pressing the U key (patch 3.3)
Items in a grave can be automatically looted but have a timer based on weight (Patch 3.8b)
There is now an item comparison framework. For example, ... (Patch 3.2)
You can hold down the attack button to auto attack in melee (Patch 3.2)
Expanded view options field (patch 3.3)
We stabilized the sheathing/unsheathing mechanic to be automatic (Patch 3.6)
You can now press alternate use to equip harvesting tools and start harvesting (Patch 3.6)
Map markers and full text search (Patch 3.9)
Increased game feedback (Patch 3.10)
New tutorial framework (Patch 3.10)
Rework of durability losses (Patch 3.13)
Dynamic tombstones and monster death polish (Patch 3.13)
Show quest markers on map (Patch 4.00)
Auto unlock of abilities (Patch 4.00)
Removal of basic crafting tools (Patch 5.00)

Removal of all global diplomatic announcements (Patch 2.4)
Village control point rework step 1 (Patch 3.0)
Village control point rework step 2 (Patch 3.13)
Vulnerability windows for holdings (Patch 3.13)
Clan meditation system and upkeep costs for holdings (Patch 3.13)

Added meditation reward to all quests & removed gold purchase of meditation points (Patch 1)
Added new meditation sources to the game (Patch 3.0)
Front loading and diminishing returns (Patch 1.4)
Removed most of the useless passive skills (Patch 1)
Shared cooldowns (Patch 1)
Made movement more fluid and balanced bunny hopping (Patch 1)
Smoothed out skills pre-requisite and placed all advanced schools at the same unlocking tier. (Patch 2.2)
First step of the PvE engagement system (Patch 2.5)
Linked abilities (Patch 2.5)
Ability magnitude and monster difficulty increase the XP gains (Patch 3.1)
Encumbrance impacts displacement effects. (patch 3.3)
Balanced reach on all melee weapons (patch 3.3)
Spawn scaling core mechanics (Patch 3.4)
Hunt quests revamp (Patch 3.4)
Power hour (Patch 3.7)
Gear power gap reduction (Patch 3.9)
Armor traits (Patch 3.9)
Switched most self buffs to toggle buffs (Patch 3.9)
Removed destroyers and other melee perks (Patch 3.9a)
Charged up rays (Patch 3.11)
Timed blocking (Patch 3.12)
The Great Magic Overhaul (Patch 3.13)
Monster AI improvements step 1 (Patch 4.00)
Streamlining of mage progression (Patch 5.00)
Rework of crafting XP gains (Patch 5.00)
Title system (Patch 6.00)

Removal of most forms of instant travels (Patch 1)
Essential housing upgrades can now be crafted or purchased (Patch 3.2)
Mount sprinting step 1 (Patch 3.3)
Quests give rewards based on alignment and last bad action (Patch 1)
First iteration of the engagement system (Patch 3.3)
Alignment gains from praying will have a cost that permanently increases (Patch 3.3)
War declarations now have a cost related to both clan sizes (Patch 3.3)
Spawn scaling (Patch 3.4)
New musics have been added to the game (Patch 3.6)
Tailoring mastery (Patch 3.9)
Mount inventories (Patch 3.11)
Distance based harvesting (Patch 3.10)
Market places (Patch 5.00)
The loot table apocalypse (Patch 6.00)
The Crafting Renaissance (Patch 5.00)
Local banking with global gold (Patch 6.00)
Engagement system step 2 and anti griefing fixes (Patch 6.00)

Performances upgrades (Patch 2)
Reduced the lag caused by text in the interface (Patch 3.1)
Fixed many historic memory leaks (Patch 3.9)
Fixed water logging (Patch 2.6)
Monsters will now warn GMs when unable to fight back (Patch 2.6)
Displacement effects now work in all directions (Patch 3.2)
Fixed an historic bug that made some races and genders not have the desired reach (Patch 3.3)
An input warp after casting spells has been removed (Patch 3.5)
"Game feel" improvements (Patch 3.8b)
Legacy item recovery system (Patch 3.9a)
Performances improvements step 2 (Patch 3.13)
Operation screenshakes (Patch 3.13)
Collision system improvements step 1 (Patch 3.13)
Another performance pass (Patch 4.00)
First wave of graphical improvements (Patch 4.00)

General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Rimamok -
Plus, if you ban email addresses, then to make a new DND account, they'd need to go through the hassle of making a new email account.  You wouldn't stop the mentally disturbed ones who would keep coming back, but you'd probably get 3/4 of them not willing to bother.
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Hyld -
Its not hard to ban somebody.
Its also not hard to make a new account.

Moderating is more than just banning a few accounts and calling it a day

Indeed...but for readers to see a few poor cretins openly  using the same account over and over to spout their negligible garbage is a very visible sign of surrendering to petty thugs.

SIGNS are as important as content if not more.

Banning cretins would have been an important sign.

Honestly I am biased but it is very fustrating to see Rust sold over 5 million copies. Compared to DF,  the PvP is such a trash and clunky but millions still play it. What if they got a taste of DF combat.

RoA and DND together sold around 20,000 copies. Even if you add up all DFO, DFUW, RoA, DND box price plus subscription it won't be anywhere near Rust.

Rust revenue
5 million x $30 = $150,000,000 revenue.

Ub3rgames will still argue about subscription when 95% of the players leaves the game after 3 months and will not bring any revenue in subscription model. If they marketed as B2P the base  population would have been so much higher. Remember how they planned to increase  the price after launch lol. Turn this into B2P officially before it all gone.
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Nuyur -
Its not hard to ban somebody.
Its also not hard to make a new account.

Moderating is more than just banning a few accounts and calling it a day
General Discussion / Re: Poll: Should we moderate the forums?
Last post by Hyld -
I speculate that one of the possible explanations of Ub3rgames' silence on the forum is that they have released how it has been basically abandoned by the overwhelming majority of decent people and is now little more than a toxic playground for the demented Seronys/BlackmeatBrainKilled types...but seriously, how difficult would have been banning these noilfer cretins? We prayed for it many times...

General Discussion / Re: ded
Last post by SomeBK -
Love it @Raap

Fairy tale ass being a pretty sound proof echo chamber couldn't be a closer metaphor to the truth.

Territorial banking connected by watch towers and making ALL marketplaces connected with taxation based on distance would be a step in the right direction.

I can give a flying fuck if it's a form of transporting goods across the world without risk since the gold sink coupled with it would actually start to make gold worth it.

Do my above idea and eradicate AltFall and see what happens. I can guarantee you that alone would at least bring people back to try it out since TravelFall will be less taxing due to their banks being connected