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Not gaining alignment from praying

There's currently a bug where praying at an alter will not gain alignment.
I cant figure it out, as all my clannies whos not full alignment is getting alignemnt trough praying and this seems like a bug only affecting me.
I'm a dwarf
I have had bugs in indev which has only affected my character before so i'm wondering if this is an endless curse upon me,

Any ideas?

Re: Not gaining alignment from praying
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Need more information.
Tell us what you did and what happened. Maybe you just did something somewhere wrong? (not standing close enough, not enough gold, not enough time since last praying etc) If not, then definetly a bug and we need Ub3rgames.
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Re: Not gaining alignment from praying
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Weird question but:
Do you spam F on the altar when trying to pray?
We have had a case where too many request just placed praying on cooldown without any of the gain.

Do you get any messages in the system chat when you attempt to pray? Do you get any animation or gold taken?
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