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Enchanting Title?
I'm new to DND and wanted to take up Enchanting. I don't see a title that is for Enchanters. The only title that talks about it is Alchemy which says that you can enchant objects. I have Alchemy Title but when I go to the Enchanting Ring nothing will go into the boxes. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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Id like to see more titles 4 sure but i also would like 1 extra slot specifically for crafting/harvesting

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Enchanting is untitled but is limited by what crafting titles you have. You can only enchant an item in which you have the title gate opened to make +15 levels, so if you had 100 enchanting 100 weapon smithing and weapon smith title at 1 , you couldnt enchant anything, but at title level 15 you could enchant r0 weapons up to q5.

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Thank you Mycke!!!
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