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We had in our recruitment Evil and other races. When this rogue flagging thing happened, we changed our settings to Good and Alfar only. It didn't fix the rogue flagging thing over 48 hours of waiting. Also, other members in our clan didn't go rogue so that confused me as to why this would be.
Guides and Player Help / Character flagged Rogue
I was outside of Bel Melek when suddenly my character was marked as Rogue. I logged into my crafting alt and it was marked as Rogue too.  Anyone know anything about this?
Guides and Player Help / Re: Enchanting Title?
Thank you Mycke!!!
Guides and Player Help / Enchanting Title?
I'm new to DND and wanted to take up Enchanting. I don't see a title that is for Enchanters. The only title that talks about it is Alchemy which says that you can enchant objects. I have Alchemy Title but when I go to the Enchanting Ring nothing will go into the boxes. Can someone point me in the right direction please?