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Re: PvP Tips and Q&A
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For sprint: I use toggle, which I press frequently, saving stam is priority. No need to waste stam when strafing. I use Left Alt for the toggle. This is an easy key for my thumb to hit!

Practice in duels whenever you can. Unbind Jump (Spacebar) for practice, if you have a problem jumping all the time. Jumping cost loads of Stamina, and should be used wisely. So many people struggle to keep their stats up by wasting Stamina.

You should always be doing something in a fight. Don't just charge at your opponent with your sword out: Transfer, heal, do damage or heal your team m8s. So many people I've fought in DND, just charge at me, most of them are out of range and swing needlessly, doing that wastes loads of Stamina!

Always look to duel players better players than you, and different players. Just because you're A and you can beat B and B beats C, doesn't mean you will beat C.

Keybindings is half the fight. Make sure you can hit all key skills & spells without your finger leaving W, incorporate mouse and macro software to help, and utilise the ingame UI system!

Practice makes perfect. Build that muscle memory!        
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Re: PvP Tips and Q&A
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To be fair, stats and gear seem to make the most difference. Lately I have been doing some duels with clan mates, my character is relatively underdeveloped, all stats below 60 except quickness, weapon masteries in the 30s.

What I notice is that the damage difference for hits is huge. Stats and gear difference combined I am talking about 8/10 points of damage difference (this difference means I am dealing nearly half their damage at times). Coupled with 60 less hp, you go down much, much faster. This is not to say skill doesn't play a part, definitely does, but the rest plays a big part as well.