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General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by L4Mf -
The night time ruby and green snow ones look terrible, rest is better; Less depressing.
Ub3r masterplan: make Nippleheim liveable by making it the new Yssam... cos u know, green is good :D
Media Highlight / Re: Moherah Siege
Last post by clottbott -
seems like the advantages of both groups in different terrain led to interesting strategic choices.
this sounds like a positive thing to me.
No, as always it led to the same stupid shit - comehithering people. This spell scratched "interesting strategic choices" off darkfall.

thats a reason that titles have specific options - come hiter is an example that only high-spec mages should be able to use, and not everybody. This spell is too op that everybody should be able to use it.
You can't just say something like that, if it's too OP everyone will just spec into it anyway
Trade / Re: Trading for Q2 mats
Last post by Rimamok -
Sorry Kronik, I don't have either of those.

However, you reminded me that I do have some other Q4 mats for trade, so I've updated OP.
They should import hot girls with aids to serve as rape bait.
Then when the men show up to the hospitals with aids, just deport them as biological weapons.
General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by PENETRATOR -
You keep saying we need to follow technology...
Sure, let's start by optimizing the engine to use more than one/two CPU cores. Let's start by optimizing GPU calls, there's plenty of ways to do shadows without taxing hardware as much as Darkfall does it.

In Battlefield games (BC2 and forward) you do see why your hardware is taxed - graphics are stunning.
If we forced Shadows on in DF, it'd still be a mediocre looking game at best, while being pretty unplayable in large scale sieges even for people with modern computers.

I will say it once again - I am not against forcing shadows nor grass density. I am not even against increasing game system requirements.
But @Ub3rgames, being a for-profit company, do need to weight and consider costs and benefits of all actions.

I agree with everything you said!
Trade / Re: Trading for Q2 mats
Last post by Kronikall Redeye -
WTS 200 q2 corpseflesh.. do you have any dragon scales or q4 bone ?
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Let's Discuss RoA
Last post by Sup Dude -
I hope you keep the same name when you play ND so I know who to grief.  CUIG buddy.
Good luck , landing you my house if you ever manage to do so
Finally decided.

thanks for move to NYC.
General Discussion / Re: Shader Change with Patch 4.0
Last post by VoQeles -
this whole argument can be summed up by the fact these people so into graphics are here waiting for Darkfall to launch, which didn't even have top graphics when it was released in the first place. It's really not that important people still play runescape and I had more fun in that game then any of those over the top realistic gfx games which I never found interesting in the first place. I come here to game, not live in some virtual simulator. Like, there's many reasons why LoL was more successful than DotA, and party of it is that the graphics are cartoony instead of realistic.

as for shadows, honestly if the game performance was better I'd love to have shadows that was part of the original promise, that stealth in this game was a thing but people quickly realized about load lag and gamma / shader settings so.. You know it's a process, hopefully we will see the full potential of this game.
The Quran teaches men the correct way to strike women when they attempt to be equal.  Normally I would say to judge people on an individual level, but it's in the fucking Brown Bible. 

I am no expert of the Quran (not the Bible for that matter) nor feel a specific urge to defend it (the witty and knowledgeable Swing would have done a great job in this), however there is always a lot of whataboutery and cherry picking when a person, a group. a religion etc is under the spotlight, even if for good reasons.

"Equal" to what? There is nothing equal, we are all different, people within a sex, sexes within a race/species and so on, religions between humanity etc.  Yes we do have "similarities", but they do not make us (mathematically) equal. We might be brothers and sisters (and in a way also with every animal and, in an evolutionary sense, also with any plant and even with the materia that forms the universe, as Brian Cox would remind us), but the differences are there for a reason.

Having said this, I am no fan of any mass immigration of a fairly different culture/religion/ethnic group etc to any country as it has always ended up creating ghettos and undermining the host fact most countries in the world recognize this and actively and forcefully protect their borders, however the west seems to have been sleepwalked into disregarding its own laws and even inviting millions of heterogenic people to rush in. However not all European countries have been fooled...

Hungary credits razor wire border fence for almost 100 percent drop in illegal migration

Obviously defending its sovereignty means that Hungary goes on the blacklist of the Soros puppeteer-ed EU and all the lefty "humanitarian" ngo's that he and other usurers fund for a very callous agenda.