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General Discussion / Re: Harvesting 'zones'
Distances based harvesting evolution:
Fishing, chaos chests and treasure maps are now part of the distance base mechanic.
The calculation of the distance has been reworked to be a more accurate heatmap of how "civilized" a location is.
A location surrounded with many banks and guard towers will be lower, while a location close to only a single wilderness bank will be better, even if closer to the bank.
The center area of the map is now considered a wasteland that isn't appealing for harvesting.

Don't understand why, but center map is intentionally nerfed.

edit: maybe @Ub3rgames can explain why, I wouldve thought it would be a great spot for high risk and high reward gathering.
I believe they only remained because of a bug meaning that some people who had the specializations were stuck with it and remaining on the vendor was a way to manually remove it, Ub3r confirmed at launch this workaround won't be needed so it will be removed.
General Discussion / Re: Meditation carry over
As much as Ub3r would like a % of players to start away from the starter areas, I believe most, if not all, will still want to do the starter quests to build up their bank at Launch.

As well as having easy access to meditation with starter quests and dungeon quests on the mainland, safe to access and likely much more utilized markets, more convenient early racial pvp, access to crafting stations, NPCs for regs/arrows, etc. At least for the first few days unless we get some significant changes, I wouldn't expect a lot of people to be away from the NPC cities full time unless they're comfortable spending a lot of time in a nearby chaos city and have a solid plan for early progression.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Unholy Sithras

Have an Unholy Sithra that registers hits, and increases Sithra mastery, but which does no damage.

I'll be that guy, are you sure the mob isn't immune to unholy damage?
Welcome back DX :)
The assumption that villages are low level entry pvp is wrong. Villages will most of the time be capped by clan that owns holding ?

Care to bet ?

With local banking, and particularly if they buff village rewards like they talked about with interesting and worthwhile loot drops, yeah clans who are well positioned around it are gonna go for it every single time.
Villages are not linked to conquest for a reason.
They are meant for the majority of players that do not benefit from siege protection due to not having access to a holding.
There are 97 holdings in the game. Even if they were all manned by a 30 actives clan, that's only 2 910 subscribers.
What are the others supposed to do?
If I believed that villages were not linked to conquest I wouldn't have said anything, but the people saying there may be an issue have a valid point, with such limited sources of gaining meditation, villages are an important part of the conquest (or post-conquest) system. You want to give people the option to start from their player holdings instead of the NPC cities using their carry-over 100K meditation points as a starter, but if you ignore villages, look at the fact there's no questing on outer continents (even in the dungeons), things start to look like meditation, as what is now an inherently conquest-linked system, is heavily targeting certain playstyles and totally ignoring others.
A world segregated by timezones is not an option.
As long as you discard that goal, you will be missing the point.

...they say after implementing siege protection timers to incentive clans to focus on recruiting within their own timezones...
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Alt tab issue
An update in case it helps, I happened to notice while I was running two accounts today that both were impacted by this bug at the same time, and when it passed both accounts returned to normal at the same time. Duration was 1-2 minutes each time, occurred 3 times in the hour I was playing, system utilization appeared as normal - CPU/memory/disk/network.
General Discussion / Re: Discussion: Patch 5.0
How about a flat 10 percent fee upon sale, half payed by buyer and half by seller, with only 1 week duration. If an item doesn't sell after a week,  or seller cancels listing early, seller pays full 10 percent.  Give a 20 min window to cancel for free after initial listing.

Really though, the opportunity cost lost by having one of your 25 slots ate up for a week should be enough to discourage overpriced listings

Prefer we don't punish sellers for an item not selling, discourages selling in the less populated market areas and we go back to the vast majority of sales happening in one place. Agree that if the slots are staying limited, it should take care of itself.

OK not really, Vim for life, but it seemed the appropriate response.
By later this year i meant literally as in sometime in the next 12 months. Likely in summer or November I follow the tech literally daily
Never mind that makes more sense, I thought you were looking at something for launch.

I'm just building a pimp one for fun
Always the most valid reason  :))
Also, I think having fast roads will allow racial allies to respond to griefers more effectively. You could even consider making road speed buffs a blue-racial alignment territory buff.

Please no, reds are going to get fucked enough, lets not reduce their mobility.
I get 65-70 ms from sweden so i dont think they will get 70 from east cost NA

What kind of FPS u get with that rig @5ghz?
In flaming skull i get 170 fps with shadows on and 250 with no shadows, and out doing some quests in the wilderness is about 350-400 no shadows and 300ish with.


And are your graphics settings up moderately high or on low?

Thats pretty impressive if so

I'm interested in seeing how the latest hardware and game improvements actually affect performance in sieges

I'm planning a new ridiculous Darkfall build later this year with a 9700k 8core if they can hit 5ghz like Coffeelake. Goal is to be able to actually stream a siege on delay and still maintain as close to 144fps as possible @1080p

You're not getting a 9700K later this year, or even the platform to run it on considering most rumors are pointing to it being a coffee lake refresh (9th gen) on Z390 (unreleased) with no backwards compatibility to Z370 - it's possible but I certainly wouldn't count on it. Z390 was originally planned for 2H 2018, now maybe being pushed up to 1H 2018, but generally that implies Q2. I wouldn't plan on knowing anything concrete until CES 2018, and even then I would expect maybe an announcement, but not a release.

With darkfalls CPU utilization heavily targeting single core performance, with appropriately balancing the streaming on the virtually unused cores, would an 8700K not be plenty to do 1080p streaming with, even using H264 CPU encoding on OBS at a really nice quality?
Media Highlights / Re: Oh, no no no noooooooooooo!
Nice fights Mantra.

Seeing so many burdens flying on both sides makes me wanna cry though.