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Yeah but it had terrible performance I remember a siege at alberworth right before I quit and not long after this video if im not mistaken (and was a good part of the reason I did quit) where in a 40-50 v 40-50 peoples entire bodies were disappearing and just disembodied heads and arms were running around. I remember one like some months earlier where there were multi second server lags (at Vint I think it was) that everyone was experiencing.,with a fight maybe 50-75 vs 50-75.
Uw looked amazing from that video...
Graphics were about the only thing UW had in its favor.
The entire presentation of that video was well done.
From graphics, to pvp, to pve, to ships. I'm just commenting that the video really impressed me
What does stack is piecing and arrow since arrow is a sub of piercing, it goes up/down when piercing goes up/down, but you can then specifically buff/debuff arrow too.
Here is a video i just recorded showing the earthquake bug.
If you look at the system chat, there are two moments (it seems to me whenever i am in a specific spot) when i am not getting any dmg, then if i move a bit, i start getting damaged again as it should be.
Bolt is the only spell that will over ride what your default spell is attached to the button-staff combo. This is because almost all spells are cast once and there's a cool down where is with bolt you tend to want to be able to use that multiple times is my thinking on why they set up like that.
Actually it is all spells with no cooldown that behave like that, so even heal others/sacrifice and a totally uncharged ray do the same
Uw looked amazing from that video...
Graphics were about the only thing UW had in its favor.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Server Maintenance kicking me from Chosen Bindspot
Last post by Ktorr -
As my chosen Bindspot, my character is bound to a Player Holding to a Clan that is allied,
but after every Maintenance he is kicked from this bindspot.

My alt is bound to an NPC City but is not kicked after server maintenance.
As a general rule:
Buff and enchant never stack, only the stronger instance will be active.

Important/weird side info:
If your Attribute is at 100 (Str/Dex/etc), enchant that boosts that attribute will not work. Buffing you will still work. Sushi will also work.