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General Discussion / Re: Ub3rgames - Status
Last post by SupremeBeing -
As a quick update after today's appointment:
It is less bad than expected.

The person in charge of the liquidation seems willing to help resolve the situation.
In the short term, all former debts are frozen, and all new expenses regarding running the business can be paid.
It just has to go through supervision and a plan has to be formulated to work on the frozen debt while not creating new ones.
Appeal may not even be necessary, as this new plan seems far more desirable. Further meetings will occur on Thursday and the coming weeks.

However, for the players, there should be almost no changes.
The server will continue to run, we'll continue our work on the game, however we'll have to start being "greedy" at some point.
After Thursday's meeting we'll know how soon that will be. At the very least the paid race change is planned for next patch.

Thank you all for your patience and calm during these few days of uncertainty.

We'll address your comment in a few days, once time permits. We're trying to catch up lost time this issue caused us.
However, we wanted to already thank you for your effort, especially if you hate communicating.
" a few days "

then a week passes

still nothing


pathelogical liars

actions always speak louder then words and there actions are atrocious as in the lack of them matching there words

what a JOKE!
@raap @Ub3rgames
Edit- and subscriptions are never coming back, they clearly stated they're going to be moving to a FreePlay model without using the words free to play

The debt is real.
It was a debt that could be absorbed with only a few months of subs, and we were gearing up for that thanks to the recent activity growth

I get it now. All along i thought you were more and more retarded. Like you eat a nightly bowl of paint chips.
But you are one of the greatest trolls at the sacrifice for your reputation.


Gj ivar. Trolled us all for so long. I won't even get into the rest of the stupidity of your post because it's now obvious you're trolling and trying to derail.

I was referring to paid monthly subscriptions in the currently advertised form on their website( even tho it is inactive) you fucking reject........

@Pallist Horror as usual, you need somebody to draw you a fucking picture in crayon on how F2P models with a cash shop and game time tokens work (aka game time subscription for the really retarded) . Since Ub3rgames has stated repeatedly ~just like your quote ~ they have been working on a F2P model with GTT like this for awhile now and will get out as soon as possible.

/thanks for the constructive response lol jesus.
I was referring to his suggestion to only being able to make top tier items on one craft, and then lose one tier for each additional craft added. Everyone needs top tier of everything, so ul need one alt for every craft to get top tier gear, instead of one crafter making top tier in up to 5.
I'm not seeing this "more alts" concern hold merit. Employing subscriptions coupled with the mentioned changes will remove a lot of the "mandatory" feeling of alts.

Alts would still be useful, yes. But most people won't sub two accounts if it costs them money, when they can be self reliant within their clans using their mains and a good distribution of who does which crafting skill.

Alts cannot be made completely irrelevant, without also harming that small portion of "dedicated crafter mains". Fixing alts and not harming those rare players is simply mutually exclusive with the current title system. My proposition is the best possible middle ground short term solution, everything else requires a fundamental specialization system revamp, and Ub3rgames just doesn't have time for that.
A 6th industry slot will just be skinning on most toons and do none of the things you think it will.
Very debatable, and ultimately a matter of tuning. This would not be a roadblock towards implementation of recommended specifications.

Anyhow, I know we're all salty as fuck right now. Let's not beat a dead horse.

I just wish @Ub3rgames could come out of hiding and at least state their stance on this.
Their stance is they don't know.
They made a last minute change from their original design of 5+1.
Now how do they back out of this jam after people invested in alts with 5 crafting titles and enchanting?

Wild already pointed out allowing the 5 to also be crafting would just result in alts with more crafting ability.
So long as these 5 slots can be either crafting or combat, it's altfall.

Put a skill limit on crafting per player. So if i take 5 creating titles, i can make r40 of each and nothing better. Jack off all, master of none.
1 crafting  you can level to max (points left over)
2 crafting, 1 max and 1 r60
3 crafting, 3 r60
4 crafting, 4 r50
5 crafting, 5 r40

Not thought out, just elaborating basic idea.

Again, this will cause more alts than ever. Every clan wants the very best of everything, in multiples
I play as a crafter, first and foremost. Do some pve and very little pvp, but would if I did go in a larger clan. Most suggestions mean I would have to just leave darkfall. I am also not alone in this. I like the Darkfall world, I like playing in the midst of the turmoil, offering what a lot of people need and helping new players get started.  Lets not destroy crafting completely, and requiring me to go and use some clan city benches in order to keep the capital and new player cities as stocked as I can is kinda backward. There are multiple playstyles, and crafters, pve'ers are till valid. I just choose to do it in a full look game, same as I did in Mortal online.
Okay clearly retarded....

I'm retarded when following your logic.
General Discussion / Re: How to fix the forums
Last post by makaveli -
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I apologize to anyone that has to read my bile, I'm putting guy on ignore now (if it is possible) and that should clean up the forum at least a little bit. If any new players happen to stumble upon this forum and are wondering why I am behaving like a dick: this is why
Could you not sell the enchanting mats if you just looted them, instead of tickling them off a gravestone with an invisible knife permanently stored in your rectum?

I guess you are unclear on the concepts, by having skinning title and getting more mats than others on average it allows me to farm and sell at a rate that seems even better to those who dont have it and by removing skinning title or letting everyone have it, removes my margin.
Ok, great, so you want everyone to suffer by not having a 6th slot, so that you, and only you, can have your tombstone carving niche market margins?