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Re: Guard Towers
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A player city should give a sense of security, but not from zap towers. 

Many walls are easily scaled with launch and/or climbing nearby terrain.  If walls actually did their purpose then the need for towers diminishes. 

We get system messages already which say when a player enters/leaves, no need to pinpoint an infiltrator with zaps if they make it over the walls.  We should have to hunt them down. 

I am slightly biased though because I enjoy hit and run tactics, and sneaking around dangerous places like enemy player cities.  Creeping from building to building, avoiding line of sight, etc...  I die alot doing this but it's so damn fun.

I'm not sure how effective zap towers are for sieges, though.  They have their uses but I just dislike the whole auto attack by an NPC around player cities thing.  It's immersion breaking, to me at least. 

Just my 2 cents!

Re: Guard Towers
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How about zap towers, that do very low damage maybe 1-5 per zap, with no player operating them. However, they do more damage when a player with gun powder or some type of ammo operates them?  The player aims the zap tower or at least has a few buttons that can either sound a city alarm, zap all enemies button with a cooldown?

Re: Guard Towers
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I love the idea of some type of automated defense system, I think the NPC City Zap towers are great and all, but I think we should have something different for Player Owned area's. I think a useful compromise would be to have more of utility towers, such as towers that provide shielding to Walls,  repair small amounts of wall durability during non-siege times, reveal trespassing players within a certain proximity of the Tower, or even have one that shoots a low powered heal to friendly players. I think the towers could provide a lot of new challenges and defenses to player owned areas.

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Re: Guard Towers
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With Arcane Jewelry. I am actually surprised to see this thread,
Arcane Jewelry, (which drives demand for Jewelry Crafter's and the mats), I would have thought that City Zap Towers
were more of an annoyance.

Did I miss something ..... ?

Re: Guard Towers
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I like zap towers.  It forces attackers to risk slightly more gear than the defenders (arcane jewellery).  And gives defenders a nice little audible and visual indicator of where the attackers are.

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Re: Guard Towers
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I've always thought it'd be cool to have npc guards that you have to hire, gear up, and possibly train.  Gives more of a city feeling and would let people do something about the protection.  Would have to make them give no skill and probably not lootable. Would be a nice gold sink and give some use to lower end armor.

Re: Guard Towers
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leave towers. god forbid an attacker has to risk something.
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Re: Guard Towers
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I hate guard towers for their sound and because they make being sneaky bit tricky.

Some sort of protection should be possible in a city. I think with 2016 computers and internet we should look again into the option of  NPC Guard hirelings.. Would be great to have some varangian guard patrolling on your wall, sometimes you could find a murdered one and ring the alarm and so on.

Also Cities should get a giant Gong that you could ring in case of alarm.
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Re: Guard Towers
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Remove guard towers, and replace them with wandering NPC guards that can be killed (no loot drop). 

BAM, problem solved.

Re: Guard Towers
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Remove guard towers, and replace them with wandering NPC guards that can be killed (no loot drop). 

BAM, problem solved.

BAM, massive serverload and lag.
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Re: Guard Towers
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Devs said player cities will have anti-scale magic on the walls if some sort of generator is built or fed or whatever.

As pointed out, a few pieces of jewelry nullify zap damage. So... Why damage at all? Make it more creative maybe? Maybe allow towers to be upgraded with different effects (didn't think this through yet...)?
Maybe level one is a beacon tower. It's the ingame version of a guard shouting and putting a spot light on enemies. Make the rate of fire slow so not every invader is marked, more of a warning.
Maybe a level two increases beacon fire rate? Or also zaps.
Three, change damage type from zap to one of a few choices so arcane jewelry is the standard requirement? You can scout an enemy trying to see what tower damage type is and prepare different jewelry based on it.
Once tower is zap, another is fire ray. People with different jewelry would try and fight near towers they protect themselves against.

Don't know, just typing thoughts
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Re: Guard Towers
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The only problem i have is that daily pvp/raid groups can not destroy the tower.
There should be a fairly easy way to disable the towers for some time imo.