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Two things ND needs to be better than Darkfall Online.
Since DFO launch I played almost nothing else for 2 years and very happy to hear this game is in production. I never played Unholy Wars, however, because after the much unappreciated wipe came that all the horrible forum dwellers were asking for, I felt the AV devs were terribly incompetent when it came to managing and fixing their game.

From my perspective, the two biggest game-killers for me were a lack of diminishing returns on macroing, and instant-cast rays.

Diminishing returns when hitting the same target is vital to curb the effects of macroing and exploits. Diminishing returns refers to the diminished gains when hitting the same target(s) repeatedly. This also encourages and rewards players who do PVE, bringing them out into the world.

Instant cast rays were something that was later implemented into the game that took player skill out of the game and made aim-bots very viable.

Previously, all ranged attacks had charge time and flight time and it was necessary to lead your target and make predictions based on target trajectory and flight time, so aim bots had little effect. For me as a competitive gamer, this was one of the greatest things about Darkfall. A shooter without aim-bots. Rays with a charging time were situationally effective. With the introduction of instant-cast rays, however, aimbotters became empowered. A rational argument could be made that skilled aimbotters with multiple insta rays became the dominant playstyle at the time.

Before instant cast rays, when you were running away from someone, you were able to hear arrows being knocked and spells being charged up, so even if you had your back to your enemy, you were able to have some idea of predicting when they were about to fire, and so you could potentially dodge their shot if your timing was right. With the introduction of instant-cast rays, this element of player skill was also removed.

Please, no instant cast rays.  Make all projectiles have flight time or charge time and require some leading to make aimbots irrelevant.

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Re: Two things ND needs to be better than Darkfall Online.
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As far I know ub3rgames already considered those diminishing returns on mobs, not only in regard of macroing but also to discourage the use of extra low level weapons which otherwise got used often to not kill the mob but instead just grind skills on it or even exploit/macro the same mob like you said. Let's hope they really gonna implement that.

Regarding instant rays I don't know myself whats their stance on that. Just that I hated the massive spamm of them where people chain shotted it with macros or whatelse, kinda always thought why the hell is there no global cooldown on that.
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Re: Two things ND needs to be better than Darkfall Online.
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Diminishing skill up returns are considered but may not be the solution you expect to be.
We are adding skill up modifiers based on difficulty of the fight. Modifiers that will also make self buffs and heals level faster in active gameplay.
This means we need to find another solution that handles both attacking and support related abilities.

With spawn scaling and a general buff for PvE, being conservative against monsters will be a threat as monsters start piling up, are individually stronger and start using better teamplay.

In short, we are making the most efficient way to skill up be fighting against harder monsters and the only way to do it effectively to give it your best.
It should reduce the impression of grind while making the game more social and more challenging. Which for most players should be more fun.

On instant cast rays we agree and have multiple planed solutions.
First is a small cast time followed by automatic release. This should throw off some aimbots and make the rest detectable server side.

And the second solution is to make all instant cast rays share cooldowns so that it is no longer necessary to raise all of them, and not possible to spam them in such a burst.

We will also be adding optional perks for rays. The player can chose the nearly instant cast, or a variant that reverts the spell back to original launch with a cast time similar to a bolt but with instant travel, or a third variant that is a channelled cast. Imagine sith lord lightning or aflamethrower.

We believe these changes will reduce the possibility for cheats, reduce the purpose of cheating and make rays a more interesting feature overall.
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Re: Two things ND needs to be better than Darkfall Online.
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Running in the opposite direction and getting a ray on your back while unaware was the most annoying thing for me. You hear  when someone is about to shoot an arrow, but you can never hear or see a ray coming. Instant rays don't belong in a skillful quick reaction based game like DFO.

good post.

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Re: Two things ND needs to be better than Darkfall Online.
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And the second solution is to make all instant cast rays share cooldowns [...]

This will solve immediately the matter and is the best solution to the ray scripting spamfest.
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