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Back wear slot.
Coming off a suggestion somebody in the DF UW forum made, i think it would be a good idea to add some back-wears.
At the same time, they should all hold a trade-off; i don't want players to feel forced to wear something on their back so they should all be considered as utilities. In other words, wearing nothing on your back should always remain the best option.

Here's my list, but as always, you guys can help me fill it up.

-Turtle shells: +Blocks back damage bonus. -Slows your movement down.

-Back-pack: +A lot more space in your inventory. -unable to take it off unless you visit a bank, safe or chess on a boat. -you gain +100 encumbrance. It should never replace or be as good as the caravan system.

-Wings: +You fall back down slowly while in mid-air. -You fall back down slowly while in mid-air which mean that you become an easy target everytime you jump or get knocked-up.

-Tail: +blocks fall damage completely. -your tail is a hit-box or back hits hurts even more. - Unable to jump consecutively to prevent bunny hop + fall-damage immunity.

-Enhanceable cape: +can be enhanced. -All based attributes reduced similar to Ominous drain's debuff from the witch-craft school.
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Re: Back wear slot.
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This would be a MAYBE, but so low priority we can't really add anything to the discussion.
We don't have any immediate objections to the concept, except that we have already enough on our plate.

One thing to note is that when/if we consider this back slot, we would focus on "low fantasy" things. Do not expect wings or tails. But backpacks, magical capes and even animal pelts are possible. Perhaps just as cosmetic things initially, then expanded to act like jewels do, with their own sets of enchants.

We'll add this to our list of "to-design" things, and you can keep on suggesting things on this subject, but do not expect it until at least 2 years down the road.
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