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Re: Infinite progression
We have plans for high end food resources being obtained through hunting. The traps feature would be the first technical hurdle to pass until, down the line, an entire hunting sub-game gets implemented.
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Re: Infinite progression
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We have played games with similar concepts in the past, which is why we know that diminishing returns on stats and skills  are a viable solution to the power gap while keeping the long term progression.
For the infinite aspect, we have some limited skill decay on gank that should help keep long term players interested in the PvE aspect of the game while balancing the risk vs. reward ration between players.
We view the grind as a tool to create interactions and desirable behaviors.

Our title system also helps player narrow down their playstyle with boons and drawbacks, which should alleviate power gap issues and time to viability length.
The Darkfall: New Dawn Dev Team.

Re: Infinite progression
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There's nothing more discouraging when playing a game than becoming maxed out and reaching the end of the game. When there's no need to collect money or get more levels the game just starts becoming stale really fast and everything starts to lose sense. I used to play this game called Tibia which had infinite progression and it was great feature. It was easy to reach a decent level but from there on every level was just progressively harder and harder, and as the higher you would get you could take months just to acquire one level more. It didn't really matter that it was so slow because it was much better than reaching a cap and the reason to go out and level was never lost. Also, money was always required to be able to hunt and level so the reason to collect money wasn't lost either. They had the perfect vicious circle for players to play for years and never get bored.

I believe that the level progression curve can be tweaked in the way that new players can become decent and competitive relatively fast, but long old players should always be able to become a little bit stronger and have a little bit of an edge over new players.

Pretty much everything you've just said is what's going to be in the game.
-Diminishing returns
-Many gold sinks to keep the gold grind ever present
-There will be things called "Balance Betas" that Ub3rgames wants to create to find a 60/40 winning split between Experienced players in high-level gear and Average players in average gear. 

Re: Infinite progression
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Someone in the DF forum made a great suggestion based on this. While becoming pvp viable and maxed should not be a problem, it does not mean pve should become so easy in a short amount of time.

What i mean is, even if you become maxed under 1 month, there should be a complete separated level system for pve only. So a bad pvp player who dedicates most of his time in pve should eventually become more efficient in pve since that's mostly what he do. Not only with knowledge on how to kill things, but with specific skills strictly made for PVE that do not level while using a skill, but only per kills and faster based on what you can kill.

Runescape has something similar. Basically, you need to level your dungeoning skill in order to be able to reach secret area's.
''Allows players to progress further down the dungeons of Daemonheim, unlocking access to exclusive weapons, treasures, monsters, and areas. Relies on all non-member skills in F2P and all skills in P2P. Gives rewards only accessible through
-There's also the Slayer skill for that.
''Allows players to kill certain monsters using tactics not used in normal combat. Useful in raising combat skills. Has the potential to give very rewarding drops unique to slayer monsters. It is also helpful for killing the Avatar of Destruction and Avatar of Creation in the minigame Soul Wars''.
An example of that is the slayer quest that involves killing a vampire. You just need a pike and few garlics. It's a newb quest.
-And Hunter skill:
Allows players to track, net, deadfall, snare, and trap animals for their hides, abilities and treasures. Some of the animals caught can be used in other skills. For example, Red Chinchompa and Salamanders can be used as a ranging weapon.

I like RS for the fact that it feels like it has infinite progression and so much things to do, but at the same time, i hate it because it's just a browser game with basic combat.

Re: Infinite progression
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We have plans for high end food resources being obtained through hunting. The traps feature would be the first technical hurdle to pass until, down the line, an entire hunting sub-game gets implemented.
Absolutely no ETA on that though. Just concepts.

We do not wish to separate PvE from PvP skills.
We hope to improve PvE encounters to be interesting and challenging enough to be a proper preparation for PvP.

An issue we anticipate is that diminishing returns will make low end monsters obsolete very fast. The title system may do the same for medium end monsters.

We will monitor monster TTK during early InDev so that we can adjust monster difficulty as we implement the spawn scaling mechanic.
This should help balance loot, skillups and difficulty all around.

The second phase of InDev will have multiple mock launches to help us balance the economy and player progression speed.
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