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InDev was infinitely more fun than live.

Who would have thought that all the game needed was a few performance increases and qol fixes to thrive.

The game needed more sand, not a new sandpit.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: Duel vs Avast SomeBK
How the fuck does it take 3 days to have a duel?

Both of you man up and get this shit done and out the way.
General Discussion / Re: I'M MAD fix this!
Combat has never been this bad, It's honestly depressing how dumbed down and stale the combat is in its current state.

InDev with the performance increases was a fantastic experience, but compared to that, Live is atrocious.

The spells / interactions which made the game unique and fun have been butchered if not removed / locked out.

Seriously, the title system fucked the combat up the same as the 'Combat Upgrade' did to Star War Galaxies (Which never recovered and was ruined as a result after they doubled down on unpopular changes with the NGE).
General Discussion / Re: post your titles)

veteran brawler

Moderate this cesspool please.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Shipyard
A harbor does nothing at all, may as well just sit on the mods to build the harbor + shipyard in one go.
Bugs & Feedbacks / Re: Fair criticism
If DFO code was easy to work with AV probably wouldnt have abandoned it and moved to UW.

Don't kid yourself, UW was just bastardized DFO code with a new shader.
I thought you needed GMs help to place the siege stone for that particular hamlet because of how far the nearest land masses are

That was "fixed" in indev when they increased the placing distance.
Furghum is still my holding FYI.
#1 swedishes in the game!, except for pain killers swedishes, they're #0!.
Suggestions / Re: Burn gold for med points
it must be tied to an action otherwise the whole meditation points system would be of little use and we could also make gold directly available for meditation, so, just give us traders some med points when we sell something on the market, this could be a great incentive for everyone to list more on the markets.

List a ton of items at stupid prices,

buy items on an alt,

get med points on your main, losing 10% listing value - effectively buying med pts for money.
Suggestions / New Regeneration Spells Colouring
The red overlay makes it just look like all the spells are disabled on the hotbar, it's not a good look.
We noticed the same thing when ever we raid mines with Donkey, he's barely got mining leveled (just from raiding player mines with us) but gets over double the amount of rare ores that we do with 50+ mining.
I never felt the need to have a second account on World of Warcraft to compete in high end raids.