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Title Improvements
Titles as they are currently do not go far enough in creating specialized characters and move sufficiently away from the old flawed Darkfall where the game encourages players to level everything. It's also unnecessarily punitive against builds combing magic and melee. Here's a few ideas to improve Titles.

1. Weapon Titles and Magic School Titles no longer give penalties to other Titles held by the character, but give double the penalty they currently have to those things not Titled.  Example: Fire, Necro, combo, GS, Skinning, would have no Title penalties to Fire, Necro, and GS keeping the full 6 potency to each, but would now have -12 (from -6) potency to other magic schools and melee weapons, and -8 to archery (from -4)

2. Potent Mage, Sniper, Brawler and similar Titles have both their bonus and penalty increased, perhaps by 50%.

3. Due to the changes in 1 and 2 the max possible damage would be increased. To compensate for this reduce the potency bonus from Armor Traits.

4. Bone Armor changed to give potency bonus to Titled melee and magic, but gives nothing to skills that are not Titled by the character wearing the bone armor. Split mana/stam regen.

5. Titles become much more important to secondary magic effects.

6. At least one more spell locked behind each magic school.

Re: Title Improvements
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Scrap titles as they are. UW had it right, be able to put X amount of skills on hotbar, less issue for people wanting to bind everything, even if they never use it. Else the perception of 'I can't bind all my spells' will never go away.
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