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Re: With no monthly income how will DnD survive??
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They both work/worked In IT before DnD. I'd wager the servers are on their computers at their own premises. I reckon server upkeep is not as expensive given the fact.

That said I think they are simply unhappy with how the launch and lack of core features went. They can only apologise (which they have for lack of some features), and not charge us to play which they seem not to be doing at the moment.

Nothing else they can or should do other than continue their work and spill us out more patches!!  :D

This in itself shows how much of an idiot you are. Only an idiot would host their own servers to save pennies. Have you not watched Silicon Valley? It might be a comedy tv show but that shit is on point.

Nice and mature to start throwing insults around. Iirc they both worked in network programming before, so why the fuck not host their own servers? I'd still wager that's exactly what they do and also the main reason the server stayed in Paris.

Because of a few things. I don't know about Paris but I know USA has a lot of zoning laws that restrict this from happening. Also with the cost of utilities and the fact you're maintaining your own servers instead of spending that time developing, it's not worth the cost. Getting servers is relatively cheap.
Next time you post @Otoan try and actually know what your talking about or at least try and pretend