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Re: Laborer title has to go!
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I agree on ditching labourer, many more interesting options to play with.

As a workaround though, keep one title on rotation.
Use it for Laborer, Tamer, Light Armour (for dex suits for harvesting), Cook, Tailor
Unfortunately its one less title you have but at least you have flexibility.

Now - while we are talking about crafting.

My suggestion - make each craft take 3X as long, but with a guaranteed skill gain once you are at a certain point.

Let me explain with an example:
Say you have bowyer 75,
Bowyer 75-80 - on average 1 in 2 crafts gives a skill gain
Bowyer 80-85 - 3 in 4 crafts give a skill gain
Bowyer 85-90 - 7 in 8 crafts give a skill gain
Bowyer 90-100 - 100% chance of skill gain on craft

It is absolutely mental that skill gains reduce as you get better at crafting something, it should be the other way around.

As a compromise (as stated above) crafts should take 3x as long.
So effectively, you are not wasting so many mats on those final gains even though it may take a similar period of time. A much less masochistic method than the current one.

Unless of course the whole point of this game is to get people to stare at trees all day.
My bowyer is at 60 and it feels like an awful waste of my time to keep harvesting so much wood.
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Re: Laborer title has to go!
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I agree with the suggestion that only Laborers can refine rares.  I also think that the laborer title should give a 50% speed boost in refining speed.

I also love the idea of allowing anyone to make R20's. 

Re: Laborer title has to go!
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we should all smelt and have just one slot for crafting,this 2things can chance the Game