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Re: Political map?
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Politics don't exist as Maejohl said, Holdings are near worthless, sieging is stupidly expensive gg ub3r.

Siege are not expensive !
Wardeck might be but as we were told, a large guilde like us was about 500k of wardeck cost for a full week !
Siege are about 20k a shard and then the cost of siegestone with is nothing for a guild....

Stop with this bullshit.
Clan like your claim village drop way to much gold and sit on million of gold and yet you still saying that's.

By this time you would probly have build a full city, have ppl coming to find PvP at your door, siege some ppl for the fun of a war...

Face it, you choose to play into an NPC city and now your clan is dieing because of boredom and lazy way to play.

However the missing watchtower system is true and should be their first priority..

If you think claiming a city would save a clan from going inactive in this current game state, you're badly informed every alliance/clan is dropping in numbers claiming we're doing it wrong is just stupid, we could take a city, maybe build what needs to be built by afk harvesting whilst playing another game, then what? keep doing sieges for the sake of it? what incentive is their to that what purpose? as we've proven sieges are easy to abuse and I imagine that trend will not die in future sieges till Ub3r do something, so for now PoE it is.
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