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Steel Bones under new Managment
Some of you may know me as the Leader of the Steel Bones clan residing in Kvitstein/Vranghorn.  I have scrupulously avoided forum-fall for most of my gaming time and instead relied on in game tell or my clans discord to communicate with many clan leaders both friendly and hostile.

Earlier today I was removed from leadership in my clan by a coup, largely over issues of which clans we would allie or remain allied with, as such I am notifying other clans that they must pursue relations if any with the new leadership and I now have no influence on the direction of Steel Bones.

As my connection has always been terrible and my PC is a potato the raw game is quite dull for me, the meta-game of people and politics was what I played and this is over now.  Thus I see no reason to continue a subscription or even play the rest of the one I have.

To those who were innocent bystanders to this I wish you all the good gaming for years to come.  For those responsible I ask only that the clan be kept forever and always, DWARF ONLY.

To my knowledge no other clans or individuals outside of Steel Bones had any influence in these events and should not be held responsible, nor do I know who other then the new SG's who was or was not a part of the plot.  I assume they will announce themselves here or in another thread.  In either case this is my final message and I will not be debating the merits of their actions other then to say I consider it a personal betrayal.

Some folks have been casting aspersions upon Immortals due to the close timing of our trade of Aradoth to them and the coup.  I fully supported this city trade as Immortals had given it to us during inDev and I wished to return the favor, also they having just gone all Dwarf (it's not reflected in the Roster I know, its slow to update) I was very eager to see them in a proper Dwarf city and to secure an alliance with them.  So their ownership of Aradoth has my full blessing and they as a clan should be judged on their actions from this point forward not those of Steel Bones.

Also some posters listed Ceej Tank as on of the SG's, my last recollection is that he was also demoted and replaced with Sulmak.
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Lodrig Valinson - Deposed Supreme General of the Steel Bones

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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I feel so sorry for you genuinely when you told me about this. You were a good person, very humble and were dedicated to helping new players stay in the game.

It is a shame that this has happened. I hope you do not quit, the game needs more players like yourself that helps new players.

Plain and simple clan founders should not be able to be kicked or demoted by anyone in the clan.

Please can Uber games add something to the game to not allow founders to be demoted or kicked.

I hope you reconsider Lodrig and make a new clan, you were and are a great leader for the Dwarfs.

I am sure your loyal members will follow you.
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Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Its realy a shame to what happened to you Lodrig, you were a kind person helping the new players and giving them a home.

The game will take a big hit with you gone, i realy hope you reconsidering but i can see where your coming from, sadly.

Your were truely the King of the Dwarfs in this game and the faction will never be the same.

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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This is a shame. You've done great things for the Dwarfs and helped so many new players have fun with the game. I hate to see you leave and truly hope you reconsider.

You will forever be the true King of the Dwarfs!

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Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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dad diks is looking for bros

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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I can 100% validate this as I was there in the discord as an alliance member just before this took place.

Lodrig is a very good guy, and always around to help new members of his clan which he put A LOT of effort into building up. He was also very helpful as an alliance member with alliance assistance and general support to friendlies in the area.

Due to this outrage. CODE has dropped Steel Bones as an ally since the "new management" takeover. Steel Bones is no longer the clan they use to be under this new leadership, and are going in a completely different direction then was intended by the true original SG. Things will go sour one way or another.  This is just a simple fact. Mostly due to the outrageous mindset of their new main SG.

Sorry to hear you go. As I stated on discord, you always have our backing, and if you choose to start another clan, or even integrate into our clan. You are more then welcome to join us!

For anyone that was recruited by Lodrig and disagrees with the direction of new leadership. You are more then welcome to reach out to me. We will take you in and assist you in anyway we can!
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Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Everybody should take a long look at the current SG's of Steel Bones now and keep a long memory of their names
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Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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^ Bring back battle saints :D

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Good luck Lodrig, you will be missed.
I dueled him once and was in control first half of the fight and then food buff wore out and not noticing lost, so he did win but hes by no means any better a player than I.

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Haldir Hardy,   Ceej Tank,   Brumnod Broadbeard, 
These are the guys responsible. Keep these names in mind.
Steel Bones should get no love from this game and any clan that accepts these players shouldn't either. Seriously I've seen some messed up stuff happen in this game but this probably the worst yet. Lodrig was probably the sole reason why a lot of new players stayed in game. If people like him keep getting fucked over by people like this the game will suffer for it.

The question is what are we going to do about it?
What are we as a community willing to put up with?

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Just wanna poke my nose in this drama. Brumnod is this guy that previous went by Jew Bear. He's actually not all there mentally. Kind of surprised he was able to pull something like this, though.

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Kvit shall fall.

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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Thats real shitty man. Ive been a clan founder a few times in a few games and its definitely an investment of blood sweat and tears. Ive never had a coup, but i imagine it would be emotionally painful to lose so much time and effort and care invested.

Maybe take a break and fuck around solo for a bit... but consider starting a new clan and call for any loyal to the old style to come with you. It seems you have a lot of friends around who would help you. You would end up with a stronger, tighter core membership you could trust and a new, revitalized purpose.

Idk u, but it seems the community is vouching for u here. I can't speak for my clan, im just a member, but if u start a new clan i'll come help u siege kvit as an individual ;)

in the meantime i'll keep an eye out for the fuckbois and opportunities to grief them. Haldir Hardy, Ceej Tank, Brumnod Broadbeard, see ya around ;)
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Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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No pure Dwarf clan can succeed without Lodrig as their leader. The guy has done phenomenal work in indev and now.

Bamm Bamm you idiot what are you doing?

Re: Steel Bones under new Managment
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So what actually happened?

I thought the clan owner could not be kicked by another SG? Or is this more of AVs amazing UI design.

If it's the latter then Lodrig can form a new clan called The Real Steel Bones. And those who want to can move and join him.
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