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Actual Global Gold
I love this game from the first day, even if it's not getting any younger. 8 years ago in DFO I used to say, this game is 10 years ahead of its competition because of the technology / net code alone. Time to get us further ahead again.

I suggest for the next point on your roadmap to change it from global gold to "actual global gold":

=> Make the gold of every character in game tradeable worldwide with the blockchain technology.

How this works depends a bit on the blockchain you use, with Ethereum here is how it could function:

A new smart contract on ethereum needs to be coded, possibly implementing the ERC20 token standard. Lets call the token "DND Gold" for now. Only Ub3rgames has the key to create / mint new tokens or destroy / burn existing tokens as contract functions, the circulating supply starts at 0.

On the Account management Website or in the Journal you are displayed an ethereum deposit address. As soon as this address receives "DND Gold"-tokens (+ a few ethereum confirmations) it will appear as gold in your bank.
Then there is a separate text box where you can enter an ethereum receive address to transfer a certain amount of gold out of the game to a user controlled ethereum wallet. Ub3rgames sends you the "DND Gold"-Tokens to your ethereum address, minus some transaction fees.
Every gold coin converted into the game or out of the game into a token would be recorded on the blockchain, easy to view for everybody.

This is pretty much the technical part... The other part is the economics.
The DND Token could be traded on decentralized exchanges like EtherDelta or others. It would have a market value and automatically compete against 1000+ cryptocurrencies with very low inflation rates (BTC, XMR) or stable supply tokens like the Golem or even deflationary tokens like ICN.

But since the token has unique utility it will have a value, as can be seen for alot of games on gold sellers sites like playerauctions.
The gold / item / account market is surprisingly big and there is not really anything you can do against it as a game publisher. Buyers and sellers will find each other somehow.

So the gold sellers / farmers in Darkfall would propably switch to the DND Gold token, because it has a market value and can be traded for any other cryptocurrency and sold for dollar almost instantly without any counterparty risk (the magic of cryptocurrencies). The problem with this is, it would not only attract attention from the gold farmers but also from the cryptocurrency community. Which would lead to a pumped up DND Gold market price in the short term and a hype phase (read: free marketing  :D ) This could lead to an influx of new gold farmers to DND inflating the market price of DND Gold.
But Ub3rgames would have the numbers of how much gold is leaving / entering agon and can take % fees as gold sink aswell. A weekly/monthly limit of how much gold you can send to the blockchain could even prevent professionals from controlling the market. And regular gamers could propably still earn a few dollars (in cryptocurrency) a week with playing DND.

Afaik this should not have any legal relevance for Ub3rgames, since it is just converting between in game currency and cryptocurrency - both not subject to regulation in any country?

Actual global gold opens up alot of new possiblities for the future. This is a great way to monetize a MMO in the future. The first projects are already out there, but most abuse their token as financing / crowdfunding instrument for development.

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"Our title system is an expansion of the titles in the same spirit than the destroyer title. These will NOT be classes and will be completely optional."

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Tldr: let us buy drugs with darkfall gold

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how Venezuelans survive by playing Runescape and Cryptocurrency

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Yes, let's support RMT in Darkfall and possibly hide shady business.

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Yes, let's support RMT in Darkfall and possibly hide shady business.
There is a difference in supporting shady RMT businesses and disrupting them. I expect this change might lead to a few thousand new players mostly interessted in pve/trading. It wont be overrun by chinese farmers and bots over night, since there is still the subscription price and the full loot aspect of the game.
Darkfall New Dawn with its unique features would have good chances to become a pioneer in the new blockchain gaming scene. Please consider this @Ub3rgames

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I asked GM Marc about this suggestion while doing a race change. The answer is, they are not considering this - so I will lock this thread for good.
The opportunity window is closing now anyways, other game companys are starting to do exactly what I suggested.