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Restore Darkfall: New Dawn setup by using files from previous install
This is quick information for anyone who reinstalled their Windows and have previous game files backed up and want to re-install the game without needing to re-download everything. Following this guide will make sure that you have a working and valid install as only restoring files is NOT enough.

1. Make sure you have a copy of previous Darkfall: New Dawn saved somewhere separately (e.g. D:\backup\DarkfallNewDawn\)
2. Download latest installer for Launcher (check for latest link). At the time of this post you can use this link:
3. Run the installer and install Darkfall: New Dawn launcher in the directory of your liking (e.g. C:\Games\DarkfallNewDawn). This step is important as installer makes sure that dependencies, required to run Darkfall: New Dawn are installed (required version of DirectX + VC Redist) + all the required registry entries are setup.
4. Run the Launcher and login. The game launcher should start patching. You can interrupt it at this point and close it.
5. Open directory where you installed Darkfall: New Dawn launcher (e.g. C:\Games\DarkfallNewDawn). Copy all the files from your backup directory (e.g. D:\backup\DarkfallNewDawn) to where the launcher was installed.
6. Important! Do this before starting Darkfall: New Dawn! Open folder where Darkfall: New Dawn is installed (e.g. C:\Games\DarkfallNewDawn), then open data folder and delete state.sfs file. This will make sure that the launcher will revalidate all the files to make sure everything is working intact.

- In case you get **Patching Failed**, try running the game as administrator. If that helps, it means your directory permissions are screwed up and your user is likely not able to write to Darkfall: New Dawn setup folder.
- In case your hotkeys (bindings) are lost and you have saved files in %appdata%\Roaming directory, you can follow this guide:,5387.0.html
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