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Re: New Players are you lost? Checkout these videos
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I'm absolutely new to darkfall series
How critical are difference between current date "start" and video version ?

New players should just follow starter quest lines - beginning at the counselor at each starter city. The difficulty and rewards quickly ramp up, they do not take too much time, and they'll give you general idea about the world and gameplay.

Some things were changed rather recently, after the videos were made: You need choose title "Cook" to cook anything - you basically cannot craft anything without choosing related title from "Titles" menu. And you don't need any gathering or crafting tools anymore - just press "G" on resource or crafting station. The banks are not linked anymore - each one works as separate storage. Most skills / spells unlock automatically after leveling up - you no longer need to buy them from fighter / mage. There are not many things you can buy from NPC vendors anymore - but you can buy many more things from other players through local marketplaces, which you'll find in all towns.

Re: New Players are you lost? Checkout these videos
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Not sure what you are asking, but those videos are critically different compared to today.  Much of the information is useless due to the many changes in this game.  For example: you now start with all magic schools and the basic spell of the school, in this case... rend from greater magic.  The video says to raise lesser magic to unlock greater magic so you can then buy rend. Another example: you don't have to go to mage npc to buy spells, they are now instantly granted as you raise your magic schools.  Yet another example: you don't buy tools anymore, you always have the tools you need at all times.

Let's hope someone takes the time to make new videos like this for Darkfall: New Dawn.

Re: New Players are you lost? Checkout these videos
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Pinned on top of this forum for all to see. Enjoy!

@Ub3rgames please unpin this post. These videos I posted are no longer accurate with release version of DND