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Trade / Re: WTS Q3 Bile
Last post by Hartsia -
hi whats ur pirce on 200 q3 bile ?
Hint: everyone interessted in pvp will end up having red alt clans or just red alt in general to use for PvP build, likely some FOTM build. Some people probably already have a couple to test builds or just for.the fun of it. You want some bang - login to one of the PK alts.

RvR wont ever work like RPers dreamed anyway.
Suggestions / Re: city nodes or populated world
Last post by Azmoodeus -
Because players need more than the content of one node per day if they want to progress/supply themselves.
The clan node are a convenience, but they still need to go out and find more.

Perhaps the current maximum of the nodes is too high, as it seems people have a hard time finding the nodes with similar/better output than clan nodes, but there is more efficiency in looking at the clan node, then empty more surrounding nodes, and even more efficiency by going to some of the "cold spots" on the heat map.

Note also that the game still needs more destruction to occur. More wars and conflict, but also dura losses on gank.
For now, we've had a rather passive period of leveling up and stock piling. Nodes, both clan and wild, should increase in value.

Specific point of interests, like a supply chain to raid, is something interesting.
Right now there is no actual risks due to the presence within the holding, but once it will take a few minutes to bring back the node resources, it will be another story.

That's why we're talking about houses, people might not have realized it, but the nodes you can add to a house behaves exactly like a clan node, albeit smaller.
It is potentially very valuable if all houses in a village has one up. Especially for wood.
Problem is with houses the rarity of silverbirches and stuff. I've probably seen maybe 1 in trade chat?
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
Last post by double -
I'd like to sign up Wam Wam & Wam Wam . thank you
Events / Re: 2 vs 2 Tournament
Last post by SupremeBeing -
Sign up me and sirtl kye

Well that pretty much kills this tourney right there ;)
ooo that cringey old man ass licking right der

I am pretty sure everyone that has any clue was probably thinking the same thing, but you being clueless and all, well...
when you think you know, but you don't
Trade / Re: WTS Cbay & Kryzerok - WTB midmap holding
Last post by double -
I hear Mar Shral is for sale.
General Discussion / Re: Live Patch 1.3
Last post by Rimamok -
As long as you set a very clear and WELL-COMMUNICATED cap on what proportion of med points are safe from PvP, then it will calm the sheep. 

Eg 80% of med points are "safe", 20% are "conflict"
General Discussion / Re: Live Patch 1.3
Last post by double -
funny how people think if it doesnt happen to them it isnt possible. Like you cant go deep red Because if you pvp at villages you are grey. Yeah thats the only pvp in this game (Well it kinda is tbh). I went from +12 to -30 - -40 in 1 fight. Which happened outsider a village area after the village got capped. Am I supposed to just die and do nothing ? Tried going blue twice. cost me over 70k gold . back to -100 again Because its impossible for me to get back to blue once red. Im not the type of player (like 95% of us) who logs in everyday to just pray at a church for a month to go back blue and maybe be part of the blue thing again.  Everyone I know is red Because they cant get back to blue either Because the system is retarded atm. arac clans made it impossible to deal with. 1 simple thing shouldve been in at launch and that was the arac patch. you wouldnt have seen this many reds right now if it was. Those players wouldve been red by choice.  the reds who are red atm arent those.
General Discussion / Re: AMD vs. INTEL for DND ?
Last post by XiaN -
If that was the case, Bulldozer CPUs would have been good for DF, but they were and are not.

It's both IPC (instructions per clock) and frequency that matters. And since Darkfall can't use more than 1 core effectively, go for highest single-threaded performance.
Last few generations, that's been Intel, especially once the CPU was overclocked.

not entirely true. darkfall utilizes all of my 12 logical cores with 8 of them beeing at 82%-100% max load and the remaining 4 between 41% and 68%. its not perfect but considering how old the game is and how awful AV is at everything they ever done its suprisingly decent. in general AMD is ahead of Intel in terms of multithread operations but lacks behind in single core operations tho.

but yes clock speed matters alot. im currently running at 4.1 ghz and fps rarely drops below 150 even in big fights.
Suggestions / Re: Alternative Titleset
Last post by Mycke -
If they were to do this, they may aswell get rid of title leveling altogether. Otherwise what purpose does it serve.

Not that I'm against them getting rid of title levels.


The inactive titles wouldn't be leveled. It's literally the same as now except you get to have 5 titles not go down when you switch.

I wouldnt give 5, if anything maybe 2 slots one for non crafting that loses 10 when put in and freezes and one for crafting that loses 50 and freezes when put in.