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Also while we are at it, can we get rid of the floating effect that lingers from the air r50?
Lol seeing this post makes me think MO is in parallel universe than DND

man i cried of laughter, good find.
Events / Re: Human v Ork
Last post by Big Abbo -
i love this post, sums up DND in a nutshell.
the maddest part i rage over is carin has 0 herb bushes i cant get strawberries or blue berries for my fucking colored bag!!!!!!!!  FOOK!

i can give you some coloured bags, i made 215 for izkand xD

some means u want to give me 100.

you a excessive bag sorter hoarder too? you can have like 10-15 of each colour / type lol.
I've given a solid chance to 9/10 of the magic schools in DF ND.

Raw I would say is the worst of the bunch. Burden is good, but the duration is lackluster. Infliction isnt as bad, but honestly you're better off taking air and using toxic rain from infliction.

i chase down alfars with ym friends and when i got 10% hp good luck trying to catch me even on my newbie mage it aint happening.

When you have 10% HP good luck trying to catch you? You would literally be dead. I'd recognize your begone animation and you'd be going no where or I'd be right on top of you. Do you realize how fast people die when they are at 10% HP? What kind of bizarro world is Cairn that you think you are hopping away with 10% and actually getting way?
your right its a bad solo build, apparently i need to be wearing mostly bunnyhopping light gear too to get away, oh to be forced to play magefall endgame yet again, not what i want to play as which is a heavy tank... But apparently everyone says its a bad build now.
It's funny how there are various people telling you that if this is happening constantly to you but no one else, then probably is you making some errors and you translate that into "yeah you are right, you can't play heavy"....

I've seen no one telling you it is a bad build either, everyone just saying that you can't expect just to "i am heavy so i should be able to face any situation without any problem, even if i am alone and i am against 3 people".

As i told you earlier, you CAN'T have high protection and survavibility AND high movement together. It is called BALANCE.
If everyone had the same mobility then why anyone else would go with ligher armors then? You get more protection, more regeneration and same speed---> you have just made heavy armors totally unbalanced.

You want mobility? go light and be ready to die much faster
You want survavibility and tankiness? go heavy, but don't expect to have the same mobility

It is not a problem of one of them being better or worst, it is a matter of choices on what you prefer. But you can't surely have BOTH just because "i want to play heavy"

I am not asking to have everything when i got a infernal suit on im just asking for me being able to escape 2 maxxed out bunnyhoppers in robes or light armor with my 2 fast mounts, even if i run away early withotu ever engaging its already too late if they can see my name tags. This issue is the complaint about endgame bunnyhopping mechanics being too OP and faster than sprinting mounts and no bunnyhopper ever died from fall dmg hehehe
If they hop after you, they are almost dead. Turn and bang.

By mages being op, you mean air magic being op? Because Most magic schools in New Dawn are dog shit.

A Giant bone suit (mastery 1) takes about as much work as making an entire suit of infernal + weapons. The fact that you can gather everything from a mine is just imbalanced.

At some point you'll have to stop to think, how do I get better?

I am talkign about the endgame mage playstyle the guys with 400 hp/ 400 stam 428 mana, good luck trying to turn around and bang 2 low hp mages bunnyhopping, i chase down alfars with ym friends and when i got 10% hp good luck trying to catch me even on my newbie mage it aint happening.

I farm like a bunch of giant bone sets so easily i have yet to make a infernal suit because its basically useless and un needed attraction when i roll around solo my perferred playstyle, im not asking to win a 2 vs 1 just because i have infernal suits on i am asking is it ok for me to just escape endgame bunnyhoppers on my 2 fast mounts? Apparently its not since they bunnyhop faster than my mounts....
Bro is it ok if i try to escape on my 2 mounts at full hp? Apparently it isnt, because any players in robes or light armor can bunnyhop catch my ass on foot before i even get far enough where their spells wont reach. Does it matter i play solo what does that have to do with magic and bunnyhopping being faster than sprinting on mounts?

Most people can get away if they have 2 mounts. You can even have a 3rd that you don't pack up. Bunny hopping is faster for a short distance but then they would have to start statting back up or lose too much HP. Show me a clip of you failing to get away with 2 mounts. You're either mounting up when 3+ players are already on top of you or you are straight lining or cutting back and forth way too much (to the point they can catch up). You must also not be looking to go up slopes or putting any rocks/trees behind you.