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General Discussion / Re: AMD vs. INTEL for DND ?
Go with Intel for gaming . I regret purchasing the bulldozer 8370 I got it cheap for 100€ used with the Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 and I'll resell it once i get a i7 2600k or i5 2600k and keep the mainboard for my old Phenom II B50 x4

Unless you compile computer code or process large videos etc.. the Bulldozer cpu's ain't no good
Suggestions / Re: PVE suggestion
They added this late in dfuw lifespan and it was great. You also needed a key to open the chest dropped by the boss mob.
You had to kill a certain amount of mobs to make the boss appear in certain spots on the map


Map everyone could see when and where the boss spawned (this is a champion icon but same system used)
Fortunaly chat is rather dead at the moment (mahirim orks) but you can find a list of chat commands on this website

or type /help in chat or system tab to output the full list of game commands

For example
/say is local 300m public chat
/race is racial chat (blue)
/alliance racial alliance (blue)
/trade racial alliance trade chat (blue)
/chaosracial ? is for reds
Suggestions / Re: Laborer title has to go!
1 add weapons-armor up to r20? back to merchants and add mounts to stables  make them cost a high price so players still use marketplace/tradechat
2 allow everyone to craft up to r20? / craft basic mounts / refine ressources but with lower stats and higher ressource cost

I could live with this 2 suggestions

PS: add rare/very rare.. weapon/armor drops back to mobs!
Darkfall Unholy Wars did not have any alignment at all and neither race wars .
Here you can find many friendly blues who do not slaughter you once you leave "safe zone". Of course there are still reds jumping you on mob spawns when low on stats but thats the thrill many want and why we play this game.

For anyone interested heres a design document from aventurine for DFUW alignment
General Discussion / Re: New players
seriously what 3rd world country ISP throttles torrents? never heard of this happening ever here. infact most ISP´s let us choose routing between max download efficiency and lowest ping but neither will ever throttle your download speed  like that on any protocol ever.
Most Internet service providers in the US of A do it. In europe many big internet providers throttle after a certain bandwith is reached by using deep packet inspection.

To test connection to server

open command promt
"ping" / shows your roundtrip time
"tracert" / shows your routing to server
Suggestions / Re: timber harvest
Like Aralis mentioned the farther away you move from a bank the more output you get. But with the high weight of wood I never travel far to get wood. I only travel for higher yield for iron and herbs
Suggestions / Re: UI Design
i like the ui and it works we have bigger issues right now. As for graphical updates I think it is to time consuming rather see small additions like better lightning, fix performance issues (cities) shadow performance improvments and ambient sounds.
Darkfall Unholy wars had improved visuals yet it did not help the game keep it's playerbase

Darkfall Dynamic Environmental Sound System
Darkfall Environmental Sounds Teaser
Thank you for letting us know. I tried it today and I can say I really like some changes they did however i dislike just as many.

I really like the buff/debuff timers
Spawn scaling feels more natural (the faster you clear a spawn the faster they respawn) can get hard to loot tho
Many nice UI additions such as in the skill menu and crafting menu. You can also access the crafting recipes from the main menu (nice to check for required items)
Loot drops crude fine etc. very nice
The market is nice tho I wish you could see all sold 2h weapons for example instead of selecting the item one by one
Item counter on harvesting nodes (hp bar)
Cooking is improved with more recipes and new loot drops
Lootbag is a nice addition
You can see who owns hamlets/cities on the map

I dislike
tons of wildlife in cities
parry feels arkwards after playing new dawn very unresponsive
The music does not fit (mirdain lands) my opinion!
No way to organize loot in your bags or resize bags but the main bag (shift+item works somewhat but you cannot move to other bags)
not able to add a weapon to a spell like we can do here. Here i use one hotkey to cast transfers on roa i need to switch weapon then press hotkey
Way to fast harvesting
The gameclient seems to run less responsive then new dawns with same visual settings
Map is inferior as far as finding npcs, craftingstations and quest (overlaping text hard to read)
I do not have issues with annotations, but after a while the mob and npc markers bug out also the map makes the client lag loading new nearby mob markers

EDIT I have 10 annotations
Did you use any special characters in your annotations?
How many map annotations did you create?

Just guessing here what could have caused your issue.
Off-Topic Discussions / Re: How can she slap
All that white knights tho.
Suggestions / Re: Herbalism
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
But there is still the danger of picking up the goods and local banking.
that's right, I support 19 markets with reagents and mounts, but at slightly higher prices in the small markets. Nevertheless, people are happy to buy.

But I don't see that happening much in the future - you will all have to go to the capital every time.
Mounts and reagents always sell . Heck I would buy a mount for 3k if I can skip naked running
General Discussion / Re: Goodbye local market place
This change will basically kill all the markets but the main market for the region, they were in bad shape already, but this will kill them definitely and this feature will make itself obsolete.
Could you elaborate why you think it will kill the markets? As for Mahirim and Ork most markets but 3-4 are not used currently. Remote viewing and buy orders could fix this in my opinion (restocking) . You can also still sell at your price at remote markets unless someone wan't to buy a real large stack he prolly won't move far away to safe 100 gold

PS: Where are all the traders resuppling the markets with mounts right now?