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General Discussion / Re: Real news. Not a troll
If billing info / paypal ID / personal data gets leaked, GG devs lives.
Nuyur has only touched the surface of exploits still in game, I'm sure people like Raap know far more hear are a few i can think of which were still ingame after launch.

You can use any waterfall/lava to basically fly hack, want to transfer your whole bank? Fly above the sky where no one can see you, want to bug out the fire dragon and melee him down? lets gooo.

With the changes they made to bugging through the floor you can just fall through the floor with your bank on you ride along the floor to your destination, log in and log out and boom you are in your own city with your bank.

In dungeons you can log out in certain areas of geomtry and appear above ground without needing to go to portal.

In dungeons if you glitch outside the dungeon walls there are a lot of ledges where the world wasn't trimmed down correctly and you can sit behind one way walls and cast / kill mobs or even kill players.

You can still bug krakens so they cant hit back and stand still.

You can still ride along the sea floor on a mount.

You can still bug hill giants out on cairn (many other mobs) by standing above them on ledges/staircases.

There is a food bug you can get unlimited food buff (similar to old staff enchant bug which I believe is still replicatable if you know how)

Raptors you can still bug on Yssam so they cant fight back.

There are many spawns you can stand in certain locations and AFK cast and not die overnight while hitting mobs with a little effort to setup.

You can still bug bags to have zero KG but actually have your bank in them and run to a new city and put in bank and pull back out and you have your bank in new city with no slow down.

I'm 99% sure the bank everywhere bug using your bag is still in the game but very hard to replicate.

There still exists chaos chest finders.

Like I said, I'm sure someone like raap would know a lot more bugs but they are the ones that i can think of off top of my head which devs were all notified about in inDev.

Media Highlights / Re: memories
Can you give me a time frame window of when you think the game will shut down so I can come back and say "I told you so"?

15th November
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
i agree with rawr. If they do not want such kind of posts and rumors, they should speak to us atleast 1 time in 2 weeks. Than everybody will belive them not trolls. They never tryed to fight trolls, they only creating new ones by this stupid silence.

Why BlueIcle studio, 11 man team, have game in EA, with less amount of sold game copyes, less pop than DF ND, but they still communicate on daily basis in Discord and Forums? They answering players, making patches every 2weeks, even if not big, but still.

In same time this company is not speaking at all in monthes until they get provocated to that. They not doing any patches in month, even simple bug fixes. And still saying to us they have alot of work and they cant let themself to waste even 1h in 2 weeks to make 1 small post on forum? I do not belive in that. Marc trying to say us, that they only QA and coding, QA and coding, and they had 6 man team.

Do anybody know anyone else, except Marc? Do you saw anybody else? Do you saw other numbers somewhere else? No....

Even after liquidation update on french site it still said 2 man company....nor 4 not  6....2!

Lets be the honest the only real trolls on this forum is Pat under 15 alts, wildNothing & fnights, everyone else is pretty switched on, if they stopped posting on the forums because of 3 players then...
General Discussion / Re: Incoming game shut down.
The only reason I am not logging in actively anymore is because of the lack of communication. I don't know if it'll be wasted time to log in and actively play. I interpret the current situation as a bad omen, and therefore I don't want to risk my time being wasted grinding pixels that may disappear tomorrow. A status update at least could potentially change that opinion for me, and probably a lot of other players.

Their original response with "business as usual" doesn't seem trustworthy as it directly conflicts their behavior up until now; nothing has indicated that this is a business they consider serious, but more like a garage project for their CV. If I'm wrong, I mean no offense Marc. I truly appreciate the effort to pull DF out of the shitter, but come on - you really need the last remainder of your playerbase to be on your side. We are not the trolls anymore, they quit playing a long time ago. You can talk to us, and we can help you out. At the very least, we deserve to know what is going on. You're neck-deep in shit, we know that, so you don't have to play pretend with us.

This, the only reason I'm not playing is because theres no sense of progression, been left in the dark just like AV did to us for many years, if they want us to not post shit like this on the forums communicate with us, hiding in game and responding to GM_HELPs is pathetic if they can't post on their own forums on progression.

Patch was suppose to be end of September and it was in QA? Yeah no chance.

General Discussion / Incoming game shut down.
I only post in this graveyard with facts, game is unfortunately shutting down as soon as hosting runs out and the dev team have all left ub3rgames apart from Marc.

Marc now has to file bankruptcy as he is unable to pay the taxes they "didn't know they had to pay" and are in a lot of debt already to AV.

Source: Find out in 3 weeks time or if Marc has the balls to actually come clean on the forums and post for first time in 2 months.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Agon historians?
InDev was better.
Clan Discussions and Diplomacy / Re: Quarendel Siege
Dunnin been sitting in Eirnthel a few months too long, waiting for players to return to carry him and his clan if he thinks horde and FC + a handful of alfars is the entire server.

Correct me if I'm wrong but outside of Garbo Men and that Dwarf clan it is the entire server at one siege and that's shitty to admit. (Obviously rats/simiran were not there in full force and were not definitively on one side)

Gone are the days of 20+ clans fighting at same siege.
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
Horde/French connection are allied, anyone else were just randoms.

Not to be picky but explain 1:46, I know painkillers and scrubs were fighting with you anyway as I play WoW with most of them and were talking to them.
Media Highlights / Re: Quarendel Siege 1st video
Numbers aside, I'm unsure of the allies as I don't play but from what I saw direct allied were, pain killers, french connection, horde.

Were a number of rats and Simiran roaming a little heavy in hordes favour hitting us in the back a lot but they were also seen fighting horde at times too.

Was the first siege I've enjoyed since launch, winning a hamlet attack with local banking and the current siege system is insanely hard to do, you can literally just naked suicide push the siege stone for an hour and win a siege.
Questions and Answers / Re: champion spawn questions
That was my response.. golems & boss mobs, erodach isn't a boss its a red mob. Why would the patch notes not just say Red mobs? Can we get clarification @Ub3rgames

Why patch notes don't go in depth or nobody has tested this since it was released is beyond me does anyone play actively?
Media Highlights / Re: Rats vs GM at Inmak siege
Good video

In the future maybe consider uploading 1 video of a fight WITH ingame sounds and voice comms ONLY as well as your edited+music added version

When you can hear the sounds of spells its more immersive and even voice comms can add to the viewing experience

yes also searaven please consider to upload a black and white version, and a colorblind version
you should consider a upside down version and a backwards version
could you also do a spanish russian and french version
searaven you really should do a world of warcraft version
how about a mounted combat version
a DFUW version and a runescape version
if you could just make a commentary version and  a real life version
i didnt like the music you NEED to make a electronic music version and a muted version
love, cake

Not that farfetched a question IMO, I always prefer ingame sounds and voice comms, even though I think rats comms are in Polish? Or are they not Polish only clan any more
Questions and Answers / Re: champion spawn questions
Basicly yes, in larger volume spawns its sometimes off by 1 or 2 monsters...but thats minor with those spawn rates.
Leaving the spawn, meaning the monster wouldnt pop when the respawn is up, does reset it.
Leaving an alt does work, even when not engaged (last time i tried).

The system is...weird

Took me a few 1 hour gameplays to realise its flawed and how to bypass the flaws to make it work, just sit alts at spawns in un-hittable locations, don't know why the devs don't save the progress of a spawn to avoid another alt fall mechanic, but will they listen and change that? Doubt it.

Marc or GM's not even responding in game to bug reports, reported Erodach not spawning a champion after 7 kills? Spent 2 hours sitting down for 15 mins between 4 minute kills to find it not spawn a champion, very dodgy system that I'm guessing casuals have just accepted and not tested it?