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Herb Gathering on the Mainland is extremly unrewarding as of right now. ( 2 example screenshots attached) I tried several other locations with same result, unless you move to a remote island the main drops are bloody mandrakes.

I think the mandrake drop rate on the mainland is way to high considering herb gathering drops 7 items and iron only 2 and rarely a gem
Mounts on all chaosstones and npc cities (Add a stable with a npc selling mounts)
Add Basic gear up to R20 on merchants
Add Minor Potions for new players back

As for the price tag make it undesirable to buy from merchants like 5k for a mount 100 for a minor pot.
If I felt not attached to the Darkfall Universe I would have ragequit a few times allready doing the run of shame. No gear on most markets, a handfull of mounts on capitol market I think we need a way to atleast obtain basic gear if no crafter is around.
Suggestions / Coking recipes 25

Id like to see 2 new cooking recipes for skill level 25

Blueberrie Pie
Strawberrie Pie
Trade / [WOLFLANDS] WTS Dragon Shoulder Guards

Bugs & Feedbacks / Credits tab in the gamelauncher 404
It seems the credits tab in the gamelauncher throws a 404 [file not found].