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Staff crafting is now alchemy (again) and I wonder:

No alchemy/ staff craft mastery, okay, so the skill and ranks are a bit off, but like that?
The staff tiers are not in 10 step but in 20 lvl steps...isn't this pretty strange?
12 days running around with r0, then 12 days with r20, while other weapons are in 10 lvl steps? QQ

Progression title wise now is:

r0 - skill 1, title 1
r20 - skill 25, title 20 (12 days)
r40 - skill 50, title 40 (24 days)
r60 - skill 75, title 55
r80 - skill 100, title 70

Didn't find anything towards this topic but maybe I am blind.
Feels like i missed something tho. If not, is this an oversight? I checked starter cities and capitol NPCs(mirdain).

Currently there are no robes or any mage-ish armors available from NPCs. I know that there will be only r0 on NPCs, does this include mage armor?

Cloth armor is archer+melee+stam reg, chain is health and robes are magic but not from NPCs it seems.
Sure you can also wear any armor at r0, but every other play style gets bonuses while mage do not.

Crafting robes will be pretty slow because of the drop-only cloth. Additionally leather AND either Q2 bones (robe) or Q1 Claws.

Is this another disadvantage for mages or is there some sort of balance issue if mages could buy some sort of r0 armor?

A new episode of the "Sandbox Podcast" has been released yesterday.
Many questions about changes and features are being explained by Marc Thompson (from ub3rgames)

The Sandbox Podcast: Episode 105