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More Feedback / Suggestions from TheBetrayer
i play this game because it's full loot pvp but i would also like to play the game because it has a great crafting system, a good economy, and rewarding pve. game economics matter more than you think. i like to make gold just like most other people. making gold is a good reason to play a game if there are good things to buy like rare items and rare consumables.

corpses are blocking for 2-3 seconds after killing a mob please make corpses non-blocking

dont let a player mine or cut wood unless they have the laborer title.

bounties - put a price on someones head. make their head lootable.
pvp leader boards

/played command like world of warcraft (displays time spent in game). i would like to see the number of days i've played, please do not include time spent afk.

i would like to see game stats on the dnd website. i think it would be interesting and let everyone see how healthy the game is at any given time.
broken down by 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month, all time
players online
new players
gold looted
spells cast
time played
ore mined
timber mined
monsters killed
players killed
market transactions
arrows fired
spells cast
distance traveled
rare items dropped
items broken
items crafted
meditation points gained

now ill mention combat scaling issues again from my solo noob experience so far.

green mobs still arent easy for me even after lots of leveling, gearing up, and grinding mobs for 20+ hours. for example
im 70 archery with a ravenous bow and hobgoblins are so hard to kill and loot is no good, there is no reason why anyone would fight these vs skeleton warriors
i shouldnt need good armor for 'easy' mobs, i was recommended scale/plate for hobgoblins but that still wouldnt make them quick to kill it would just mean i have to do less healing after every spawn. a high skill level + good gear doesnt make mobs fast/easy to kill and i think this is a mistake. the game feels very much like a grind. 'easy' mobs should be easy and not take only 6-15% damage from a leveled/geared player.

i noticed acid arrow did a lot of damage to goblin warlords so i leveled it all day, seems like level 1 and 25 of the spell do the same % of damage. this is a scaling issue in my mind. i thought i'd be doing some serious damage with a leveled spell, like 20%+ instead its 1% higher (7%). this is a green/easy/starter mob btw. i feel like i wasted my whole day leveling that spell

can you share the monster stat data/spreedsheets with us? i'd like to offer up a solution to your pve scaling issues but dont have any data collection tools to compile the stats myself. ive been playing everyday for 10 days now and dont find pve to be very rewarding gameplay. i would like to see a damage calculator released so i dont have to test my dps myself. im losing faith in this game already because of my dps. i wouldnt even touch this game if it wasnt for the champion system.

from my noob perspective this game feels a lot like an elder scrolls game. which is a hugely successful franchise. i think you should try to get the pve game experience to be feeling closer to an elder scrolls game, which means easier to kill mobs for noobs and damage and health scaling that makes sense. constantly watching my status and running and firing regeneration spells all the time is not a fun game mechanic.

thanks for reading, please check my other posts if you haven't read them.
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Re: More Feedback / Suggestions from TheBetrayer
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At all tier levels of mobs there are some that are harder to kill and some that are easier and, to me at least, that is fine. It would be boring if all same tier mobs were equally strong and basically just a reskin of the same.
I like that there are differences in the different mobs strenght.
im 70 archery with a ravenous bow and hobgoblins are so hard to kill and loot is no good, there is no reason why anyone would fight these vs skeleton warriors
Sometimes you farm specific mobs for what they drop/skin even if they might not be the "best" one to skill on. There is a lot more than just "most efficent mob to kill" but you might not know it yet because the game is pretty cryptic and there is a lot of stuff you need to learn (and the game doesn't help in that :))

I disagree on you that high level skill + good gear doesn't make a does make a TON of difference having higher skill/stats and better equipment. Yes, it is different from other mmorpgs in the sense that you're not going from 10 dmg per hit at lv1 to 250dmg per hit at lv60....but you will increase your dmg consistently over time by leveling up your stats and skills and using better equipment.

A suggestion i can give you is, when you are afk or you can't play too actively for some time, mine or chop trees, even if you don't need the resources. It is a great way to increase pretty fast your str/vit stats which will give you more dmg, more stamina and more hp (i would go as far as suggesting you to use your power hours to gather in the first period just because of is the best way to raise those stats fast early on).

As for acid arrow, it is the same as for melee/bow will not see your dmg double/triple like in other mmoprgs but, by levelling your spell you are also increasing int (which will give you more dmg) and leveling the school too (which will give you more spells to use, give you passives to cast faster/use less mana/do more dmg).

Darkfall is different from other mmorpg in the sense that instead of seeing huge jumps in effectivity when you level up, it is all made of summing up small (apparently insignificant) bonues that, in the end, will make your dps double or more than what you started with, when you have a developed toon.
Those small 0.25/0.5 dmg increases that seems so little, stack up over time and, in the end, you will notice that now you are doing 3-4-5 more dmg per hit to that same mob, killing it in 5 hits instead of 7, and even less, further one (to give you an example, i have a pretty developed toon and now i could kill goblins all day naked if i wanted...i can one shot scout/fighters)

At low levels, if you are bored of goblins, you can try trolls (good for reagents and usually there is a hunt quest to kill as many as you can in 1 hour that will give you some meditation and reward), kobolds, hivekins, skeletons and then, depending on where you live, there are surely more.
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Re: More Feedback / Suggestions from TheBetrayer
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70 archery isnt anything really high, mastery 1 to 50 would be. And its a ranged skill, never meant to be top dps in all situations. has tons of information about mob resistances/vulenarabilities, loot tables arent accurate anymore tho, but thats where in game map comes into play.

ps. get some melee skills, in all cases where you can stand direct beating, you mow mobs down in melee much faster than with anything else, especially when you have to deal with quite a few of em. And yeah dont get too stuck on categorizations like mobs labeled this or that, they are just meant to give you hint, while in reality the difficulty varies a lot throughout the same category.

For example giant skeletons are very easy in ranged(which they predominately prefer), but deal considerable damage in close quarter combat.

If you want to improve faster, use meditation and powerhour and get your stats up with mining whenever you can only afk play.
Combination of meditation and usage gets your skills up relatively fast. If you dont notice any difference from week to week, you must be doing something wrong.

pss. Like i believe i also told you in game, transmute weapons are not good for skill leveling, since skillgains come from base damage, which is lower in case of transmutes in favour of their elemental portion.